mohammed political islam is it something we should worry about n.
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Mohammed & Political Islam Is It Something We Should Worry About? PowerPoint Presentation
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Mohammed & Political Islam Is It Something We Should Worry About?

Mohammed & Political Islam Is It Something We Should Worry About?

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Mohammed & Political Islam Is It Something We Should Worry About?

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  1. Mohammed & Political IslamIs It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B., Ph.D. (Rev. 4, October 2, 2011) 9/4/2014 1 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  2. 1.1 Some Introductory Definitions Caliphate – political Muslim unity (1.3 billion). Islamist – adherent of p-Islam ideology. Jihad – Holy War. Also a “personal struggle.” Kafir – non-believer of Islam; hated by Allah. Sharia – Allah’s Islamic law from Mohammed. Terrorism – use of violence against civilian targets by non-traditional fighters for political purposes. Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  3. 1.2. Here is what they do; but WHY? Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  4. 1.3. WHY? Because They Hate Allah & Islamists hate us because we aren’t Muslim, we’re unbelievers, Kafirs or Infidels. Kafirs are ignorant, blind, arrogant, evil, liars, a disgrace, a partner of Satan; doomed, detested, unclean and cursed; non-human. Islamists have a blessed mandate to subjugate or kill Kafirs. They can mock, torture, punish, behead, confuse, plot against, terrorize, destroy, deceive, hurt, cut down, cheat, insult, attack, and humiliate us any time or place they choose, such as 9/11. 9/4/2014 4 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  5. 1.4. Why They Hate Us, cont. They hate Western civilization, especially USA and Israel; they hate our laws, our freedoms, our entire culture.” U.S. is seen as a “weak” protector of hated corrupt Islamic regimes (e.g. Iraq, etc.); they want us out so these corrupt regimes can be purified to true Islam. OBL hated U.S. forces on Saudi land, the birth place of Islam. He and followers have a sacred right to attack and purify Kafir and unclean rogue counties. [Friedman, George, America’s Secret War, pp. 21-35] 9/4/2014 5 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  6. 2.1. Mohammed -- Islam’s Ideal Man Everything he said and did direct Islam’s moral universe. Muslims emulate & imitate him in all aspects of life; similar to Christians emulating and imitating Jesus. K 33:21 “Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] an excellent exampler for him who hopes in Allah and the final day, and who remember Allah much.” K 68:4. And surely thou [Mohammed] hast sublime morals. Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  7. 2.2. Mohammed was a Political Leader He was a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, murderer, rapist, polygamist, a self-proclaimed prophet, and he married a child. He created the Koran & Allah. He killed anyone who left Islam (apostacy). He used man’s unbound lust for women, power, and money to woo converts to his religion. His god, Allah, is the only god who woos followers by sin. He massacred all the Jews in Arabia and instigated an ideology of hatred between his followers and Jews that has lasted over 1400 years and cost millions of lives. His ideology is still with us today! [PerfectMan] Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  8. 2.3. The “Tears of Jihad” Over the past 1400 years, Mohammed and his followers have been responsible for the death of about 270 million Kafirs: Africans: 120,000,000 (approx); Buddhists: 10,000,000 (approx); Christians: 60,000,000 (approx); Hindus: 80,000,000 (approx); Americans: 3,000 (approx; so far…). 9/4/2014 8 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  9. 2.4. What is (physical) Jihad? Jihad = holy war, a mix of religion & politics. Mohammed created/used jihad for converts. Mohammed, Allah and Jihadists are at war with Kafirs. Jihadists have a sacred right to berate, kill, enslave us & take our property -- any time, any place. How to stop jihad? By force; otherwise submit. 9/4/2014 9 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  10. 2.5. Mohammed & Stealth Jihad He used culture, ethics, politics, money, slavery, destiny, immigration, government, power, deceit, pride, tribalism, fear, propaganda, diplomacy, spy-craft, philosophy & psychology; anything to win! Stealth jihad is in use today as Islamists infiltrate our societies to subdue our culture. 9/4/2014 10 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  11. 3.1. Islam’s Three Sacred Books Koran: The perfect, eternal, universal, & final word of Allah for all people and all time. Sira: Mohammad’s biography (his life story). Hadith: a set of stories of what he said and did. ========================================= Sunna: His combined words & actions from Hadith & Sira; Sunna is Allah’s divine pattern for all humanity. 