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  1. Welcome To General Assembly Meeting 2013 Friday, May 31st 2013

  2. Today’s Agenda Ground Rules for GA Meeting EC Members – Introduction NAMCC Employees & Committees Account balances to-date NAMCC Income Statement for 2012 Accomplishments Masjid Aisha Construction update Motions By Executive Committee Constitution Committee Proposal Q & A

  3. Ground Rules for GA Meeting Follow NAMCC Policy & Code of Conduct No Q&A during the presentation Write your name & question on Question Card (QC), & give the QC to any EC member Any community member can ask Q&A One question per person till we cover all members and then the person can ask 2nd question if time permits.

  4. EC Members - Introduction Irfan Ozair President Mohammed Abdul Wahab Vice President Sohail Anjum Secretary Mohammad Iqbal Treasurer Hosam Mahmoud Trustee Yahya Malik Book Keeper

  5. NAMCC Employees & Committees Islam MossaadImam Abdullah HalimiMaintenance IbraheemHussainProperty Manager

  6. NAMCC Employees & Committees Funeral Committee Br. DuanishUddin Br. ZakariaMemon

  7. NAMCC Employees & Committees Sadaqah & Zakat Committee Br. Jamil Shabayta Br. Abu Marzuk Br. Sohail Anjum Br. Hosam Mahmoud

  8. NAMCC Employees & Committees Construction Committee Br. Shakeel Ahmed Br. Clay Chip Smith Br. Hassan Foipon Br. MunirKhan Br. Mohammad Ashraf

  9. NAMCC Employees & Committees Constitution Committee Br. NazmulQureshi Br. TarekAossey Br. Syed Elias Br. SaleemJehangir

  10. Account balances to-date Operations $63,653.93 Construction $610,176.86 AIS Land Money ($170,000.00) Total $440,176.86 Sadaqah $22,029.81 Zakat $40,478.69

  11. NAMCC Income Statement - 2012

  12. Accomplishments Purchase of AIS Land completed PC Lab opened in Building 101 Android App for Masjid Aisha (Testing Phases) New Web site Fourth Successful year of Islam 101 class Weekly Halaqahon Friday evenings Fans installed in Multipurpose Hall Monthly Potluck Weekly Shura United EidulAdha Grab n Go Lunch during Jumma prayers

  13. Accomplishments Hosted Annual Ijtemah 2012 Many community events and fund-raisings hosted to help other Islamic organizations Sadaqah and Zakat distribution Supporting two Quran Schools in Refugee’s Apartment complexes Several religious leaders invited to NAMCC for lectures Kids play area improvement Summer/Spring Camps Summer School

  14. Masjid Aisha Construction Update Requesting RFQ from 6 Architect & Engineering firms with extensive experience in Masjid design in Texas. Final date of RFQ submittal is May 31, 2013 Then firms will be evaluated based on architectural & engineering services provided and listed in order. Interview process initiated. Immediately. Work complete by June 17 Final selection by June 24. Contract award June 30 10% architectural design completed & presented to community for review by August 3, 2013

  15. Motions Motions should be submitted in writing Members can vote on each motion by Yes or No (by raising their hands when asked) Majority vote will be binding for NAMCC

  16. Motions by EC Reduce EC term from 5 to 3, Election every 3 years no overlapping Increase EC back to 7 members 2013 Membership will close on November 1 Reduce Membership Fee to $50 per individual (over 18 age), collection will go to operation account.

  17. Membership Identification Card

  18. Membership Discounts NAMCC Discounts Multipurpose Hall 10% PC Lab 10% NAMCC Event tickets 10%

  19. Membership Discounts Local Businesses A to Z Wireless 15% Arpeggio Grill 5% Voss Fish & Grill 15% Kamran Tax Services 10% International Foods, Shalimar, World Food, Kabir Auto, Dimassis, New Medina Market, Shahi Food, IndoPak, Auto/home insurance, Doctors…etc

  20. Constitution Committee ProposalbyBr.TarekAossey

  21. Questions/Comments/Concerns Follow NAMCC Policy & Code of Conduct Write your name & question on Question Card (QC), & give the QC to any EC member Any community member can ask a question One question per person till we cover all members and then the person can ask 2nd question if time permits.