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Lawson HRM Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Lawson HRM Training

Lawson HRM Training

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Lawson HRM Training

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  1. Lawson HRM Training

  2. Advantages of the Lawson System Information accuracy and reliability Reduced paperwork and duplicate data entry Better reporting capabilities System scalability and robustness

  3. Why Lawson? Used at over 30 school districts in the U.S. Denver, Atlanta, other large districts Solid platform on which to build for the future Excellent fit with TSD requirements

  4. What should you expect? Some processes or tasks may take longer in the new system Major value of the system is in the overall efficiencies it creates Some forms may require other information to be added first This may, or may not, have been the case with Cyborg Not all of these dependencies may be known prior to going live

  5. Management expectations Embrace change and learn Positive attitude and teamwork Each person shares responsibility for the success of this transition

  6. Management expectations Help others If you have a question, seek help

  7. The Lawson portal When training, make sure you are logged into the correct Lawson product line. http://lawtweb.tps-ad.local/lawson/portal

  8. What is lawson? An integrated, web-based system Access to Lawson is through the “Portal” using your browser (Internet Explorer) The Cyborg screens you know are different in Lawson In Lawson, data entry and view screens are called “Forms”

  9. Save the URL as a Favorite in Internet Explorer Log-in to Lawson with your Novell Username and Password

  10. This is the Navigation Pane This is the Content Pane

  11. Be careful closing windows! Clicking here will take you out of Lawson Click here to “Go Home”

  12. Moving around in lawson Forms Based navigation Forms Based means forms are displayed before you begin to enter any data in key fields What is a Key Field? A key field must be filled in before you can access the data associated with the form Default is set to Forms based navigation

  13. Moving around in lawson List Based Navigation When you access forms, the system displays key fields first. Once you enter values for the key fields the system will display the form. This may be more useful for users whose primary need is to perform inquiries on data.

  14. Moving around in lawson Forms Based vs List Based navigation You can select one, or the other – it is very easy to switch Default is set to Forms based navigation Experiment in the Open Lab sessions, see which method suits your particular work style

  15. Direct access to the form you want

  16. Moving around in lawson Form Name and Form ID Employee Security (HR12.1) Form Name Form ID

  17. If you know the Form ID number you want, enter it here and click the magnifying glass Navigate Directly to the Form you Want!

  18. Working with Forms When changing the contents of a field, use the tabs on the tab bar, or the tab key (don’t use the Enter key)

  19. Form ID Designations: (e.g. HR11) HR (Human Resources) PA (Personnel Actions - Positions) PR (Payroll) BN (Benefits) CW (Contract Work) XP (Custom Forms) Working with Forms

  20. Form ID Designations: (e.g. HR11) 00-90 Set-up, entry, or lookup forms 90-99 Online analysis 100-199 Update programs 200-299 Reports 300-399 Purging programs Working with Forms

  21. Navigating to Related Forms Use the Related Forms Drop-Down Menu Related Forms drop-down is in upper-right portion of the screen When working with a form…

  22. Finding what you need …..SEARCH

  23. Search Search Box, Help, User Preferences

  24. Search The magnifying glass icon means the box is searching within the HRM application

  25. Search The book icon means the box is searching for bookmarks within the HRM application

  26. Search The mortar board icon means the box will search the Lawson knowledge base Note: The log in to My is provided by your supervisor.

  27. Search The search box can be used to search Google and other search engines

  28. Drill - around

  29. Drill-around on a field (Drill Explorer) When working within a field, right click to bring up the Drill-Around option. Access to all associated information – really powerful! Right Click Here Everything about the employee!

  30. Drill-around Search Feature When working within a form, click on the Drill-Around icon to bring up the associated data list Then, click on the Search Tab

  31. Getting Help in Lawson Click the ? Button (upper right) Excellent on-line help

  32. Getting Help in Lawson Help with Forms When working with a particular form, click on the help icon ? Then, click on the Form Help link The Lawson system provides information on the form’s purpose, processing, other requirements, etc.

  33. Getting Help in Lawson Help with Fields Change user options to turn on help for individual fields

  34. Getting Help in Lawson Training Library Step-by-step procedures (Scripts) Process explanations Screen Shots

  35. Getting Help in Lawson Training Library Each group has their own library Review process documents, then proceed to scripts Screen shots supplement the scripts, providing confirmation you’re in the right place.

  36. Shortcuts Alt+K Hotkeys (user configurable) Step-by-step procedures (Scripts) Process explanations Screen Shots A list of all hotkeys – the only hotkey you need to remember!