by ethan and mikey n.
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  1. By Ethan and Mikey Oldham

  2. Introduction The people of Oldham would like to take you on an experience of where they live, the places they visit and what they like to do.

  3. Saint Josephs in Oldham Saint Joseph’s is in the northwest of England. It has a lovely dinner hall, and it also has 8 classrooms and the children ages are 3 to 11. Outside it has a tyre park and a huge playground. It has a peace garden which has lots of languages on a peace pole which say “May Peace Prevail On Earth”. After school they have clubs like football, netball, chess, cross country and club. There are over 247 children in our school. Our postcode is Ol2 8SZ, our email address is At St Joseph’s they learn to play musical instruments.

  4. Sport in Oldham There is an Oldham Athletic Football Team who are in league 1, but they were in the Premier League a long time ago with Manchester City and Manchester United, but now they play against Rochdale and Plymouth. They have big crowds up to 10,000.

  5. Other sports and exercises There are also other exercises or sports ,like running , golf or mounting biking. There are also other facilities which people can take part in at any age such as hiking in the Pennine mountains, trampolining in their back garden or swimming.

  6. Location • Oldham is a large town in the county of greater Manchester, which is in the north-west of England. England is a part of the United Kingdom and also includes Scotland ,Ireland and Wales. Oldham is to the West of Yorkshire town called Huddersfield and South-East of Rochdale. The nearest motorways are the M62,which goes across the North of England, and the M60,which goes round the city of Manchester.

  7. History • Oldham is famous because of its cotton mills in the 1800s, which is normally called Victorian times in the UK. During this time it was known as as the spinning capital of the world. People travelled to Africa from England to force innocent people to be slaves, then they brought them back and made the slaves work.

  8. The people of Oldham are very proud of their town and would like you to enjoy it as much as they do. If you want more information ,try these • • • • Or email us at and put Year 5 as the subject.