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Kidney Treatment

Karma Ayurveda is an ancient Ayurveda company which provides many valuable natural remedies for kidney patients which help to keep kidney problem under control.Karma Ayurveda medicine reduces dialysis, frequency at first, and sometime kidneys can be brought to its normal function.

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Kidney Treatment

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  1. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA A condition in which the kidneyslose the ability to remove waste and balance fluids. Kidney failure, also known as renal failure or renal insufficiency. Many factors can interfere with your kidney health and function. What is kidney www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  2. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA • A heart attack • Heart disease • Scarring of the liver or liver failure • Dehydration • A severe burn • An allergic reaction • A severe infection What is Causes kidney Problems www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  3. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA • Fatigue • Difficulty • Concentrating • Trouble Sleeping • Poor appetite • Muscle cramping • Swollen feet/ankles • Dry, scaly skin • Weekness • Puffiness around the eyes in the morning Why do we get kidney problems www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  4. Kidney PROBLEMS KARMA AYURVEDA You should take a Ayurvedic treatment, because Karma Ayurveda is actively engaged in research based Ayurvedic medicines for kidney, as a result of which kidney cells gets rejuvenated with time and providing you a new life with a revived kidneys. So, find the best kidney treatment by our experts at Karma Ayurveda. Why Should Take a Our Ayurvedic Treatment www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  5. Kidney Problems Comparison in Ayurvedic and Allopathic Treatment of Kidney Failure :- KARMA AYURVEDA • Allopathic treatment continues for life long • In Allopathic system of medicine damage of kidney cells is a continuous process, it can be slowed down up to a certain limit but cannot be stopped. • In kidney transplanted patients kidney's linked diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes mellitus may become uncontrolled even while taking full medical care. • Chances of rejection is very high in case of transplant. • Ayurvedic medicines can be stopped in 1 to 12 months depending on the stage and cause of the disease. • Very well prepared ayurvedic medicine can stop the further damage of kidney cells without delay and further treatment may revive the damaged • But ayurvedic treatment besides improving kidney functions also helps in helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and blood pressure to a normal level. • If such patient starts taking ayurvedic treatment that would minimize the chances of rejection www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  6. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA Our treatment focus on :- R - RENAL TISSUE REPAIR E –ELECTOLYTE IMBALNCE MANAGEMENT U – SERUM UREA MANAGEMENT C – SERUM CREATNINE MANAGEMENT We provide following features: www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  7. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA Further our treatment works on :- 1 treating damaged kidney 2 treating body tissue 3 treating known cause Ayurvedic kidney Treatment www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  8. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA As a result of which :- 1 kidney damage partly or fully revesed 2 dialysis frequence is reduced 3 reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases Treatment For kidney failure www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

  9. Kidney Problems KARMA AYURVEDA Website: www.karmaayurveda.com Skype: drkarmaayurveda Email: drkarmaayurveda@gmail.com G-20 N.D.M.-1 OPPOSITE NIMS NETAJI SUBHASH PALACE PITAMPURA, DELHI PIN- 110034 PH: 011-4777-2777, 011-42644274 9871712050 Visit for our more info: www.karmaayurveda.com 011-47772777 9871712050

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