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WELCOME TO 4 th Grade 2011-2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME TO 4 th Grade 2011-2012

WELCOME TO 4 th Grade 2011-2012

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WELCOME TO 4 th Grade 2011-2012

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  1. WELCOME TO 4th Grade 2011-2012 Mrs. MaryLou Clark Room 108 248-956-2818! WEBSITE: In this room it is okay to make a mistake, but more to your credit to make a different one each time.

  2. Welcome to 4th Grade IN FOURTH GRADE…Children are active participants in their own learning.  They are “READING TO LEARN” – with the emphasis on higher level reading strategies such as inferences, interpretation, analysis, summarizing and research skills.  In their learning process, students will be encouraged to present their knowledge in a wide variety of ways such as demonstrations. presentations, experiments, models….. Higher self esteem evolves and develops when children take responsibility for their actions and their work and experience success!

  3. Open House Agenda • Introductions • 4th grade Curriculum • Classroom Procedures • Leader In Me • Extras • Questions, Comments, Concerns!

  4. READING Our READING Program is a balanced literacy program.  Students do not have one single text book to read.  Reading is based on their independent and instructional levels. Balanced Literacy consists of: Narrative and Informational ReadingOral Language DevelopmentReading AloudShared Reading / Guided Reading in small and large groups Modeled/Shared WritingIndependent Reading Projects, Word StudyD.E.A.R.  Independent Reading/WritingMEAP preparation

  5. GRAMMAR and WRITING ENGLISH and WRITINGThe goal is to provide meaningful writingexperiences for real audiences and for students to become confident effective communicators. Students write across the curriculum. Our resources include, but are not limited to: • Ralph Fletcher • Writers' Express • Six Traits of Writing (6+1) • District Units of Study Students are involved in ample writing opportunities.  Process Writing Technique (prewriting through publication)Variety of writing styles including:       Narrative, Persuasive, Informational       Reports, Descriptive, and Interviews.  Publication of classroom Newsletter  Publication of individual books using  Use of technology tools to enhance writing, editing and publication.

  6. WORD STUDY • 4th Grade has Word Study Program. • Students will be given a new Sort each week. • The sorts will focus on long and short vowels patterns, vowel consonant patterns, endings, • syllables, etc. • The Sorts are not available on-line. Sorts will be sent home each week. • Students are expected to sort and spell the words correctly. • They have a student book to practice in. They will be working in groups and independently. • Students will be placed in the sort group according to their ability level.

  7. SCIENCE Areas of Study:1. Earth/Ecology: Sun, Moon, and Stars2. Physical:  Electricity/Magnetism3. Biology:  Ecosystems4. Physics:  Motion and DesignHands-on discovery approach Lab reports and observations Cooperative and individual work Experiments using the Scientific Method Keeping a science notebook. Your child will have Mrs. Henderlong for the first semester for science.

  8. U.S.STUDIES • SOCIAL STUDIES - US Studies • A variety of supplemental books, magazines, handouts, internet, and group activities are used to integrate the content area. Social studies concepts are embedded within narrative and informational readings.                                                    Combined with writing, research techniques creative expression and science principles.Projects, presentations, and opportunities for expanded individualized activities. • A focus on: • Map skills, 5 Themes of Geography, EconomyGovernment, History, Core Democratic ValuesNative Americans, Explorers, SettlementsCurrent Events, People, Places, RegionsWeather and Climate • Your child will have Mrs. Henderlong for SS for the second semester.

  9. MATH Our current program is called: Everyday Mathematics, Chicago. We teach a lesson a day for about 1 hour. The program moves at a fast pace and the curriculum spirals. Students continuously review and practice the skills. They will have math homework 3-4 times a week. Some skills are beginning, developing, and then secure. The program focuses on the following skills and concepts. SKILLS AND CONCEPTS Reasoning, Logic, EvidenceProblem Solving StrategiesTools and Techniques, Computer AidsConcepts of basic math skills (+,/.- x)Geometry, Sequencing, Fractions, DecimalsUsing long multiplication and DivisionSolving Multi-step  problems, measurementManipulatives, hands-on  materialsMath Journals and CommunicationHome and Real world connections

