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The 2013 Word Window PowerPoint Presentation
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The 2013 Word Window

The 2013 Word Window

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The 2013 Word Window

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  1. The 2013 Word Window As you play this presentation, fill in the 2013 Word Window Worksheet. On the following slide, watch as the curser turns to a hand then click on that section. It will identify the part of the Word window and help you learn about its function.

  2. Tabs Document Window

  3. Groups HOME Sub-menus located within each ribbon. Each group contains related commands. Groups can be hidden by minimizing the Ribbon.

  4. File Tab and Tabs • The File Tab goes to the Backstage View which is the central location for managing and sharing documents. • Each tab opens a collection of groups. • Tab names are Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, View. HOME

  5. Ribbon HOME Is the control center in Word. Provides easy, central access to the tasks you perform while creating a document. Consists of Contextual Tab, Groups, and Commands.

  6. Help Button HOME Located near the upper-right corner of the Word window and is displayed as a question mark icon. When clicked, can help find answers to questions and display information about various topics. The F1 key will also open the Help menu.

  7. Ruler HOME Displays at the top edge of the document window just below the Ribbon. To view the ruler, click on the View tab. Click in the box next to Ruler in the Show group.

  8. Status Bar HOME Located at the bottom of the document window. Gives information about the document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands.

  9. Scroll Bar HOME Allows different portions of the document to be displayed in the document window. The vertical scroll bar is on the right edge of the document window; the horizontal scroll bar is at the bottom of the document window.

  10. Quick Access Toolbar • Provides easy access to frequently used commands. • Commands are always available, regardless of task being performed. • Other commands may be added by clicking the More button to the right of the toolbar. HOME

  11. Document Window HOME Allows you to see the document. Contains an insertion point, mouse pointer, scroll bar, and status bar.

  12. View Buttons & Zoom HOME Located on the right edge of the status bar. View choices include Read Mode, Print Layout and Web Layout. Zoom allows you to Zoom In and Zoom Out on the document.

  13. Title Bar HOME Located at the top of the Word screen to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar. Shows the name of the open document. Contains the help button, ribbon display options, minimize, maximize, and close buttons.