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DELOS NoE. DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries Vittor e Casarosa CNR-IEI, Pisa, Italy. DELOS NoE - Objectives. Contribute towards improving effectiveness of European research in this important area

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  1. DELOS NoE DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries Vittore Casarosa CNR-IEI, Pisa, Italy

  2. DELOS NoE - Objectives • Contribute towards improving effectiveness of European research in this important area • Provide forum where researchers, practitioners, representatives of interested applications and industries can exchange ideas and experiences • Co-operate with on-going standardisation activities in relevant fields for the DL domain • Facilitate take-up of DL technologies in all interested application communities • Improve international cooperation in DL research areas

  3. NoE Activity Organisation • The Network activities are organised in a set of Forums: • Research Forum • Evaluation Forum • Standardisation Forum • Training and Knowledge/Technology Transfer Forum • International Co-operation Forum

  4. Digital Library Research Forum Objectives: • to stimulate and co-ordinate actions aiming at the advancement of research in the DL domain • to improve scientific collaboration between European and worldwide research teams working in this area Actions: • Thematic Workshop Series • European Conference on Digital Libraries Series • Brainstorming Workshops • DELOS-NSF Joint Working Groups

  5. Research ForumThematic Workshops Series • “Information Seeking, Searching, and Querying in Digital Libraries”, Zurich,11-12 Dec. 2000 • “Personalization andRecommendation Systems in Digital Libraries”, Dublin, 18-20 June 2001 • “Interoperability in Digital Libraries”, Darmstadt, 8-9 September 2001 • “Evaluation of DLs: Testbeds, Measurements, and Metrics”, Budapest, 6-7 June 2002 • “DLs:Users and User Behaviour” (proposed) • “Non-Traditional Data In Digital Libraries” (proposed) • “Agents and Roles in Digital Libraries” (proposed)

  6. Research ForumEuropean Conference onDL European Conference on Digital Libraries, “ECDL 2000” Lisbon, 18-20 September 2000 European Conference on Digital Libraries, “ECDL 2001” Darmstadt,5-7 September 2001 European Conference on Digital Libraries, “ECDL 2002” Rome, 18-20 September 2002 European Conference on Digital Libraries, “ECDL 2003” Trondheim, 17-22 August 2003 European Conference on Digital Libraries, “ECDL 2004” UK, September 2004

  7. Research ForumBrainstorming Workshops • “Digital Libraries: Future Research Directions for aEuropean Research Programme”, 13-15 June2001, San Cassiano - Alta Badia (Dolomites), Italy • “Digital Libraries: Main Research Themes for a Network of Excellence under FP6”, October, Pisa (proposed)

  8. Research ForumDELOS/NSF Joint Working Groups • Digital Imaging for Significant Cultural and Historical Materials • Spoken-Word Digital Audio Collections • Information Extraction from Digital Libraries • Personalization and Recommender Systems in Digital Libraries • Emerging Language Technologies andRediscovery of the Past • Preservation and Archiving • Evaluation and Test Suites • Agents in Digital Libraries

  9. Digital Library Evaluation Forum Objectives: • to accelerate and enhance research into digital libraries • to provide appropriate testbeds for evaluating research in the DL domain Actions: • Digital Library Test Suite • Cross-Language Evaluation • Evaluation of Cross-Language Spoken Document Retrieval System (feasibility study)

  10. Evaluation ForumTest Suite • A DL Test Suite WG has been set-up • Description scheme for digital collections • Survey on existing DL test collections • Building of a metalibrary of DL test collections • Further development of the metalibrary of DL test collections • Evaluation of XML document retrieval

  11. Evaluation ForumCross-Language Evaluation • CLEF 2001Evaluation Campaign (January - August 2001) • Multilingual information retrieval (5 languages) • Bilingual information retrieval • Monolingual information retrieval • Mono- and bilingual domain-specific system evaluation • Interactive system evaluation (experimental track) • CLEF 2001 Workshop • Cross-Language Retrieval andEvaluation, Darmstadt, 3-4 September 2001 • CLEF now established as an independent activity separately funded by the European Commission • CLEF 2002 Workshop in connection with ECDL 2002

  12. Digital Library Standardisation Forum Objectives: • to contribute to the definition of relevant standards by studying topics considered mature for standardisation • to follow standardisation activities in the DL domain carried out by international bodies and working groups Actions: • to set-up and operate a number of Working Groups

  13. StandardisationForumWorking Groups Two WGs have been set up • Registries • Ontology Harmonization

  14. Digital Library Training and Technology Transfer Forum Objectives: • to train young researchers in DL technologies • to speed up the take-up process of new DL technologies Actions: • International Summer School Series • Specific Technology Transfer Actions

  15. Training and TT ForumInternational Summer School Series • FirstInternational Summer Schoolon Digital LibraryTechnologies (ISDL01), Pisa, 9-13 July 2001,“Fundamentals in Digital Libraries Technologies” • Second International Summer Schoolon Digital LibraryTechnologies (ISDL02), Pisa, 8-12 July 2002, “Digital Libraries in Applications”

  16. Training and TT ForumSpecific TT actions • Tutorial at EVA 2001 Conference, Moscow • Tutorial at IFLA 2001 Conference on“Multilingual Information Access”, Boston, 25 August 2001 • Workshop at FIAT/IFTA 2001 Conference on“Audio-visual Metadata Models and Editors”, London, 23 September 2001 • Workshop at FIAT/IFTA 2002 Conference, Antalya, 16 October 2002 (planned)

  17. Training and TT ForumSpecific TT actions Involve the local DL communities to organizeNational events • Italy, Rome, October 31, 2001 • Digital Libraries: Research and Development in Italy • Greece, Corfu, June 21, 2002 • Developing Digital Libraries • Portugal • Austria • Germany

  18. Digital Library International Co-operation Forum Objectives: • To enhance the collaborative links between the EU DL projects • to establish collaborative links with other non-EU DL research communities Actions: • DL All Projects Workshop Series • International Workshop Series

  19. InternationalCo-operation ForumDL All Projects Workshops Series • DL-EU All projects meeting, Luxembourg, February 7-8, 2001 • Harmonization Meeting on “Digital Libraries National Initiatives and EC Actions: The Need for Harmonization”, Brussels, May 11, 2001 • NSF-EU DL All project Meeting, Rome, March 25-26, 2002

  20. InternationalCo-operation ForumInternational Workshops • DELOS - Russian DL Community Workshop, Moscow, June 7-9, 2001(Jointly sponsored by DELOS, RAS, IITE-UNESCO) • DELOS - non-EU Mediterranean DL Communities Workshop, Ifrane (Morocco), November 8-9, 2001(Jointly sponsored by DELOS, Al Akhawayn University)

  21. InternationalCo-operation ForumInternational Workshops • DELOS - Eastern European DL Communities Workshop (proposed) • A proposal aiming at extending the achievements and activities of DELOS to the Eastern European countries has been approved by the European Commission and its formalization is under way

  22. DELOS NoE DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries http://www.delos-noe.org

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