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OASIS Overview TC Process PowerPoint Presentation
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OASIS Overview TC Process

OASIS Overview TC Process

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OASIS Overview TC Process

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  1. OASIS Overview TC Process WS-BRSP Technical Committee Kick-off September 6, 2012

  2. Agenda • TC Process Overview • Recommendations for Spec Editing OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  3. TC Process Overview

  4. TC Process Overview • TC Process is created by OASIS Board, carried out by TC Adminstration • Job of TC Administration • Support activities of OASIS members • Turn TC Process guidelines into practical rules • Communicate procedures & best practices to TCs • Represent TC interests to Board • Improve tools & support for members • Recommend improvements to process itself OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  5. Work Product Lifecycle • Your work products will progress through the following stages for a Standards Track Work Product: • Working draft (no official standing) • Committee Specification Draft • Committee Specification Public Review Draft • Committee Specification • Candidate OASIS Standard • OASIS Standard • Approved Errata OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  6. Work Product Lifecycle • Stages for a Non-Standards Track Work Product: • Working draft (no official standing) • Committee Note Draft • Committee Note • Non-Standards Track Work Products are non-normative and are not implemented – educational papers, marketing collateral, etc. • Administrative documents (meeting minutes, etc.) must be maintained on OASIS-provided systems OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  7. Work Product Lifecycle OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  8. Making contributions • TC members may contribute existing or new work to the TC for consideration in its work • TC is under no obligation to do anything with it • Contribution only gives OASIS non-exclusive right to use and republish. Full rights remain with the contributor • Process is simple: • Load contribution to TC’s document repository • Send email to the TC mailing list announcing the contribution and including a link to the uploaded file OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  9. Contacts with TC Admin OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  10. TC Process Overview Some other things to keep in mind: • TCs run on Roberts Rules of Order, including its requirements for quorum • To vote, you must maintain meeting attendance • Gain rights at first meeting or after attending two consecutive meetings • Lose rights by missing two consecutive meetings unless during a leave of absence OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  11. Recommendations for Spec Editing

  12. Starting a Working Draft • Except for custom publishing systems, working drafts are done in either .doc or .odt formats • First step is to request a starter document / template from TC Admin • Captures all metadata • TC Admin determines the file names and URLs • Ensures that TC Admin can handle publishing your work expeditiously • Request ticket is at OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  13. Managing Your Working Draft • The first draft will be labeled Working Draft 01 in the starter document and –wd01 on the filename • Each revision should be incremented (e.g. 02, 03) • Working drafts should be stored in the TC’s document repository • If your spec contains multiple files (e.g. wsdls, schemas) all the content should be zipped into a single file and loaded into Kavi OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  14. Managing Your Working Draft • Use only alphanumeric characters, period and hyphen in filenames. Do not use underscore or any other punctuation characters • Review the Naming Directives at for other considerations • Feel free to consult with TC Admin on how best to organize your specification and its components OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  15. General Notes • Do not change the styles defined in the template. Doing so can cause problems when TC Admin prepares to publish your specification • Links to other components should be relative to the specification document’s location • TC Admin will prepare PDF and HTML • Graphics are best prepared in a separate product and linked into the draft as JPGs or PNGs • If your spec will have multiple parts, consult with TC Admin on naming and organization OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  16. Approving a Working Draft • Make sure required sections are in the specification • Normative & non-normative references sections • Acknowledgements section • Conformance section (if going to public review) • Separate plain-text files for any normative computer code files included in the document • Combine all components that are part of the Draft (e.g. narrative files, schemas, examples) into a ZIP file and load the file to the TC’s document repository OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  17. Approving a Working Draft • Vote can be by motion in a regular meeting or by electronic ballot • If by motion, make sure the motion language and vote is recorded in the meeting minutes • If by e-ballot, must run minimum 7 days • Motion language must include name and version number of the work product and the link to the ZIP file • After approval, enter appropriate tickets for TC Admin using the same ZIP file link OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  18. Approving a Working Draft • Approvals may not be contingent on “final edits” or other changes • The file the TC approves must be the same as the file linked in the TC Admin ticket OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  19. Managing Public Reviews • Comments may only be accepted via the TC’s –comment@ mailing list. No other inputs can be accepted • Chairs should subscribe to –comment@ list. TC should designate someone to subscribe and manage comments • All comments must be acknowledged. All comments must be tracked and a log maintained of all comments and the TC’s decisions on their resolutions OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  20. Resources for the TC • TC Administration home page - • Provides links to documentation, forms and updates on TC Admin work queue • TC Process interactive flow chart - • Provides Gantt chart of process steps with links to documentation and forms OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  21. Resources for the TC • TC Admin support request forms - • Used to submit requests for TC Admin actions e.g. starting a public review • OASIS TC Process - • Basic policy document on which all rules and procedures are based • Naming Directives - • Rules for constructing filenames, etc. OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  22. Resources for the TC • TC Admin How-To Guide - • Instructions on how to work within the OASIS TC Process with links to additional documentation, forms, etc. • TC Admin JIRA work queue - • List of open support request tickets that TC Admin is processing OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC

  23. Questions? OASIS Presentation to WS-BRSP TC