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UNIT 9 Section A Low on Cash? Try Paris for a Holiday!

UNIT 9 Section A Low on Cash? Try Paris for a Holiday!. I Background Information Something about air-courier Be a Courier—Cheap flights, minimal effort

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UNIT 9 Section A Low on Cash? Try Paris for a Holiday!

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  1. UNIT 9 Section A Low on Cash? Try Paris for a Holiday!

  2. I Background Information Something about air-courier Be a Courier—Cheap flights, minimal effort • Remember those James Bond or Mission Impossible plots in which someone smuggles the microfilm and gets a bullet in the head for his trouble? Not a pretty image, but one that might shape our view of couriers. • If you're a true budget traveler, you must rid yourself of this stereotype. Becoming a courier can save you hundreds of dollars when flying overseas--and it's all completely legal.

  3. Courier Pros • It's usually cheaper to deliver a small shipment via air carrier than it is to pay an air cargo bill. But by international law, any baggage on a commercial flight must be checked with a passenger. Most airline baggage drifts through customs with little or no delay. With air cargo, it can take days. Are you beginning to see why a large portion of small overseas shipments move with couriers? • Courier companies simply provide willing travelers to accompany items overseas. Nothing is hidden from authorities, and there is nothing secretive about the arrangements. The courier is "paid" with a greatly discounted airline ticket. • Your responsibilities as a courier are limited: show up at the airport on time, and meet a representative at the destination airport. Once through customs/immigration, your obligation is finished.

  4. II Language Points 1. low: adj. near or at the end of a supply or measure • My car is low on gas. • We are low on funds. 2. except for: apart from; with the exception of • Everyone was late, except for Jack. • I don’t know any French, except for a few words. 3. carry-on bag: bag that can be easily carried along 4. courier: n. [C] a person or company that is employed to carry messages or other papers • A new courier office was opened yesterday. • She sent the pictures to the news agency by courier.

  5. 5. in/by contrast: when a contrast is made 对比之下 • In contrast, our use of oil has increased greatly. • In contrast to her, he received warm greetings from the company. 6. negative: adj. 1) without any useful of helpful qualities • He left the city, which showed his negative attitude toward it. 2) Saying or meaning “no” • He gave a negative answer to my request.

  6. 7. flexible: adj. 1) that can change or be changed to be suitable for new needs • The government carries out a flexible foreign policy. 2) That can bend or be bent easily • We can use flexible cable in this project. 8. regard: n. 1) [U] (in phrases like in this regard, with regard to) connection or relation • What do you have to say with regard to this point?

  7. The company is quite satisfactory in this regard. 2) (pl.) good wishes • If you should see Mr. Allen, give him my regards. vi. 1) consider in the stated way • Life is regarded as a play; everyone has a role in it. 2) show respect for • You should regard your parents’ wishes.

  8. Text B Mystery customers Are Everywhere

  9. Language points 1. mystery: n. 1) [U] a strange secret nature or quality • a mystery guest 神秘嘉宾 • This book tells us stories full of mystery. 2) [C] something which cannot be explained or understood • Who has taken the book still remains a mystery. 2. dumpster: n. [C] a large metal container used for waste • The old woman threw trash into the dumpster. 3. trash: n. 1) [U] (rubbish, BrE) things or material of no use that will be or have been thrown away • They carted away some large piles of trash.

  10. 2) [U] something worthless that does not deserve serious attention; nonsense • The girl wrote some trash while the teacher was lecturing. 4. act as: be, perform as • He’ll act as my interpreter. • A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person. 5. constant: adj. 1) continually happening or repeated • He is under constant attack in the newspaper. 2) Fixed or unchanging • His hard work is a constant inspiration to us all. • Nothing is constant. 没有永恒不变的东西

  11. 6. fun and games: playful tricks • This is not an occasion for fun and games. • The twin brothers were having fun and games as soon as their mother went out. 7. in the field: campaigning or working, especially away from one’s laboratory, headquarters, etc. 现场;上阵;参加比赛 • She will be in the field for long jump. • Experience in the field is a requirement for this job. 8. take/make mental notes: fix something in the mind to remember it • I took mental notes of what he said.

  12. 9. stand for: 1) be a sign for short form of; represent; mean • Yellow roses stand for friendship. 2) (usually in questions and negatives) allow to continue; accept without complaining • I wont stand for any more of her bad manners. 10. speed: n. 1) [U] quickness of movement or action • More haste, less speed. 欲速则不达 • He took a course on speed-reading last term. 2) [C;U] a rate of movement calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken • The old man was reading at a very slow speed.

  13. v. 1) (speeded or sped) go, pass, or take quickly • The holidays sped by and soon it was time to go back to school. • 2) (up) (cause to) move, go, or happen faster • It is necessary to speed up and finish the work earlier. • 11. stick to: act according to or keep to something; not stop • He always sticks to his word. 说话算数

  14. 12. take on: start to employ • The company is beginning to take on new workers. • He was taken on as a taxi driver. 13. fit in with: (cause to) match or agree; harmonize • His idea fit in with our teachers’. • He is new her. It will take time for him to fit in with his fellow colleagues.

  15. The End Good-bye

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