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  1. SaaS 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  2. What is SaaS? • Definition :Software as a service • a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  3. How SaaS works? SaaS Company doesn’t need to buy the software but rent the software To renew and to maintain the software is the duty of host Use internet to achieve Tradition • Company need to buy the software (to maintain ,to renew) • Cost more • Acceptance of risk 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  4. History of SaaS • 1960s- An idea of SaaS has turned up -- there are some different between the concept of SaaS we know today 1990s- The expansion of the Internet during the 1990s brought about a new class of centralized computing -- Goal: reducing costs recently- SaaS become a new popular style for company to work Advantage: reduce costs Risk : data’s secret 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  5. Challenge in Taiwan • The chance is huge but the challenge is huge too • 1. Make or change the service according to the buyer's or user's needs • 2. Stability of SaaS system • 3. Function • 4. Data secrete 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  6. Examples of SaaS • Many companies were customers of modern SaaS system • Big software providers tend to connect their products with SaaS 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  7. GoogleApps for business • Companies subscribed to Google Apps have access to it’s mail system and use it as their internal email system without having to buy and implement an independent system within their company. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  8. GoogleApps for business • Google provides high level SLA for companies’ need of reliability and manageability. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  9. Chunghwa telecom - SaaS雲 • Chunghwa telecom provide several kinds of SaaS service for different kinds of demands, such as storage management or enterprise resource management 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  10. Chunghwa telecom - SaaS雲 • Companies like 丐幫滷味 are subscribers to one of it’s services, which provides them an easy way to track each store’s selling details. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  11. Adobe Creative Cloud • Started in 2012, Adobe makes their flagship product, the Adobe Creative Suite, online available. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  12. Adobe Creative Cloud • All of your work can also be synced to your personal space on the cloud, so they make it possible for you to link all your work from different devices and different software. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  13. NEC’s C&C cloud • NEC provide a Managed Desktop service for companies to reduce the cost of hardware and software. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  14. Microsoft SkyDrive • SkyDrive is the online storage service provided by Microsoft • Most of the Microsoft product can be connected to the SkyDrive via a Windows live account 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  15. Microsoft SkyDrive - Office web apps • With the office web apps, we can view and edit common Windows office file using simply your browser, connecting to the SkyDrive allows multiple user to simultaneously interact with the file. 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  16. Microsoft SkyDrive • SkyDrive is integrated with Outlook so user could store the file in the mail on SkyDrive, users using web apps could also edit the file save and directly reply • Files on the SkyDrive could also be shared on the social network once the account is integrated 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  17. Google Drive • Problem: storage network throughput • Cloud DFS: parallel read and write 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  18. Google Drive • Google File System(GFS) • BigTable 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  19. Google File System(GFS) • Proprietary DFS, efficient, reliable access to data using large clusters of commodity hardware • Producer-consumer queue • Need to support atomicity of data 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  20. Google File System(GFS) 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  21. Google File System(GFS) • Master: uses an in-memory index to track the names of data files and the location of their chunks • Chunk Servers: store chunks, assigned label, mapping files to chunk • Chunk replicates itself at least 3 times 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  22. BigTable • Compressed, high performance, proprietary data storage system • Table-based data store, based on GFS • Mostly write once • Key-value mapping, 3dimensions- row key, column key, timestamp 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  23. BigTable • Master server: allocate tablet to tablet server, monitor tablet server(ie. append and delete) • Tablet server: read and write to tablets, add and delete tablets depend on loading, doesn’t store data, instead, a bridge from Bigtable to GFS 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  24. BigTable 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  25. BigTable • Chubby file: location of root tablet • Root tablet: location of other tablets, assure the depth of tree unchanged 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  26. BigTable and GFS • Only GFS know the real location of data, tablet server get all SSTable of tablets, tablet server know where to find data in SSTable by index. Then GFS read SSTable, SSTable may distribute in many chunk servers • SSTable: Sorted String Table 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  27. Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) • More general purpose data access, ie. Transaction system • Need more granular and dynamic access to data, more random access to smaller components(less than 1 MB) • Always writeable, highly available for data input • Like P2P • Consistent hashing 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  28. Consistent hashing • When hash table resized and consistent hashing is used, only K/n keys need to be remapped on average • Monotonicity: if new key allocate to hash table, then hash table can assure all keys are mapping to new table • Balance 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  29. Consistent hashing 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  30. Consistent hashing 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  31. Consistent hashing 傅汝緯 李碩元 林子驥

  32. Conclusion • Define • History • Application • Microsoft Skydrive • Google Drive • Amazon S3

  33. Thank you for listening