9/4/2014 11 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  12. 3.2. The Koran’s “Verse of the Sword” K 9:5. “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and pay Zakat [tithe] then open the way for them(…)” Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  13. 3.3. Other Koranic Verses of Violence K 3:151 (…) We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (…) K 8:12 (…) I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. K 2:193 (…) fight them [until] there is no more persecution and the religion becomes Allah’s (…) 9/4/2014 13 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  14. 3.4. What is “Abrogation?” The process of replacing earlier “kind” verses in Koran with later violent “hate” equivalents, with both remaining “true!” (Odd, Allah speaks truth two ways…) The validating “verse of abrogation” is: K 2:106 Whatever of Our revelations We repeal or cause to be forgotten, We will replace with something superior or comparable. (226 verses are abrograted) 9/4/2014 14 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  15. 4.0 Political Islam(P-Islam) Is American Islam our future? Should we even worry about? Let’s talk about it… Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  16. 4.1. Islamists Seek World Domination Islam & Sharia believed to be supreme.Do you want to be ruled by sharia? Do you believe they seek our overthrow? 9/4/2014 9/4/2014 16 16 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  17. 4.2. Characteristics of P-Islam Is it an Ideology? (e.g., a single overriding doctrine that all believe in, struggle for, and live & die for.) Yes; Sharia law covers everything. Is it Totalitarian? (e.g., religious & political leaders regulate everything; little individual worth.) Yes. Is it Fascist ? (e.g., everyone under a nationalistic single-party state run by a radical authoritarian leader, use of violence for control is okay.) Yes. 9/4/2014 17 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  18. 4.3. Islam is Dualistic Religious – how Muslims get to heaven. We’re not concerned about this part. Political – how Islamists treat Kafirs. This part we care a lot about. It involves an on-going war against Kafirs. Allah mandates Jihadists to subdueKafirs to Islam, any time or place; such as 9/11… 9/4/2014 18 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  19. 4.4. Five Primary Principles of P-Islam 1. Islam – all comes from Koran, Sira, & Hadith (Triology). 2. Islam’s ideology is primarily political; and is supremist, and expansionist. 3. P-Islam has a common political enemy, Kafir. 4. P-Islam’s ethics are dualistic; two sets of rules: one set for Muslims, and one for Kafirs. 5. P-Islam requires that all Kafirssubmit to Islam. 9/4/2014 19 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  20. 4.5. What is the Goal of P-Islam? P-Islam is at war with all Kafir cultures because they aren’t Islamic, as commanded by Allah. This war is on-going against us whether we like it or not, or try to deny it… The war cannot be won by our being nice or capitulating to their demands. They won’t stop until they have annihilated our culture. P-Islam must be stopped. [Bill Warner] Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  21. 4.6. How Does P-Islam Take Over? 1. Immigration. Muslims nice and peaceful at first; work to fit in; Kafirs are accepting. 2. Sharia & segregation starts; more Mosques. 3. Jihad & killings start. Kafirs cower; culture loss; more sharia creep. 4. Islamists take control of dhimmi government and use taxation to fund more jihad and control of Kafirs. Increased sharia creep. 5. Sharia complete; Islam only; old Kafir culture gone. 9/4/2014 21 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  22. 4.7. Demographics & P-Islam Demographics -- the act of helping a minority ethnic population increase itself within a country to alter the social and/or political norms of that country. Three typical methods are: High minority-group immigration rates. Higher-than-normal minority-group birth rates. Lower-than-normal host-group birthrates. [] 9/4/2014 22 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  23. 4.8. What About Home-Grown Jihadists? There are over thirty jihad training camps scattered throughout USA, known as “Muslims of America,” lead by a radical cleric, Sheikh MubaraGilani. Numerous h-g jihadi “Soldiers of Allah” have been trained to use explosives, weapons, kidnapping, and guerilla warfare against us(…). [Homegrown Jihad, The Terrorist Camps Around U.S, Christian Action Network, A PRB Film Production] 9/4/2014 23 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  24. 4.9. What About Jihadist Prison Imams? P-Islam places radicalized Imams in prisons to seek out “violent” inmates who fit the radicalized objectives of militant Islam, making them effective home-grown jihadists! Saudia Arabia is funding radicalized Imams to promote Wahabbism (a virulent form of Islam) in prisons, Mosques & madrassas in the USA. [ ] 9/4/2014 24 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  25. 