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  1. Donetsk Work English Language Students of grade 11 School of Rybinskoe ValeriyaKosenko

  2. Geographical position Together with the nearby cities of Donetsk is a member of the Donetsk agglomeration - the largest industrial site in Ukraine. Agglomeration with a population of 1,720 thousand. is a built-up area of ​​unbroken - the border between Donetsk and Makeyevka passes on the street. The city is located in the central part of the Donets Basin to the south of the Donets Ridge. Donetsk is located in the steppe zone, in the upper reaches of the river Kalmius and surrounded by small forests, hills, rivers and lakes. Na distance of 95 km south of Donetsk is the Sea of ​​Azov.

  3. flag DonetskThe flag is a rectangular cloth. Flag horizontally divided into two equal parts. Top margin - azure, bottom - black. In the center of the coat of arms of gold deposited Donetsk.   Coat of arms of DonetskWorking hand firmly holding a hammer raised high, symbolizes that the city is one of the largest industrial centers of the country. Gold five-pointed star represents the prudent use of the wealth created by nature and the labor of the people, power, justice, and faith in a better future.

  4. Origin of the name of the city Until 1923, the city was called Yuzivka in honor of the founder of the city - businessman John Hughes. April 22, 1924 the city Yuzivka given the name of Stalin. In 1961, Stalin was returned to the area its name 1932-1938., Given to her by the Seversky Donets River, and its center was given the name of Stalin was Donetsk.

  5. Land development in the region of Donetsk was started Zaporozhye and Don Cossacks in the XVII century. In 1869, the Welshman John Hughes begins construction of a metallurgical plant with a working village Yuzivka . Yuzivka was divided into two parts - the factory and the "New World ." The central part of the city developed along the north of the steel plant to the railway station. With the rapid development of productive forces , the formation of large industrial enterprises grew rapidly Yuzovka population . In 1917, the village became a town Yuzivka . In 1932, the city became a center of Donetsk Oblast. In April 1978, the population of Donetsk exceeded one million residents. In 2010, following the results of the research " TOP -100 rating . Top cities and regions of Ukraine »Donetsk was awarded the diploma of the first degree in the nomination " The best city in terms of socio -economic development of cities with populations of more than 500,000 people . "

  6. Terrikon or waste heaps ( Terri - rock dump, fr.Conique - Tapered) - blade, an artificial mound of waste rock extracted by underground mining of coal and other minerals, or mound of waste slag from a variety of industries and burning of solid fuels.

  7. Kalmius (Ukrainian Kalmіus) - River plain type. Belongs to the basin of the Azov Sea. The source is located on the southern slope of the Donetsk range in the southern part of Yasinovataya. Flows through the territory of Ukraine within Yasinovatsky, Starobeshevskiy, Telmanovskiy and Novoazovskiy regions of Donetsk region. Flows into the Sea of ​​Azov in Mariupol. The city is situated at the river Kalmius.

  8. Honorary citizen of Donetsk Honorary citizen of Donetsk - the title awarded at the session of the city council of Donetsk for their active participation in social and political life of the city and the high labor rates. The title was established January 26, 1969 decision of the City Council of People's Deputies. In Donetsk, as of 2006 40 honorary citizens.

  9. Sergey NazarovichBubka(Ukrainian SergiyBubkaNazarovich; race. Dec. 4, 1963, Lugansk, USSR) - Soviet and Ukrainian athlete athlete's pole vault. The first person in the world Hopped over six meters. The current world record holder in the pole vault - 6.15 m (1993).Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1983). Olympic champion in 1988, six-time world champion (1983, 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997), European champion (1986) and the USSR (1984, 1985). The winner of the World Cup and Europe (1985) in the pole vault. Silver medal winner of the international competitions "Friendship - 84".

  10. Joseph KobzonFirst Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Culture (December 2011). People's Artist of the USSR ( 1987). Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol (1976), the State Prize of the USSR ( 1984), Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of culture ( 2011) . Commander of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland » I ( 2012 ), II ( 2002 ), III ( 1997) degrees of Courage (2002 ), Friendship of Peoples , the Holders of Ukrainian "Order of Merit ".

  11. RinatAkhmetovDonetsk businessman, industrialist billionaire, the richest man in Ukraine, President of FC "Shakhtar" Donetsk, the founder of the company "System Capital Management", the deputy of the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine of the "Party of Regions" (5 convocation, 2006-2007. 6 and convocation 2007-2012 gg.), the founder of the fund "Effective management" (English Foundation for Effective Governance) and an endowment fund "Development of Ukraine".

  12. Thank you for your attention!