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Introduction to Virsage PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Virsage

Introduction to Virsage

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Introduction to Virsage

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  1. Introduction to Virsage Established in 1999 Headquartered in Boulder, CO Citrix Service Provider Primary Data Center in Denver, CO Secondary DC geographically positioned MSFT Certified Partner
  2. Best of BreedArchitecture Citrix VMware Cisco Dell Microsoft
  3. History of Long experience working with Citrix Companies facing similar challenges Equipment obsolescence cycle and new Office versions increasing expenses Increased web threats require spyware and web filter protection Desktop repairs increasing in price relative to equipment costs How to handle consumer technology In early 2008 we decide there has to be a better way
  4. What is Comprehensive Cloud Solution applications, email, and data anywhere Removes the need for on-premise servers Eliminates expensive IT infrastructure
  5. How WorkPlace Works Data Centers in Denver, CO & Las Vegas, NV Your desktop programs, server applications, & data are housed in custom servers. Your team logs in via the webfrom any device (Mac, PC, tablet, etc.)
  6. Includes: Latest version of Microsoft® Office Professional Outlook®, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Publisher®, Access® Microsoft Exchange Email Spam & Web Filtering File Sharing & Permissions Business application hosting Antivirus/AntiSpyWare Backups
  7. Demonstration

  8. Benefits for users Business Continuity Work-Life Balance Business Agility
  9. Intrinsic Benefits for users

    PredictableIT Costs Redefine the Role of IT Control andCompliance
  10. Cost Comparison Gartner estimates annual costsincluding support to be as high as: When adding in full infrastructure and labor costs $5000/year for low Managed desktops $8500/year for highly managed desktops
  11. NEXT STEPS Assess Requirements Design Solution Implement Transition Virsage assesses objectives, requirements, existing investments & the readinessof your organization Virsage creates a well-designed strategy & plan for migratingto WorkPlace that leverages existing resources & minimizes impact on your organization Virsage builds, tests & deploys the solution starting with a POC to ensure that platform & automated operationsmeet your expectations