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Data Curation at NEES PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Curation at NEES

Data Curation at NEES

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Data Curation at NEES

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  1. Data Curation at NEES Claude Trottier Data Curator Site Operations Managers Workshop

  2. Data Curation – Huh? • Society’s best known curators • Museum curators • Librarians • NEES Data Curator is some of both

  3. Definition of Data Curation Preparation of NEES research project contents, and subsequent publications, for facilitated indefinite accessibility and research duplication

  4. NEES Data Curator • Tool developer • Service Provider

  5. NEES Data Curator • Service provider • Curate project research data • Assist PIs in developing their DASP • Conduct NEEScentral project research data reviews • Catalog project research data and NEES publications • Maintain the NEES Ontology • Maintain NEES project and publication access Web site and digital library

  6. Data Curation Process • PI defines project in NEEScentral along with a Data Archiving and Sharing Plan (DASP) • Data curator reviews initial project definition, assigns initial state, and creates initial catalog entry • Researchers load data files into their local repository after experiments/trials and add metadata to files • Researcher with overall data management responsibility uploads data files and metadata to NEEScentral

  7. Data Curation Process • Data Curator reviews uploaded data files and their metadata and assigns appropriate status on the experiment or trial • For experiment or trial data files that pass the review the Data Curator registers and catalogs them • Data Curator updates status for cataloged material • Data Curator notifies project contact of the status modifications on their experiment and trial data files

  8. Data Conduit Reference Model Researcher Verify Aggregate Convert 2.1 Approval -1 Pre-award Before 0 Plan During Experiment 1 Acquire After 2 Post-process 3 Encapsulate 4 Curate 5 Publish 1.3b Backup Repository 1.3a Initial Repository All decisions at the time of experiment that do not affect Equipment Site safety are the responsibility of the Researcher. Equipment Site Repeat for each Trial 1.1 Record DAQ RAW DATA *Responsibility variable depending on project and Equipment Site practices. Responsibilities to be defined in the Research Participation Agreement Variable 0.3 Build Data Archiving & Sharing Plan 1.2 Organize Mapping to Global Data Model Primary Role in Performing Task By 6 months from end of experiment or simulation Repeat for each Experiment CONVERTED DATA 0.2 Design 3.1 Encapsulate 2.2a Interim+ Repository uncurated STRUCTURED DATA 4.1 Register 0.1 Goals 3.2 Central Repository uncurated Mapping to Local Data Model 4.3 Certify 2.2b document CURATED DATA + Interim Repository may reside at the: Equipment Site, Researcher Institution, or Central Repository 4.2 Assign Tags 4.4 Permanent Repository curated Data Librarian Release Primary Responsibility to Assure Task Completion: document process predefined process direct data stored data Data Librarian Researcher Equipment Site Deviations to be specified in the Research Participation Agreement

  9. Data Archiving and Sharing Plan (DASP) • Identifies what files and file types a project will upload to NEEScentral • Identifies exceptions to standard file types • Identifies third party software to be used • Identifies custom software to be used • Contains a preliminary experiment schedule • Lists uploads and status changes in the form of a check off list • Will be online in NEEScentral under project

  10. Earthquake Engineering Ontology • Controlled vocabulary and conceptual data model • Purpose • Promote consistent terminology throughout NEES • Source for definitions • Educational tool • Subject hierarchy for catalog

  11. NEES Research Catalog Title Type Date Seismic Performance Assessment and PRESENTATION 2005 Retrofit of Non-Ductile RC Frames with Infill Walls Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Structures PROJECT 2004 Taiwan-Canada Hybrid Test on a Double- PROJECT 2006 Skinned-Concrete-Filled-Tubular Bridge Taiwan-Canada Hybrid Test Simultaneous EXPERIMENT 2006 Shake Table Motion Feed to Simulation Testing and Simulation of Ultra-Low Cycle POSTER 2005 Fatigue and Fracture in Steel Braces Tsunami Inundation PROJECT 2006 Tsunami Wave Basin PHOTOGRAPH 2005 Tsunami Wave Basin MOVIE 2005

  12. Project Data and Publications Public Catalog Entry Layout Title: Taiwan-Canada Hybrid Test on a Double-Skinned-Concrete-Filled-Tubular Bridge Type: Project NEES ID: NEES-2006-0137 Classified Under: Hybrid Test; Double Skinned Concrete; Tubular Bridge Description:Introduces a Taiwan-Canada transnational collaborative pseudo- dynamic (PsD) experiment of a multiple-span Double-Skinned Concrete-Filled Tube (DSCFT) bridge system, simulating its dynamic responses induced by a series bi-lateral ground motions. The PsD experiment of testing three DSCFT piers of the bridge system will be carried out at three geographically distributed laboratories over long distance. Primary Investigator: Suzy Smith Current State: In progress – Experiment Results Available State Date: 04/16/2006 Original Catalog Date: 02/25/06