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Working in Partnership with a Training Provider PowerPoint Presentation
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Working in Partnership with a Training Provider

Working in Partnership with a Training Provider

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Working in Partnership with a Training Provider

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  1. Working in Partnership with a Training Provider

  2. Background AEY&CCP  ACCED Hazlehead Academy Joint Discussions Scottish Executive SFW Launch Committed to shared teaching Partnership between Hazlehead Academy and the Training Provider SFW Pilot

  3. Two Learning Centres delivering the Early Education & Childcare Skills for Work Programme • Aberlour Childcare Trust -Children’s Services Training & Assessment Centre More than 10years experience of delivering Vocational education and training in the Childcare Sector: Voluntary Sector Organisation • Cairn Training More than 10years experience of delivering Vocational education and training in the Childcare Sector: Private Training Provider Both Committed to Quality in SVQ Delivery and Improving the Quality of Aberdeen’s Children‘s Services The Strengths of this Joint Working Approach - • Two Learning Centres Working in Partnership: Pulling resources; Staff; Expertise and Knowledge • Joint Knowledge of local Childcare Providers –visits and placements are selected on the basis that school pupils will be well supported in the workplace; good communication is maintained • Joint Knowledge of new thinking in childcare practice; child development and standards • Joint knowledge of national strategic developments

  4. Development of the partnershipwith Hazlehead Academy • Our priorities were:- • joint delivery by a teacher and childcare tutor to allow for a “real” learning experience • experiential learning • on site delivery • timetabled block of time to allow visits out of school

  5. The strengths of our partnership SHARED VISION • To meet the individual needs of candidates • To create a new learning opportunity to prepare candidates for the world of childcare work

  6. The strengths of our partnership PLANNING • Course Planning • Structure/time allocation • Lesson planning • Responsibility of Childcare Tutor • For experiential and interactive learning • Embedding employability skills • Locating resources • Arranging visits to a variety of settings

  7. The strengths of our partnership JOINT DELIVERY • in school • time allocation per week • 3hrs 20mins • 2hrs • pupil:teacher ratio • communication time • enthusiasm of team Private Training Provider & Teacher Teacher only

  8. The strengths of our partnership QUALITY ASSURANCE • Partnership Agreement • Regular planned meetings • Internal moderation procedures • ACC Steering group meeting

  9. Our EvaluationWhat worked for us? • Joint delivery • Support • Continuity of learning • Compatible personalities & shared methodologies • Tutor’s knowledge of childcare sector • Time allocation • Teacher/pupil rapport • Time to “talk” • Split of teaching time • On site delivery • Good time management • Familiar surroundings • Use of school facilities

  10. Our EvaluationWhat worked for us? • Funding • Course delivery costs were met through Hazlehead Academy’s Determined to Succeed budget • Course development costs were met by Aberlour Childcare Trust who provided staff time. • Other costs – strategic development of pilot; evaluation of pilot; attending national events were met by Aberlour Child Care Trust & Cairn Training

  11. Our EvaluationWhat didn’t work for us? • Funding • Uncertainty of future funding • Support materials • Course Guidance • Quantity and quality • NABS • Absentee candidates • Group NABS • NAB content • Time • Spin offs • Focus on SFW Pilot • Lack of Resources • Video footage • Text book • No NABS initially

  12. What worked for the pupils? • Are you glad you chose this course? “Yes, I am really glad, I really enjoy it”. • Why did you choose this course? ”because it is what I need for my career in the future”. • How do your parents feel about the course? “they think it gives good qualifications for working with children”. • What is your favourite aspect of the course, and why? “being able to get experience in a nursery, as I think it is the best way to learn”.

  13. Improvements • Revised partnership agreement

  14. Improvements • Revised partnership agreement • Childcare Tutor attending parents evenings • Resource Guidelines for course • Alterations to NABS for 2006-7 • Alterations to Learning Outcomes and Evidence requirements for 2007 onwards • Joint development of comment bank for reporting

  15. Roll out of pilot Session 2006 - 07 Sustainability Staffing and timetabling Secure funding Progression Curriculum pathway Early Education Learning Communities pupils parents employers learning providers Vision for the future

  16. We both firmly feel that this SFW course will equip candidates with the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to work within the Childcare Sector improving the quality of care provided. In addition to this these candidates will enter the workplace “enriched” with generic employability skills. J. Sherret and S. Mennie