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Hispanic Online Shopping Patterns PowerPoint Presentation
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Hispanic Online Shopping Patterns

Hispanic Online Shopping Patterns

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Hispanic Online Shopping Patterns

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  1. Hispanic Online Shopping Patterns Internet Strategies for Attracting and Serving Hispanic Customers

  2. What You Need to Know about Hispanic Online Shoppers • 74% use their home computer to surf the net. • 84% are online multiple times a day. • 78% check their e-mail multiple times a day. • 78% have been online for over 5 years. • 92% shop online at least once a year.

  3. What You Need to Know about Hispanic Online Shoppers (Ctd.) • 73% spend half an hour or less to purchase goods for themselves. • 78% believe that family bilingualism is of importance. • 65% prefer English Web-pages over Spanish web-pages. • 84% notice the fonts and colors of a site, this helps them determine how long they plan on staying on their site.

  4. What You Need to Know about Hispanic Online Shoppers (Ctd.) • 61% find that pictures and descriptions of products are more important than customer testimonials. • 67% have an annual income of $40,000 or more. • 51% are of Mexican descendents. • 70% of households have 1-4 dependent children.

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  14. What Matters the Most? • Comparability Between Hispanics and General Market Sites • Color • Font • Layout • Overall Web Pages • Color: Colors from the original color wheel were the most popular. When deciding on colors, think of the original crayon box (8 colors).

  15. What about the Font? • Our study shows that consumers prefer bolded text in the title. • Try not to get to fancy with the font theme, most consumers prefer generic fonts such as: • Arial • Georgia • Trebuchet MS • Verdana

  16. What about the Layout? Business Logo • Our study shows that a single text and image are preferred as long as there is a navigation box that directs the viewer to the rest of the Web site. • Hyperlink boxes were also preferred at the top of the Web page versus the bottom of the Web page. Business Name Hyperlink Text & Image Navigation Box Business Information

  17. Overall, What is Preferred? • Our study shows that consumers prefer: • Neutral colors (remember the crayon box theory). • A large image (It is better to have a navigation box and hyperlink boxes, you don’t want potential customers to leave your site because the pages are to cluttered). • Be BOLD, bolding text and drawing attention to products are appealing to consumers.

  18. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market There are over 15.9 million Hispanics online Important to note: Hispanic is a census term Between April 2005 and April 2006, more than 1.6 million Hispanics were introduced to the Internet and 66% of them prefer to view Spanish Web sites. 56% are college educated and have a medium income of $40,000. Hispanic Online growth by Language Segment April 2005-April 2006 (Source: ComScore Media Metrix)

  19. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Ctd.) Language preferences 52% of online Hispanics prefer English text. 27% of online Hispanics prefer bilingual text. 21% of online Hispanics prefer Spanish text. 66% of new online Hispanic consumers prefer Spanish text. Language Preference of online Hispanics, April 2006 (Source: ComScore Media Metrix)

  20. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Ctd.) Online Hispanics… • 56% are between 18-34 years of age. • 68% have credit cards. • 14% increase of Internet users in the past 6 months. • 37% have been online for at least 5 years. • Spent over $6 billion online in 2006.

  21. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Ctd.) Overall U.S. Internet adoption growth was flat in 2006; nevertheless, the Hispanic market grew by 1.7 million individuals or 12%. Master Card, Visa and Discover have pre-paid credit cards, this is appealing to minority credit-wary consumers. “The Hispanic market could account for more than 27% of the U.S. population in 2050 and represent a lucrative consumer marketplace worth between $2.5 and $3.6 trillion.”

  22. Are Hispanics online longer then the national average? Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Cont.)

  23. Percent of Hispanics Who Consider the Internet the Best Source Of Information for: Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Cont.)

  24. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Ctd.) • Providing customers with the option of using both languages is greatly recommended and delivers value to the audience. • U.S. Hispanics live in a bilingual world. • 47% of U.S. Hispanic adults consider Spanish to be their primary language.