  10. IN OUR CLASSROOM • IN MY CLASSROOM...I want all children to feel they are special and that they bring unique qualities and experiences to our team.I look forward to working with parents in a partnership and welcome their participation in our classroom.  Parents are the most vital part of their child’s success, which is strengthened by our combined efforts. • EXPECTATIONS of a 4th Grade • Take an active role in learning, be an active participant, have a positive attitude! • Complete all work in a timely manner. • Turn in all homework. • Take responsibility for your actions. • Ask for help if needed, help others if you can. • Follow directions, do as you are told the first time. • Treat all with respect, take care of materials., • Help keep our room safe and organized

  11. DISCIPLINE POLICY • I will be using the following plan because the rules cover every behavior that could potentially interfere with the learning and enjoyment of our students, and the consequences, when carried out correctly, teach valuable life lessons. Rules: • 1. Listen and follow directions. • 2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat. • 3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. • 4. Respect your classmates and your teacher. Consequences: • 1st time a rule is broken: Warning • 2nd time a rule is broken: Time-Out • 3rd time a rule is broken: Letter Home

  12. Parent Letter • Dear Parents, • __________________broke the following rule/s today _______. • ___Listen and follow directions. • ___Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat. • ___Keep hands and feet to yourself. • ___Respect your classmates and your teacher. • Classroom rules must be followed in order to protect the rights of every student to learn and enjoy school. By choosing not to follow them, your child interfered with those rights. • Therefore, tomorrow he/she will spend the entire school day in an in-class time-out. • Please sign your name at the bottom of this letter and have your child return it to me tomorrow. • Thank you for your support. • Sincerely, • Mrs. Clark • Parent Signature___________________________________ • Note: Your son/daughter will stay in an extended time-out until the letter is returned.


  14. STAR OF THE WEEK Dear Parents, Next Week Your Child _________________will be a Star! While your child is the Star, each day of the week will consist of an exciting event or activity to honor him or her and to help us get to know our special classmate. *Monday: Favorite Pictures:On the Star of the Week bulletin board, there is a photo holder that can display six 4 x 6 pictures. If possible, have your child pick 6 of his or her favorite pictures to display under the headings: Favorite Food, Family Pic, Pets, Hobby or Interest, Where they were born, and Favorite book. The pictures will be returned at the end of the week with no harm done. *Tuesday:Favorite Book: Your star student brings one of his or her favorite picture books to read to the class (or have the teacher read to the class) at our class meeting. *Wednesday: Parent Letter: Parents, you will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class at class meeting. The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from one of the following ideas: describe special or funny stories about your child for the class to hear, write a silly or serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we may not know about your child, send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures, or write a short story with your child as the main character. *Thursday: Special Day: Your child will be the “Special Person” for the day. They will be the Line Leader, Sit in the “Special Comfy Chair”, run errands etc. Friday:Star Friends: Your star student will be presented with a friendship poster created by his or her classmates. The poster will include the Star’s picture, surrounded by compliments written by his or her classmates.

  15. SNACKS /BIRTHDAYS • Snacks:Students may bring two snacks to school, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. We ask that all snacks be nutritional such as fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers  The afternoon snack must be fruit or veggies only. • BIRTHDAYSWe love to acknowledge our friends’ birthdays in a low-key manner. Simple treats like cookies or cupcakes work best. Please do not send drinks, cakes, or treats that require preparation, plates, forks or a big clean up. Just drop them off before school and your child will be able to distribute them during lunch. It would be appreciated if you would send napkins for the class when you send the treat. There are 25 children in our class (so far this year!).To avoid hurt feelings, please do not send invitations to birthday parties via the school. We suggest phoning or mailing invitations from home.

  16. GRADING Fourth Graders will receive letter grades this year. The District uses one grading scale for grades 4 through 12. The importance is not always achieving the "A", but in always trying to put forth your best effort and attitude in learning! 100%--A+ 99% --- 92% A 91% --- 90% A- 88% --- 89% B+ 87% --- 82% B 81% --- 80% B- 79% --- 78% C+ 77% --- 72% C 71% ---70% C- 69% --- 68% D+ 67% --- 62% D 61% --- 60% D- 59% -- Below E Always try your best, effort is very important. When you study and prepare, you will succeed!! Students have opportunities to redo work that is not acceptable.  Sometimes it takes more than one time to learn new skills and concepts.  Scores lower that 70% should be redone.  They assignments will be sent home to be redone. Please review all work with your child. 

