get your hands on alia bhatt s relaxed weekend look n.
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Get Your Hands On Alia Bhatt’s Relaxed Weekend Look PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Your Hands On Alia Bhatt’s Relaxed Weekend Look

Get Your Hands On Alia Bhatt’s Relaxed Weekend Look

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Get Your Hands On Alia Bhatt’s Relaxed Weekend Look

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  1. Get Your Hands On Alia Bhatt’s Relaxed Weekend Look

  2. Find The Balance Between Casual and Comfortable - Every single one of Alia Bhatt’s photos, be it on the red carpet, or part of her dossier of photos for upcoming movies, shows that she is really comfortable in her skin. The trick here is to find material and colour that is all you, and not compromise on looking good if you’re not feeling comfortable; insider fact; it will show. Focus on getting material that will work with your skin tone and skin comfort; after all, you don’t want to start sweating and feeling uncomfortable on the get-going.

  3. Add Airy To Your Wardrobe: Nothing screams out casual and comfortable quite as much as a comfortable tee; that’s what really works for Alia Bhatt as well!. Play around with the colours you can get, as well as the kind of necklines that you are comfortable with. A quick look at Alia Bhatt’s photos shows that she loves to sport nice, loose and airy tees, which sport minimal sleeves.

  4. Attire for every hour– Casual need not mean sloppy. But it can be attire that can just as well as an outing as it is for a slumber party. A quick look at Alia Bhatt’s photos, released from her upcoming movie, shows just this, where she dons a variety of clothing to match every kind of requirement, and which really brings out her individual style in the process. Taking a leaf out of Alia Bhatt’s book, try to get your hands on versatile items, that fit in for different occasions.

  5. Go Sleeveless– Casual outdoor events definitely shouldn't see you adding ballroom gowns to your suitcases. Depending on the occasion, try going in for a sleeveless top, like Alia Bhatt. To verify this, try going through a few of Alia Bhatt’s photos to figure out which kind of colour combinations can work for your skin tone. In case you feel that the event may not work with something like this, try adding a few layers, maybe a light jacket and/or a thin scarf, to add a little more cover onto your attire.

  6. Accessorize: Don’t forget to add some accessories to the mix. Taking a page out of Alia Bhatt’s photos from her upcoming release, try to go in for an oversized pair of spectacles, which will really work for you, if you have a petite frame, like Alia Bhatt. You can also go in for a simple bun to complete your look, and also have a simple side bag, which is both utilitarian and good looking!

  7. Don’t Hesitate To Layer: When you want to combine a over-shirt or a jacket, don’t go in for simple designs. Try to mix up the bag with different colours, like the over-shirts that have been a part of every Alia Bhatt news piece that is being doing the round. This is especially true if you can go in for stripes, or patterns. Take some tips from Alia Bhatt herself, and try going in for an over-shirt that comes with a lot of pockets, so that you have enough storage space on the go.

  8. Mix Up Your Wardrobe– don’t just go in for tees; get your hands on some awesome kurtas as well, which you can pair with leggings in neutral colours. Add a few simple accessories to the mix, and you’re well on your way to get the Alia Bhatt look. Check out some Alia Bhatt photos for yourself if you’re not sure about what we’re saying.