  25. Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Ctd.) It is vital to work with a professional translator who has experience in the Hispanic online market and expertise in your company’s subject matter. Know your market and know their Spanish dialect. If your market are Mexicans, then you do not want the translator setting up your text in Cuban dialect. U.S. Census 2004

  26. What Hispanics Value Captura Group: Hispanic Online Market (Cont.)

  27. Examples of Preferred Web Sites by Hispanic Customers Hyperlink Boxes Text Word usage such as “honesty” and “serving the public” are appealing to Hispanics. Images: Before & After The images are appropriate because they show long term achievement

  28. Toggle Effect Latin American flags are appealing to Hispanics and it is more appealing then just providing text Hyperlink Boxes Navigation Box Image Fine jewelry is viewed as classy and elegant. These images are just that!

  29. Text Bringing out the Latino Pride in the text draws attention to a site. Hyperlinks Image Business Store Front Business Information

  30. Business Name & Phone Number Hyperlinks Navigation Box Images Contact their business Text: Stating your mission statement in the 1st paragraph is a wise move. Furthermore, affirm that you have been successful and affirming that you have gained Californians trust can be of advantage to your business.

  31. Business Name & Phone Number Toggle Effect Hyperlinks Easy to access & multiple locations Image Navigation Box Forms can be a tool to help customers understand their financial needs.

  32. Business Name & Logo Their colors and font are appropriate due to their business being arts & crafts Home E-mail Map Hyperlinks Image The image is the product Text Yoruba is an African language but it is also spoken in Cuba & Brazil. This art store is targeting a specific audience & they understand that their services may only be found through limited online stores. This gives them an advantage over businesses without a website. Navigation Box Hyperlinks

  33. Navigation to Catalog Business Address, Phone Number & Contact Information Images The images are the products! Business Name & Logo This business sells their products through a catalog & have now made it available to customers via Internet

  34. Text Draw attention to your services and products. Business Name CorpoBello could be interpreted as “A Beautiful Body” or “ A Beautiful Corporation” Either way, the company name & their logo is striking & appealing . Hyperlink Boxes The manner in which the hyperlinks curve reflects on the Latina Woman being displayed. Latina women have curves! Image CorpoBello sells weight loss products and services . This image is a perfect example of what a Latina women may envision herself to look like if she was to incorporate their products and services into her life.

  35. Know your customers, keep records, this will help you build long term relationships and will permit you to send promotional flyers to preferred customers Navigation Boxes ShoppingCart Every book is available in a CD/DVD format, this gives customers freedom to chose what is best for them. Image

  36. Customer testimonials can help, specially if it is a person with power Hyperlinks Business Logo Images Having images that make people thirsty and hungry is a good technique to lure in customers. Navigation Box This restaurant has turned to e-commerce by selling gift cards and permitting you to shop at their restaurant store via-Internet Text

  37. Hyperlinks This restaurant allows you to order your meal online & you can become informed with their services and what people think of their restaurant. Image Accepting all major credit cards can be appealing to all customers. An Oklahoman owned restaurant!

  38. Toggle Effect Image Hyperlink Boxes Images that portray your business is vital for a 1st impression Image & Text Emphasizing how much a client can save by using their services is appealing to customers with a tight budget. Navigation Box

  39. Downloads Navigation Boxes Logo Sign In & Password Image The idea of the representation of multitudes shows that Hispanics prefer to identify with others then to be singled out Navigation Boxes This function explains the importance of understanding your body and the importance of maintaining hydrated. These navigation boxes say, “Gatorade cares about your wellbeing” Text Hyperlink Boxes The navigation box is at the top, however, since the hyperlink boxes are bright, it makes it easier to find

  40. Business Name & Number Text By having a welcoming note you are becoming more personal with your customers. This is appealing to Hispanics and lets them know that you value their business. Images Fruits & vegetables are appealing images to those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. Navigation Box A Search option Box is provided for easier search throughout Brito’s Market. Hyperlinks are also available for those wanting to search sites related to health promotion.

  41. Logo Hyperlinks Navigation Box Text The text is personal, “know your self/who you are” The truck is big and in control, this can be appealing because it says “I’ll take care of all of you” Image

  42. Toggle Effect Business Name Logo Hyperlinks Business Phone Number Text Image Highlighting products that have an appealing price can be beneficial to your business. Highlighting your achievements could bring in additional traffic. Business Information

  43. Overview • Hispanics are active online. • By the year 2010, Hispanics will have a collective buying power of $1,087 billion (Selig Center for Economic Growth, Georgia University). • Hispanics are aware of dialects and are more likely to visit sites that target their nationality. • Combine what this research suggests with your particular target audience! • Colors • Fonts • Images • Layout