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  1. Welcome

  2. David Overton Head of Small Business Technology – Improving Your Sales and Marketing Using Microsoft Solutions

  3. Agenda • Key questions and scenarios • What can Microsoft do to help with Sales and Marketing • Discussion • Next Steps

  4. Ground Rules • I don’t wish to teach my grandmother to suck eggs, please say so if you think I am • My appearance and poor memory is deliberate • Lets talks • Ask questions

  5. Key IT questions to ask yourself • What stage is your business at? • Do you need to manage your customers more effectively? • Do you want your business to be perceived professionally and to stand-out more? • Is data and computer security a concern? • Do you want to work out and about more? • Will you be using it at home as well?

  6. “What do you want your computers to do for you?”

  7. Information-Driven Share, Communicate Strategize, Decide See, Imagine Execute, Adapt Find, Relate, Act Information Access Digital Information Explosion

  8. Whichbusinessare you?

  9. Internet The starter Small Business In the Digital Home Home Office • Home based • Sharing computer with family • No separate offices

  10. Internet The Growing Small Business In the Digital Home Mobile The Office • Home / office based • Some IT infrastructure • No Server Other Businesses

  11. Internet The Expanded Small Business In the Digital Home Mobile The Office • Home / office based • Invested in IT infrastructure • Server Other Businesses

  12. Generic Architecture Diagram Devices that do work connected or disconnected Clients Technology that you own that sits “at the centre” delivering value for your business Servers Services that you use “in the cloud” – either free or paid for, however you don’t own it Services

  13. The Technologies for Today Clients Servers Services

  14. Solutions need multiple products

  15. What do you want to do?

  16. Appearing Professional • Presenting your company in a professional way • Present yourself on paper and on-line in a professional manner • Keep your image up to date and consistent • Appear larger than you are and well connected • Examine your business easily and share the information

  17. Trying to avoid “Can I really trust someone who has a g-mail account for business” “Oh my god. Have you seen this proposal – it looks like several monkeys were at work on it and they forgot to grammar check it” “I am free on that day, but I am not sure about Bill. I’ll ask him later and get back to you” “But your web site said you offered it with these terms” “I didn’t realise we had sent you that document already, that changes things a lot” “I need to spend some time at this”

  18. Did you know? Less than 27 percent of 18 million small businesses surveyed have a Web site. Workers spend 15–30 percent of their time looking for information. Employees get 50–75 percent of information from other people. SOURCE: IDC, Gartner, University of California, Berkley

  19. I’m going to talk about • Finding information • Managing your e-mail and diary • Making smart looking documents • Understanding information in Excel

  20. Managing Your Customers • How to keep up to date with customers, contacts, marketing campaigns, proposals, opportunities and sales pipeline • Have one central location for all customer data • Run personalised and targeted campaigns • Track and action responses to your communications • Manage sales opportunities more efficiently

  21. Improve Customer Relationships “if only I had your customer datawith me…” “How do I keep on top of all the changes that happen in my accounts when I get so many e-mail updates – working out which is the one I want” “How can I do my own marketing and measure the success of my campaigns” “Do you know how much I have spent with you over the last two years” “How do I attract new customers in a cost effective way” “I want tighter control over my business costs and cash flow”

  22. I’m going to talk about • Managing your customers using a secret tool • Running targeted campaigns to customers • Creating and managing an online presence • Sharing documents online

  23. The Benefits • Your business is not discounted on size • Your on-line and paper marketing sell a consistent message and theme • Understand your customers • Find all their information easily • Who is profitable • Identify what to look for in new customers • Sales people spend time selling • Understand your finances and manage them

  24. How to Buy

  25. Call to Action • Microsoft Small Business Centre: • • Office Small Business 2007 30-day trial and chance to win Vista laptops and widescreen TV: • • Promote Your Business: • • Essential Business Guide: • • Use SBSC members

  26. © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.