5.1. Ethics and Political Islam First, most cultures and religions around the world believe in some form of unitary ethics -- same rules for everyone, such as the Golden Rule: Do unto others (and everyone else) as you would have them do unto you. Not so in Islam. Islam’s “ethics” are based upon dualism as described next. 9/4/2014 25 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  26. 5.2. P-Islam’s Ethics and Dualism Dualism = two sets of rules at same time: one set of rules for Muslims – They are to be nice and respectful to each other. another set of rules for kafirs – Kafirs are hated, inferior, scum of the earth; Muslims have sacred right to abuse and kill Kafirs as discussed in other slides. There is no Golden Rule in Islam… 9/4/2014 26 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  27. 5.3. More About Islamic Dualism Islam is a fully developed ideology for both politics and religion, divine from sharia. Islam’s political & religious principles believed to be sacred, perfect, eternal, and universal. Islam’s dualism gives Islamists power over Kafirs not obtainable by religion alone. Its success is from its politics, not its religion. 9/4/2014 27 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  28. 6.1. What is Dhimmitude? 1. Islamic dhimmitude – a part of dualism against Kafirs -- an abusive and demeaning process that Muslims forced over Christian and Jewish subjects as semi-slaves w/heavy poll taxes. 2. “Non-Islamic “dhimmitude – the processes used by non-Muslims to support Islam by word, action, or deed. 9/4/2014 28 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  29. 6.2. Non-Muslim Dhimmi Examples Saying “Islam is religion of peace.” Dim. Claiming US law & Sharia are equal. Dim. Donating $ to Islamic charity (some percentage must go to jihad). Dim. Kafir women marrying Muslim men. Dim. (children are Muslim at birth; helps increase Islamic demographics.) 9/4/2014 29 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  30. 7.1. What is Sharia? Islamic Law -- Allah’s perfect sacred law from Koran, Sira, and Hadith; it can’t be changed. Sharia demands absolute control of one’s life, such as food, dress, legal, criminal, and family law, religion, politics, banking, & insurance, etc. (see Reliance of the Traveller). Freedom, democracy, art, religion, press, constitution curtailed; no golden rule. Sharia & US law/Constitution in conflict! 9/4/2014 30 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  31. 7.2. Kafir Treatment Under Sharia (a) 1. Kafirs can be murdered/robbed/raped. 2. Kafir women/children can be enslaved. 3. Kafirs can be lied to/deceived (taqiyya). 4. Kafir-Muslim treaties can be broken. 9/4/2014 31 31 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  32. 7.3. Kafir Treatment under Sharia (b) 5. Assassinations can be used to silence critics of Islam. 6. Kafirshave three choices under Islam -- submit, convert, accept dhimmitude(be a semi-slave under Muslim rule w/hi taxes), or death. 9/4/2014 32 32 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  33. 7.4. Women’s Treatment Under Sharia (a) 1. Women are considered inferior to men in intelligence and religion. 2. Disobedient wives can be beaten by their husband. 3. Wives must get husband’s ok to leave home. [Source: Warner, Bill, Sharia Law for the Non-Muslims, CSPI] 9/4/2014 33 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  34. 7.5. Women’s Treatment Under Sharia (b) 4. Wives are husband’s toys, to tilth as desired. 5. Women are no better that a camel, or a slave; less than dirt. 6. Women can be caned for adultery, or stoned to death for rape. (4 wit) 9/4/2014 34 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  35. 7.6. Women’s Treatment Under Sharia (c) 7. Daughters can be killed by family for dishonor or un-Islamic behavior; dating non-Muslim boys etc. 8. Girls can be force-married at young ages (5 or so). [Warner, Bill, CSPI] 9/4/2014 35 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  36. 7.7. Is Sharia Really a Problem? Dearborn’s Mayor, Police Chief, & 17 police officers sued for illegal police action at a June 2010 Arab Festival for enforcing sharia to appease Muslims. Why? On public land at the festival, four Christians were arrested & two missionaries forced to stop handing out Gospel of John. (What about special footbaths, prayer rooms; no dogs, etc.?) [Source: E-mail report from Thomas More Law Center, 2/22/2011] 9/4/2014 36 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  37. 8.1. What is Sharia-Compliant Finance? Many Middle-Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have tons of oil money to invest – money that comes from us! Unbeknown to most Westerners, we buy oil from them, and they turn around and use our money against us. How so? 9/4/2014 37 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  38. 8.2. Sharia-Compliant Finance, cont. Western financiers get large profits by helping these countries put their funds to work. This requires Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) with over-sight by selected Islamic leaders. To be compliant, a percentage of each transaction must go to Islamic charity with some funds designated for physical jihad; a critical hidden risk! 9/4/2014 38 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  39. 