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Roots and Affixes PowerPoint Presentation
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Roots and Affixes

Roots and Affixes

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Roots and Affixes

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  1. Roots and Affixes

  2. Understanding Roots and Affixes Affixes include prefixes and suffixes and combined with root words (base words) they can quickly multiply the number of words you know. It is more efficient to memorize the meaning of these word parts than to memorize definitions that you will end up forgetting in a few days anyway.

  3. Word Roots A word’s root is the part of the word that carries the most meaning. Latin and Greek roots are extremely important in unlocking vocabulary you never knew before. For example if you know that there are two Latin words that mean “light”- luc and lum- you can at least begin to figure out the words on the following slide.

  4. Luc and Lum practice Luminous Lucid Translucent Illuminate Luminary radiating or reflecting light easily understood, clear perception or understanding clear, easily understandable To supply with light, to enlighten as with knowledge a celestial body (sun or moon), a body or object that gives off light

  5. Affixes:prefixesand suffixes It might have helped you on some of these words to know some affixes for example: -ous is a suffix that creates an adjective Trans- means across or through Il- means not

  6. Prefixes Prefixes can be added to the beginnings of many words to change the word’s meaning. For example, the prefix un-gives the opposite meaning to any word it is added to. Some prefixes have more than one meaning but having these memorized will enable your vocabulary to transcend its normal range.

  7. Suffixes A suffix is placed at the end of a word or part of a word. When you add suffixes you often change the word’s function (part of speech) as well as its meaning. Check out the example on the next slide.

  8. Suffixes WORD FUNCTION MEANING Clamant Adjective Noisy Clamorer Noun One who makes noise Clamor Verb To make loud sounds Claimant Noun A person who makes a claim Exclaimed Verb Shouted suddenly Exclamation Noun Noisy talk; outcry Exclamatory Adjective Expressing emotion

  9. Putting words together Knowing your roots and affixes is good start to mastering the word parts and overcoming your lack of vocabulary, and here are some helpful tips to help. LISTEN UP!

  10. Most words in English are built from at least one root: Narrate Scribe Serve Mariner Lunar Vagrant

  11. Words do not always have both a prefix and a suffix. Words with neither Sleep Light Plead Eat Mold Words with one prefix Promote Retract Consent Words with one suffix Signal Creation Mechanize

  12. Words can have more than one root, prefix, or suffix Words with 2 roots: Anthropology Barometer Photograph Psychology Words with 2 prefixes: Unenlightened Intercontinental Deconstruct Words with 2 suffixes: Anonymously Mindlessly brightened

  13. Often the spelling of a base word changes with it is combined with a prefix or suffix Brief Move Exclaim Brevity Mobile Exclamation

  14. Some more helpful tips: Collect Roots and Related Words (I have attached and handed you a very comprehensive list to start with) Play Word Games (here are some online sites) Visual vocabulary Prefixes video Roots and Their Families Part I and Part II Use the words

  15. The End