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Clerk of Course & Marshall PowerPoint Presentation
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Clerk of Course & Marshall

Clerk of Course & Marshall

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Clerk of Course & Marshall

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  1. Clerk of Course & Marshall

  2. How to Work the presentation • Clicking the left mouse button will advance to the next statement or slide. • To start this Presentation Press ‘F5’ • To Quit Press ESC • Swimming Rule Book extracts have letters and numbers preceding SW is a FINA rule and CSW is S/NC rule

  3. Swim Alberta Code of Conduct • Swim Alberta values the work that officials provide on deck during meets. • The officials code of conduct documents the relationship that Swim Alberta has with officials and also the expected relationship that officials have back to Swim Alberta. • Please take a moment to review the Code of Conduct.

  4. Swim Alberta Code of Conduct • If you have any questions on Code of Conduct, please direct it to a member of the Alberta Officials Committee (AOC). • I have read and agree to abide by the Alberta Officials Code of Conduct

  5. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Level 1 • Stroke and Turn Level 1 clinic, mentoring, and deck evaluations should be completed before other clinics, followed by Stroke and Turn.

  6. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Chief Timekeeper • Clerk of Course • Chief Finish Judge • Recorder Scorer These clinics may be taken in any order

  7. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Meet Manager • Starter These clinic may be taken in any order but should be taken after the officials gains experience

  8. Role of Clerk of Course • Location, • Responsibilities – Before, During, & After • Meet Scratches, • Seeding, • Relays, • Swim-Offs.

  9. Role of Marshall • Role • Routine • Questionnaire – 15 minutes • Review (answers)

  10. Chief Finish Judge Recorder/Scorer Marshaling Area Referee Marshall Assistant Chief Timer Clerk of Course Location on Deck { Timers { Timers Strokes And Turns { Timers { Timers { Timers { Timers

  11. The Clerk of Course is responsible for, and may be assisted by Marshalls to; • Manage an effective and efficient Deck • Efficient dispersal of lane sheets • Reasonable marshaling of swimmers sets the tone for the Meet

  12. Clerk of Course Responsibilities • Assign swimmers to lane positions • Appoint assistants (Marshalls) • Post the heat sheets for all swimmers to check their heat and lane • Scratch swimmers who fail to marshal when called, or when the team has completed a scratch form • Combine heats (if instructed by Referee)

  13. Clerk of Course Responsibilities • Marshalls monitor working deck • Report swimmer’s undisciplined acts to referee • Receive official relay team forms from team officials, and process according to meet procedure • Advise Referee when swimmers assembled • Check swimmers into marshaling area

  14. Clerk of Course Responsibilities • Control swimmers from check-in until turned over to Referee • Inform Referee of number of heats & swimmers in each heat • Inform Referee of any PARA (Swimmers with a Disability) Swimmers who may need extra time

  15. CSW Clerk of Course: a) Shall be responsible for “checking in” swimmers at the marshaling area prior to each event. b) Shall have control of the swimmers from the time they are “checked in” until they are turned over to the referee.

  16. CSW Clerk of Course : c) Shall have full charge of the working deck insofar as control of the swimmers is concerned. • He/she shall report undisciplinary acts to the Referee and shall make an infraction report to the Referee of any swimmer who engages in an undisciplinary act while under his/her control.

  17. CSW Clerk of Course: d) Shall have the authority, if instructed by the Referee, to scratch swimmers who fail to report to the marshaling area when their heat or event is called for marshaling. e) Shall seed swimmers in deck seeded meets, inform swimmers of their heat and lane assignments, and distribute time cards.

  18. CSW Clerk of Course • In pre-seeded meet, • he/she may be given the authority by the Referee to combine heats and move swimmers from one heat to another.

  19. Review the Meet Information • Is meet deck-seeded or pre-seeded ? • Policy regarding deck entries ? • Are they allowed? • How much & who collects entry fee? • Is seeding fastest - slowest, or slowest - fastest ? • Are there preliminary heats and/or timed finals?

  20. Review the Meet Information Relaylane sheets: • What is the deadline for relay name changes? • When will relays be swum. • at the beginning or. • end the session ?

  21. Briefing with the Meet Manager and/or Referee • Procedure for distributing & collecting lane sheets • Procedure for putting alternates in finals: • Procedure for Marshaling • Review problems anticipated or encountered in previous sessions and possible solutions • Procedure for informing the Referee of late scratches

  22. Briefing with the Meet Managerand/or Referee • Procedure for combining heats, re-seeding, handling events with 8 or less swimmers in prelims. • Communication with Referee. • Procedure for handling distance events & relays.

  23. Pre-Meet Be available 1 hour prior to start to: • Become familiar with pool deck • Check scratch rules (CSW 3.6 ) & review meet package • Establish rigidity of marshaling • Brief Marshals • Receive scratch list from coaches • Scratch swimmers as required by checking the scratch box in the Hytec program • Indicate on Clerk’s master heat sheet scratched swimmers

  24. Pre-Meet YOU WILL NEED • Meet information package • Copy of heat sheet • Extra blank scratch sheets • Pencils, pens, markers, erasers • Team relay entry forms

  25. Pre-Meet Scratches CSW 3.6.1Once entered in an event a swimmer who is not an alternate, • may only withdraw or ‘scratch’ from that event without penalty • according to rules set down by the Provincial Section (PS) or written in the meet package.

  26. Pre-Meet CSW 3.6.2 HEATS & Finals: Scratch Deadlines shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information. TIME-FINAL EVENTS: For individual events or relays that are Time Finals, the Scratch Deadlines shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information.

  27. Pre-Meet CSW 3.6.3 PENALTIES: Penalties for failure by a swimmer to scratch from Preliminaries, Finals, or Time Final events • shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information.

