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Team Bi-directional

Team Bi-directional. -Keith Beland -Christian Brinegar -Justin Marsha. NRG Systems.

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Team Bi-directional

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  1. Team Bi-directional -Keith Beland -Christian Brinegar -Justin Marsha

  2. NRG Systems NRG Systems is a company that is leading the global industry for wind power development. They produce precise, reliable, and proven wind assessment and turbine control equipment. Prior to installing a wind turbine, one would test the site for proper winds. We are to test the device used to measure wind direction.

  3. Problem Statement Our task here was to create a device that can be used to test the linearity, centering, and dead band of an NRG systems #200P Wind Direction Vane. This testing must also be done with at most 1.8 degree increments with a reasonable test time.

  4. NRG #200P Wind Vane • precision conductive plastic potentiometer • Dead band <8 Degrees • Linearity • Centering <4 Degrees

  5. Our Solution For our final design we decided to use a stepper motor in unison with a 1 to 1 ratio pulley system that will rotate and test the device, while incorporating LabVIEW for running all software aspects of the design.

  6. System Overview

  7. Electrical System • Justin • Electrical System Components • Motor Driver Circuit • Other Circuitry

  8. Electrical System

  9. Motor Driver Circuit This shows the FET driver circuit required to power the stepper motor using the DAQ digital outputs.

  10. Other Circuitry Break-Beam Wind Vane

  11. Software System • Christian • What is LabVIEW? • Entire Program • Data Acquisition Software • Break-Beam Software

  12. LabVIEW Software • NI LabVIEW graphical development has revolutionized the development of scalable test, measurement, and control applications. • Engineers can rapidly and cost-effectively interface with measurement and control hardware, analyze data, share results, and distribute systems.

  13. Entire Program Switch on activates LED search portion of the program.

  14. Break-Beam Software This portion steps the motor and tests the photoresistor simultaneously.

  15. Data Acquisition Software This portion steps the motor and acquires data from the wind vane while writing it to an excel file.

  16. Mechanical System • Keith • SolidWorks • Wind Vane Test Fixture • Entire Physical System

  17. Design in SolidWorks

  18. Wind Vane Test Fixture

  19. Entire Physical System

  20. Work Breakdown Keith Stepper motor SolidWorks design Rapid prototyping Christian Web page Physical assembly Circuit board assembly Software LabVIEW software DAQ Justin Electronic design Break-beam Circuit Board Design Physical design & assembly Software help

  21. Budget

  22. Next Steps • Printed circuit board • Housing • More efficient break-beam system • Closer tolerances on pulleys

  23. Thank you!! • Roger Howes and Michael Wright • Bob Royce • Chris Tall and others at NRG Systems

  24. Questions?

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