cisco next generation mds initiative for ibm n.
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Cisco Next Generation MDS Initiative for IBM PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco Next Generation MDS Initiative for IBM

Cisco Next Generation MDS Initiative for IBM

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Cisco Next Generation MDS Initiative for IBM

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  1. Cisco Next Generation MDS Initiative for IBM

  2. Cisco MDS 9710 – Campaign Overview Duration = 2 quarters (Q4CY13-Q1CY14). IBM storage account managers must register to participate within the first 2 weeks of Campaign period. Prize Pool Scope = Top IBM Storage Account Managers as allotted per GMT (Note: Top 3 in A/NZ, ASEAN, KOR, ISA, JPN; Top 4 in GCG) AM Qualification: Sell just 2 “New Logo” deals each including minimum of 2 Cisco directors. “New Logo” deal = new IBM SAN customer and new Cisco MDS9710 customer. Ranking / Measurement: Top Account Managers will be identified by IBM Management. Prize = 3 day (Wed-Fri) day study tour/technical symposium with Cisco sales leaders in Koh Samui Thailand. (includes 5 nights Bed+Breakfast accommodation + transfers to the island) .
  3. Cisco MDS Campaign – Conditions Registration to participate in the campaign must occur between October 17 – 31, 2013. Exceptions only by approval from IBM GMT sales leader with agreement from Cisco. A deal qualifies as “New Logo” at the discretion of IBM GMT sales leader, with agreement from Cisco. Measurement of New Logo Deals – all qualified deals ordered against Cisco between October 21, 2013 and March 31, 2014. Any deals not registered at the Campaign website before ordering will not qualify. Deal measurement: sales by account, $USD to Cisco, counting only Chassis + supporting elements (Supervisors, Fabric Modules, PSU’s). Linecards and interface modules will not be counted.
  4. MDS GTM – Campaign Guidelines Guidelines for Campaign IBM GMT sales leaders will officially nominate the winners. This is not an initiative to sell switches, this is an IBM Storage campaign to provide IBM individuals an opportunity to better understand Cisco technology and the new MDS 9710 product and therefore drive account acquisitions and upgrade conversations for joint incremental business. The ‘prize’ is an opportunity for a study tour (sales enablement/training) and team building with Cisco so that the selected individuals will have a better grasp of the technology and can bring it back to their sellers, BPs and FTSSs. IBM flights to be booked using IBM corporate travel tool, billed to alternate cost centre.
  5. MDS GTM – Campaign Overview & Timeline 17 October 2013: invitation email with registration link sent to IBM GMT sales leaders to cascade to their teams. Account managers encouraged to participate and directed to a joint-branded website with detailed campaign information and registration portal 17 - 31 October 2013 : open registration period for AMs 21 October - 31 March 2014 : campaign runs, registration of deals MONTHLY: email updates showing number/value of deals registered by GMT Tuesday , 1 April 2014 : final report distributed to participants and sales leadership Friday, 4 April 2014 : Study Tour attendees announced (decision to made by GMT leaders and sent to Cisco for review by midday Thurs 3 April) [winners book travel via AMEX travel tool] Wednesday, 23 April 2014 : attendees arrive (staggered by flight) to Bangkok International Airport 23 April – 27 April 2014: education, networking and fun in the sun Sunday, 27 April 2014: attendees depart to Bangkok International Airport
  6. About Koh Samui Koh Samui has a tropical monsoon climate. Humidity is high and temperatures average around 29 degrees Celsius in the month of May. Night time average is 22 degrees. The weather is generally good year round, and the one thing you will rarely feel is cold.  Lightweight, loose cotton clothing is therefore advisable.  The majority of visitors will spend most of the day in swimwear, andthe dress code is very relaxed and smart casual is the order of the day for evenings.  The electric system is 220 Volt AC, 50Hz. American and European-style rounded and flat pin plugs can be used in sockets. Thai is the national language. English is widely understood in Samui however, it is useful to learn a few simple Thai phrases and Thai's will be delighted that you made the effort. Timezone = GMT +7 Currency: 1 Baht (Bt) = 100 satang. Currentexchangerate 1 USD ~ 31 Bt. ATM’sareavailable on the island, howevercanbeunreliablesoshouldnotbereliedupontoomuch. Visa and Mastercardarecommonlyavailable.
  7. Four Seasons Koh Samui Snorkel, dive, kayak, boat or just splash in the water—Koh Samui is the perfect location to experience the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Siam.
  8. Preliminary Agenda in Koh Samui Wed: arrive in the morning. 6pm - Welcome Cocktail + Dinner Thurs: 4pm - Cisco Storage Networking Sales Update 6pm - Group Dinner Fri: Sat: 7pm - BBQ Beach Party in the evening. Sun: checkout, depart Koh Samui
  9. MDS Campaign – notes to attendees IBM: Your flights should be booked via IBM AMEX travel service, with the Cost Center to book this travel against provided by your Sales Manager. You are responsible to arrange required passports/visas or travel insurance. A $400/person work permit is required for Thailand. You will be met at Bangkok International Airport on arrival, and transferred to to the Four Seasons Resort at Koh Samui Thailand. Any extension of time at the resort will be at your own expense and outside the liability of both IBM and Cisco. You will be required to sign a Cisco indemnity form before departure.