9.1. Islamist Quote: Tantawi Muhammad Sayyid al Tantawi, president of Al Azhar Univ. approves killing & maiming of Jews, Christians and other infidels. He said: “This is not my personal view. This what the Shari’a Law says, the law of Allah, the only valid law on the earth.” [] 9/4/2014 39 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  40. 9.2. Islamist Quote: Gom’a Ali Gom’a, Grand Mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim authority in the world, supports murdering non-Muslims. In the daily Al Ahram (4/7/08), he said: “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.” [Source:] 9/4/2014 40 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  41. 9.3. Islamist Quote: Khomeini Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in 20th century: “(…) Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! (…)”. [Taheri, Amir, Holy Terror:, ] 9/4/2014 41 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  42. 9.4. Quote: Abdul Maududi, highly-respected Islamic thinker “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments (…) opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam (…) Islam requires (…) the whole planet (…) because (…) mankind should benefit from the ideology and welfare programme [of Islam] (...) the objective of the Islamic ‘Jihad’ is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule.” [Wikipedia: Sayeed Abdul A’laMaududi, Jihad in Islam, p. 6] 9/4/2014 42 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  43. 10.1. Some Key Islamic Groups MB (Muslim Brotherhood), supremist, powerful, expansionist; p/o of Hamas. Goal: destroy Western civilization from within and allowing for the victory of Islam over other religions. Infiltration & sedition being used to subdue USA (same goal as al-Qaeda; just different methodology). HLF (Holy Land Foundation) -- was largest Islamic charity in USA; found guilty of funding Hamas in 2008. Guilty members p/o USMB. 9/4/2014 43 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  44. 10.2. Key Islamic Groups, cont. ISNA (Islamic Society of N. America) -- promotes stealth jihad outreach to social, educational, religious, civic, & service groups, an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2007 HLF trial. [Wikipedia] CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – Links Muslims w/USA groups (w/two voices -- nice for us & jihad for Muslims); also an unindicted co-conspirator in 2007 HLF trial. 9/4/2014 44 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  45. 10.3. Key Islamic Groups, cont. OIC (Org. of the Islamic Conference); A world-wide org. that pressures Western governments and international bodies to adopt laws against Islamophobia and blasphemy (against those who dare speak the truth about Islam).[Bat Ye-or, in Stop the Islamization of America] Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  46. 10.4. Is P-Islam in our Schools? MSA (Muslim Students Assn.) -- Islamic college clubs that indoctrinate students in P-Islam, to prepare them for leadership roles in support of Islamic movement after graduation… Public schools – Many 6/7th grade history & ss texts/classes used to indoctrinate kids in P-Islam.[Wikipedia] 9/4/2014 46 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  47. 10.5. Islamic Influence in Tucson FethullahGulen Schools – used to indoctrinate students in P-Islam: Daisy Education Corp.; Sonoran Science Academy; Daisy Early Learning Academy; Davis Monthan AFB. [ ] ICT (Islamic Center of Tucson), 901 E. 1st Street – alleged al-Qaeda HQ in USA. [Steve Emerson:] 9/4/2014 47 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  48. 10.6. What are Mosques used for? Mosques & madrasses promote brainwashing of young people to believe killing for Allah (jihad) is blessed. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates] Serve as staging areas, help plant Islam; show superiority of Islam over Kafirs (e.g., “Cordoba” Park 51 Mosque in NYC).[Geller, Pamela, Stop the Islamization of America, WND Books, 2011] 9/4/2014 48 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  49. 11.1. Some P-Islam’s Conquests North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and recently Lebanon. Many cities in Europe have no-go zones for non-Muslims, police and firemen; Sharia is creeping into their legal codes! It’s beginning to happen here. We may lose our culture if not careful! Denial is dangerous. 9/4/2014 49 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt

  50. 11.2. P-Islam in England Britain gave jihadists free reign so they wouldn’t attack the state. On 7/7/2005, four British-born jihadists bombed London’s mass transit. Oops! Do not deal w/jihadists – never win! We cannot buy or appease jihad; either we defeat it – or we face forced conversion, dhimmitude, or death; no compromises! [Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door. Regnery, 2011] 9/4/2014 50 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-Rev4.ppt