  17. HOMEWORK/ASSIGNMENT BOOK ASSIGNMENT BOOK AND HOMEWORK • The Assignment Books are a "Daily Communication vehicle" and an important way to maintain the link between school and home.  I ask that you establish a schedule at home for looking over the Assignment Book with your child. You can write notes, reminders, comments etc, to me or your child.  I may do the same as a quick way to communicate to you. • Review the assignment book and ask your child about the day. All assignments should be written down, and if there is an  H , it means your child has homework in that area. After reviewing, have your child complete the homework.  Creating a set homework time is a good way to establish great study skills.  This is a good year to talk about time management. • The Assignment Books can aid in discussions at home about the school day, and provide time lines, dates, reminders, comments etc. For the first marking, I ask they all parents sign the assignment book after your child completes the homework, DO NOT SIGN IT IF THE WORK ISN'T DONE!!!!  They must do the homework and keep up to maintain the skills. Please check the work over, if it is not acceptable to you, have your child redo the work. • Students have a “Pleasant Lake Folder” which holds daily corrected work, mail, notes, and papers to be returned to school for their Portfolios (if requested).  • Students must get in the habit of taking it home every night and bringing it back to school the next day.  We are encouraging RESPONSIBILITY this year, so remembering to bring all work to school is essential. (This is a difficult skill for 4th graders to master and we work towards it all year).  Students who are absent are required to make up all missed assignments. • If students do not complete the homework they will be given a missing assignment slip and the work must complete the work that evening and turn it in. At times, they may miss recess to complete the work. • See Homework Tips for more help on the website..

  18. ABSENCES/TARDINESS Absences • Students are expected to be in school every day. Parents/guardians are expected to contact the school on the day of the child's absence to inform the school of that absence. Parents/guardians are encouraged to notify the school of pre-arranged appointments as soon as the date of such appointments is known.   • Make-Up Work: When students are absent, (this includes absences for suspension or expulsion), an opportunity to make up work will be provided. Make-up work is required. I will put all work in a folder for the student to review when he/she returns. • Email or call and request the assignments, remembering that I may need 24 hours to prepare assignments. Tardiness • Tardiness to school or to class may be addressed as a discipline by the office issue if there are too many. It is important for your child to be to school on time to begin their day.  They have to get organized, sign for lunch, turn in homework, sharpen pencils, go to bathroom, empty backpacks, and begin morning work.  Tardiness can cause disruption and stress for your child.

  19. LeaderInMe • The staff at PLE has been through the training of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. • We will be teaching the children how to be effective in their school life and personal life using the 7 habits. • For more info: •

  20. EXTRAS • MEAP Testing • Conferences • Volunteers • PTA Membership • Field Trips • Projects • Office Forms • Class Info/Website • QUESTIONS???????

  21. MEAP TESTING • MEAP testing will begin the week of October 11th thru October 29th. • Please do not schedule appointments or vacations during this time. We are held to strict standards, with little flexibility. • Students need to have a good breakfast and a good night sleep during these couple of weeks. • We try to keep the stress level low, we stress putting forth best effort.

  22. Parent/ Teacher/Student Conferences • Conferences will be held on Thursday November 17th, from 8:00am-8:00pm • Students are invited to attend the conference. • Report Cards will be on-line this year. You will able able to access them with your skyward password.

  23. VOLUNTEERS • We appreciate and enjoy having help in the classroom. We ask that parents keep all that they hear and observe confidential, and who enjoy working with students even on the most routine task! • We ask that you do not bring younger siblings with you. Supervision of these youngsters is often distracting to our students. • We need a head room mom or dad to help organize our room parties, please sign up if you are interested in this job.

  24. Class Parties • We will have three class parties this year (Halloween, Valentine’s Day and End-of-the-Year Party). Our head room mom/dad will contact those interested in helping. • We are asking for $15.00 to cover costs. • Also, if you need a scholarship to cover your contribution, please contact me.

  25. Field Trips/ Projects • Field Trips - to be determined • All information will be sent to you regarding trips and/or projects.

  26. Join our PTA/Office Forms • Please join our PTA, they provide all of the events, assemblies, fund our TFK , support for school supplies, equipment etc. They are a very valuable part of our school. An envelope was sent to you with all important forms needed for this year.. Please complete them and return, asap

  27. Class Information/Website • A newsletter will be posted on the website every month. We will update you on what we are working on, the areas of focus and general information regarding the curriculum. • Website: the website is on the school site. It will give you some of the same information from tonight and more. •

  28. THANK YOU • Please sign up to volunteer • Sign up for Conferences, Nov 17th • Sign up for Fun Run • I look forward to working with all of you and your children. Please let me know any concerns, questions, comments etc… THANK YOU !