  28. Pre-Meet Receipt of Scratches • Will it be by scratch sheets, scratch box, or at the scratch meeting? • Cross out the scratched names on your copy of the heat sheets. • Scratch the swimmers in Hytek, by checking the SCRATCH box for the required event for the swimmer • If there are 8 or less swimmers (8 lane pool prelims) after scratches, inform the Referee that the event will move to finals.

  29. Pre-Meet Deck-seeded Meets • Check lane sheets against master heat sheet. • Report any missing swimmers to Meet Manager. • Begin to seed according to Rule Book SW 3.

  30. Pre-Meet Deck-seeded Meets • Seed event according to whether it is: • Preliminary/Time final. • Semi-final/Final. • Dual/Tri meet. • Do not re-seed or combine heats unless first instructed by Referee.

  31. Pre-Meet • Seed deck entries, if allowed into empty lanes. • Mark exhibition lane sheets clearly EX (Exhibition) or click the exhibition box if using Hytek. Note time deck entry received in case of limited space. • Receive deck entries along with payment if fee charged. • CSW 3.6.5: Late or deck entries may be allowed at the discretion of the Meet Manager and shall be classified as exhibition swims.

  32. Pre-Meet • Correct names on lane timer sheets if necessary. • Notify office & referee of name changes. • Program changes • correct on lane sheet, notify referee, office. • Post current & corrected heat sheets.

  33. Seeding Process • In time final events heats are normally seeded slowest to fastest. However, 800/1500m events may be seeded fastest to slowest in alternating event order (consult meet information). • Swimmers without entry times in Time Finals and Preliminary heats shall be ranked by draw and seeded last. • The smallest heat, prior to scratches, should be three swimmers.

  34. Seeding Process • With only two swimmers in a heat following scratches no changes are required - notify the Referee. • Swimmers with no Club affiliation (UNATTACHED) are not permitted to participate in relays. • Deck entry swimmers are coded as EXHIBITION (Except some ASSA meets).

  35. LANE 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Seeding Board Timed Finals 9th 11th 12th 10th Heat 1 Heat 2 8th 6th 4th 2nd Fastest 3rd 5th 7th • Assume we have 12 Entries • 1st heat is the slowest • Last heat is the fastest • Known as HORIZONTALLY SEEDED

  36. Seeding – Preliminaries • SW If three heats, • the fastest swimmer shall be placed in the third heat, • next fastest in the second heat, • next fastest in the first. • The fourth fastest swimmer shall be placed in the third heat, • the fifth fastest in the second heat, • and the sixth fastest in the first. • The seventh fastest in the third heat etc.

  37. Seeding – Preliminaries SW four or more heats, the last three heats of the event shall be seeded in accordance with SW above. Known as Circle seeding 24 15 9 18 6 3 12 21 23 14 8 17 5 2 11 20 22 13 7 16 4 1 10 19

  38. Seeding – Preliminaries The heat preceding the last three heats shall consist of the next fastest swimmers, etc. Lanes shall be assigned in descending order of submitted times within each heat, in accordance with the pattern outlined in SW 3.1.2 below. 36 34 35 33 32 30 28 26 27 25 29 31 24 18 12 6 9 3 15 21 23 17 11 5 8 2 14 20 22 16 10 4 7 1 13 19

  39. Relay Forms • Check with the meet manager for the procedure for distributing and collecting relay forms. • When will the relays be swum, at the beginning or end of the session ? SW 10.10 There shall be four swimmers on each relay team. CSW 10.10.1 Members of a relay team shall be registered with their PS and members of the same club.

  40. RELAYS SW 10.13 The members of a relay team and their order of competing must be nominated before the race. • Any relay team member may compete in a race only once. • The composition of a relay team may be changed between the heats and finals of an event, provided that it is made up from the list of swimmers properly entered by a Member for that event.

  41. RELAYS SW 10.13 (Cont.) • Failure to swim in the order listed will result in disqualification. • Substitutions may be made only in the case of a documented medical emergency.

  42. RELAYS CSW 10.13.1Unattached swimmers shall not participate in relay events. • A swimmer shall compete as a member of only one relay team per event. • The members of a relay team and their order of competing must be listed before the last scratch deadline.

  43. RELAYS CSW 10.13.2 The offending swimmer(s) of a relay team disqualified in heats • shall not be used as a member(s) of a relay team in the final of the same event.

  44. RELAYS SW 10.14 Any swimmer having finished his race, or his distance in a relay event, • must leave the pool as soon as possible without obstructing any other swimmer who has not yet finished his race. • Otherwise the swimmer committing the fault, or his relay team, shall be disqualified.

  45. Relays SW 11.5 In the case of a relay disqualification, legal splits up to the time of the disqualification shall be recorded in the official results.

  46. Relays SW12.10 The first swimmer in a relay may apply for a World Record. Should the first swimmer in a relay team complete his distance in record time in accordance with the provisions of this subsection, his performance shall not be nullified by any subsequent disqualification of his relay team for violations occurring after his distance has been completed.

  47. RELAYS CSW 10.12.1Unattached swimmers shall not participate in relay events. • A swimmer shall compete as a member of only one relay team per event. • The members of a relay team and their order of competing must be listed before the last scratch deadline.

  48. RELAYS CSW 10.12.2 The offending swimmer(s) of a relay team disqualified in heats • shall not be used as a member(s) of a relay team in the final of the same event.

  49. RELAYS CSWAG 1.1.7 In age-group relays, one or two swimmers may be from a younger age group. • In such cases, the swimmer(s) may swim in both their own age-group relay as well as in one or more older age-group relays.

  50. Relays Finalized relay forms must be received at time of ‘checking in’ with Clerk of Course. Once ‘checked in’ no changes may be made.