unit 3 looking good feeling good n.
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Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good

Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good

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Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good

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  1. Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Welcome to the unit

  2. Beautiful? Handsome? Slim?

  3. Free talk • Do you think appearance plays an important part in one’s life? Why?

  4. Debate: Which do you think is more important, looking good or feeling good ? Why do you think so?

  5. Picture Talking Can you imagine a situation that fits the picture?

  6. Tonight her parents will hold a party to celebrate her success and achievements. All their friends and relatives are invited to share her happiness. However, now she is at a loss about the clothes she is going to wear tonight. She is confident about everything except her weight. She always worries about being too fat. Example: Jane is a Senior Three student and she is extremely happy, because she has been admitted to Peking university. At this moment, she has spent at least half an hour selecting clothes without success.

  7. This is really difficult but I feel so strong.

  8. You must get enough sleep to stay healthy.

  9. Eating more fruit makes me feel better.

  10. Jeanne Calment (February 21,1875 - August 4 1997) of France, had set the record for the world’s longest confirmed human lifespan. Jeanne at age 60 Jeanne at age 20 Jeanne at age 113 Jeanne at age 122

  11. Jeanne Calment, a Frenchwoman, became a record breaker on 17 October 1995, when at the age of 120 years and 238 days. She became the longest-lived human being on record. A Japanese man died in 1986 at the age of 120 years and 237days.

  12. Jeanne Calment lives in a small old people’s home in the south of France, and her husband, her only child and grandson have all died. She is nearly blind and deaf and is always in a wheelchair, but her doctor describes her as being “more like a 90-year-old in good health than someone of 120. She still has a lively sense of humor. When asked on the 120th birthday what she expected of the future, she replied, “a very short one.” She also remarked that she thought the good Lord had forgotten all about her.

  13. So what is the key to keep so healthy and so long? According to some doctors: diet, exercise and no smoking are the three important factors. She has always eaten a healthy diet she used to do exercise every day until she broke her leg at the age of 115.

  14. A local lawyer bought her house when she was 80 under an agreement that he would pay her some money every year until her death. It must have seemed a good move at the time, but so far the lawyer has paid her at least three times the value of the house. Every year on her birthday, Jeanne Calment sends him a card saying, “Sorry, I’m still alive!”

  15. Fast reading 1. How does Jeanne Calment get her good health and long life? 2. What does the last sentence “Sorry, I’m still alive!” mean?

  16. Brainstorming Some people are overweight, some are a little fat, and some are slim. Why are people fat? Eating too much Sleeping too much Drinking too much

  17. Genetic(遗传的) factor(因素) Like father, like son.

  18. Certain medicines / food original obese(肥胖的)

  19. If a person is overweight, how could he lose weight? ? go on a diet take weight-loss pills/tea receive surgical treatment go to the gym to take exercise Acupuncture针灸

  20. go on a diet ( eat less food ) work out in the gym (exercise, do sports)

  21. Reading: Dying to be thin…

  22. Skimming Dying to be thin Amy Zhou Ling Recovering Amy Zhou Ling • The reply to “Amy’s recovering” Zhou Ling Amy

  23. Fast reading 1. Where does Amy come from? Canada. 2. What kind of pills did Amy take? Weight-loss pills (which are) called fat-less. 3. Can you guess the two possible meanings of the title?

  24. The 1st E-mail Looking ____________ is important to women in Canada. She feels____________ of her body. She is preparing to act ____________________. good/slim Reasons: ashamed Amy’s experience of weight-loss in a new TV play She __________ go to the gym to work out ________ times a week. She has been taking _________________and her goal is to lose at least _______kg. used to Ways: 3 weight-loss pills 10 Results:

  25. *She has lost _________kg in the last________months. *She feels ________________sometimes. *The harmful chemical in the pill causes________________. 7 two Results: tired and weak her liver to fail =her liver _______ failure

  26. Retelling 7 kg now Why? Take weight-loss pills Used to go to the gym dangerous … priceless How? Mum be ashamed of… Feel …

  27. The 2nd E-mail Fill in the blanks according to the second E-mail. • I’m now in hospital recovering from liver______. I regret taking those ________ weight-loss pills. They caused my liver to fail. The doctor gives me good medical _________. I’m feeling better now and work out every day. _______my mother says is right --- don’t _________your health for a slim and attractive figure. failure harmful treatment What damage

  28. Good living habits: • One apple a day keeps the doctor away. • Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy & wise. • After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile.

  29. The 3rd E-mail sorry glad hoping To Amy: We shouldn’t be embarrassed about our weight. Nothing is more important than health. Zhou Ling’s advice To many Chinese people: They should learn from Amy’s story.

  30. Consolidation: Part C1 B • 1. According to Paragraph 2 in the first e-mail, Amy is an actress, ______. A. who often exercises B. who wanted to lose weight C. who became ill D. who ate little 2. Why did Amy decide to take weight-loss pills? A. She was overweight. B. She was having health problems. C. Her clothes did not fit. D. She wanted to become slimmer. D

  31. C • 3. The pills did great harm to Amy’s _______. • Heart B. Lungs C. liver D. eyes • 4. What does Amy do now in order to recover? • She goes to the gym every day. • She does exercise and eats healthy food. • She stays in bed all day. • She takes a lot of medicine. B

  32. B • 5. Zhou Ling, Amy’s friend, ______. A. did not want to read Amy’s e-mails B. was sorry to hear about Amy’s problem C. thinks Amy should lose weight D. thinks diets and weight-loss pills are necessary C 6. Amy’s experience is ______. A. an interesting one B. caused by her family C. like that of some people in China D. a problem only for actresses

  33. Summary: C2 1st e-mail : Dying to be thin In order to lose weight, Amy takes __________ pills and becomes___________________. weight-loss slimmer and slimmer 2nd e-mail : Recovering Amy is recovering from___________. She regrets ______________________and wants to __________________________________________. liver failure taking the weight-loss pills follow … exercise … and eat … 3rd e-mail : Reply to “recovering” Zhou Lin is ______ to hear about Amy’s problem and ______ Amy, as well as all the others who are not ___________, will value ________. sorry hops overweight health

  34. dangerous • Fill in the chart according to the text. Health health worth damaging slim and attractive

  35. Discussion • What is your opinion towards beauty and health? • Do you think beauty only means a good-looking face? • Then, what does real beauty mean?

  36. What you can do to show your inner beauty: Offer your seats to the old or the weak

  37. Pick up the rubbish

  38. Donate money Do the voluntary work. Help the disabled people. ……

  39. You can’t choose the appearance, but you can spread your smiling. 你不能选择容貌,  但你可以展现微笑。

  40. Thank you!

  41. Good living habits: • One apple a day keeps the doctor away. • Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy & wise. • After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile. • Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick.

  42. What does the title “Dying to be thin……” mean? Amy wants to _______very much. She is willing to ____becausewhat she does to become thin causes great harm to her health. die be thin

  43. Brainstorming

  44. have an operation taking weight-loss pills

  45. Careful reading Amy’s experience of taking weight-loss experience.