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Football. by: Abraham. Table Of Contents. All of the Equipment Football Was Created How to play Game Strategies Fantasy Teams Fantasy Players. All The Equipment.

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  1. Football by: Abraham

  2. Table Of Contents All of the Equipment Football Was Created How to play Game Strategies Fantasy Teams Fantasy Players

  3. All The Equipment The football players uses jerseys so they have pride for their team. They use armor so they wont get hurt badly. Then they use helmets so they wont get a concussion. They use sneakers for shoes because it would be weird to wear dress shoes! And they wear kneepads so they wont heart their knees bad lee.

  4. Football Was Created football was first named rugbe but America named it football. Football was created 1920.Walter camp is very important in the creation of American football In 1880 he changed the number of players from 15 to 11. In 1880 Walter camp changed the snap from center to the quarter back.

  5. How to play To play football you need a team and at least 10-11 people on a team. The quarter back is the person that throws the ball to the wide receiver to get a touchdown wide receiver is the person that catches the ball from the quarter back.and the running back tries to get some yards. The defense is the blocking team that tries to stop the offense. the offense is the team that gets 3 downs to get 10 yards for the first down to get a touch down.

  6. Game strategies to do game strategies all the time first you need to decide if you are going to run or pass the ball. If you run just charge in. But if you pass the ball you need to decide what kind of pass a deep pass or a fake pass or a quick pass and if you are a quarter back be carful ho you pass the ball to because if there is a lot of people blocking the person they mite intercept the ball and get touch down but if there is 1 person he mite catch it and get a touchdown.

  7. Fantasy teams Fantasy team are teams that won 0-5 supper bolls .the bay Packers have won five NFL super bowls from 1961 to 1966. the green bay packers were determined to succeed and they pulled to getter as a team during their 14 game regular season schedule the packers won 13 times and lots just once in a 26-14 defeat and the Pittsburg stealers have won five supper bolls too .the packers, ravens, giants, patriots, egls 49ers,stealers,colts. They are all fantasy teams because they are legendary teams

  8. Fantasy players Fantasy players are players that are legendary players now I will show you fantasy players like Joe Flaco. He didn’t have to change to be a super bowl champion .The New York Giants quarter back ELI Manning can throw over 3,948 yards. Aaron Rogers quarter back of the Packers can throw 80 yards in 1 throw. Michal Vick quarter back of the eagals can throw 71 yards in 1 throw.

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