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Mother Goose Adventures

Mother Goose Adventures. Shailee Layman EDU 204 Information Technology in Teaching NSC Dr. Graziano February 10, 2011 4th grade. Introduction.

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Mother Goose Adventures

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  1. Mother Goose Adventures Shailee Layman EDU 204 Information Technology in Teaching NSC Dr. Graziano February 10, 2011 4th grade

  2. Introduction Hello there boys and girls! My name is Mother Goose! I am famous for telling stories to children! They are called Nursery Rhymes. So I hope you kids like to hear stories…Here’s one, Once upon a time… oh dear I can’t remember how my stories go! Do you think you could help me remember my beloved stories? Please go on an adventure with me to find them!

  3. Task The task I need you to do is to create a Nursery Rhyme Book using different websites. Each boy and girl will receive a blank book and you will draw a picture of a certain rhyme at the top of a page in your books showing what is happening in the story and at the bottom of the page write down the words of the story. When you complete your books you can show your teacher and she will deliver them to me. This will definitely help me to remember my stories!

  4. Process Although I am very forgetful I do remember a few of the titles of some of my stories! I just can’t remember the details of them. So to help you a little I have made a list of story titles of my nursery rhymes. If you follow the steps in order carefully you will be able to help me get my stories back! Students will work individually. Students with learning disabilities will be able to work with a partner. Good luck looking for the stories!

  5. Step 1. Get on a computer and go to this website- www.mamalisa.com and click on house of English Nursery Rhymes Then click on Humpty Dumpty. Write down the words at the bottom of your book and draw the picture at the top on one of the pages. Then click on the letter “L” at the top of the page and do the same thing for Little Miss Muffet. Process

  6. Step 2. Go to www.teachersandfamilies.com/nursery/index.html click on Little Bo Peep and repeat the same process in your books. Then click on Hey Diddle Diddle. Process

  7. Step 3. Go to www.storyit.com Go down to children’s classics and click Nursery rhymes to read online. Go down and click Little Boy Blue . Then click Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. Process

  8. Step 4. Go to www.alphabet-soup.net/goose/goose.html Go down and click on Jack and Jill. Then click on Mary ,Mary, Quite Contrary. Process

  9. Step 5. Go to www.zelo.com/family/nursery/index.asp Pick one nursery rhyme from A-Z of your choice. One that you have never heard of before and do the same process this will show me a new rhyme to share with kids. Make sure you write down the title and the words and draw the picture. Be creative and have fun! Process

  10. Evaluation 30 points is the most points to be received Content value Scoring

  11. Conclusion Dear boys and girls, you helped me to remember my stories! You also got to learn more about Nursery Rhymes ! You read different rhymes and even made your own book. Now you can read your nursery rhymes and share them with people around you! I appreciate your help! Love , Mother Goose

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