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The pronoun powerpoint presentation

In this ppt we are going to explain about the pronoun .

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The pronoun powerpoint presentation

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  1. The pronoun • A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun . For examples : - 1 ) I went to a shop last night . 2 ) We will go to the market tomorrow . 3 ) Give me some sugar in the tea . 4 ) Where are you going ?

  2. Personal pronouns • A pronoun that stands for a person or a thing is called a personal pronoun . a ) The person or persons speaking is the first person . ( I , my , me , we , our , us etc .) b) The person or persons spoken to is / are the second person . ( you and yours ) c) The person or persons spoken about is / are the third person .

  3. Reflexive pronouns The pronouns myself , ourselves , themselves , himself , itself , yourself are receivers of action and hence are called reflexive pronouns . For examples : - 1) I cook for myself . 2) The ball fell by itself . 3) We often talk about ourselves . 4) They will go by themselves .

  4. Emphatic pronouns A pronoun that is used for the sake of emphasis is called an emphatic pronoun . For examples : - 1) I myself knitted the sweater . 2) She herself gave the sweets . 3) He himself promised to help .

  5. Demonstrative pronouns A pronoun that is used to point at the object or objects they refer to is called a demonstrative pronoun. Indefinite pronoun : - A pronoun which refers to persons and things in a general way , and not to any person or thing in particular , is known as an indefinite pronoun . Distributive pronouns : - Each , either and neither are known as distributive pronouns as they refer to persons or things one at a time .

  6. Interrogative pronouns A pronoun that is used to ask a question is called an interrogative pronoun . Possessive pronouns : - A pronoun showing possession is called a possessive pronoun . For example : - 1) That is my house . 2) That house is mine .

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