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Siebel Mobile Solutions Deliver Business Value PowerPoint Presentation
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Siebel Mobile Solutions Deliver Business Value

Siebel Mobile Solutions Deliver Business Value

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Siebel Mobile Solutions Deliver Business Value

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  1. Siebel Mobile Solutions Deliver Business Value Uma Welingkar, Senior Director, Oracle Development Darshan Kumar, Senior Director, Oracle Development

  2. Program Agenda • User Experience • A Year in Review – 2012 • Demo – Highlights of IP-2013 • Business Agility - Usability beyond just the Interface

  3. Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  4. User Experience

  5. Today’s User Expect a Modern Experience

  6. User Experience

  7. A year in Review

  8. Open UI – What’s that? Well, we have been under a rock for a year

  9. Modernize with Siebel Open UI / Siebel Mobile Any Device: Choose your platform with automatic device rendering Any Browser: Flexible deployment Enhanced User Experience:Maximize productivity Advanced Standards: Tailor readily with common tech skills Templates: Create your own user experiences quickly Simplified Integration: Reduce total cost of ownership Coexist: Leverage existing Siebel investments

  10. 2012 Increased Business Agility New color themes Change Views at runtime from tabs to left side navigation

  11. 2013 Increased Business Agility New Look and Feel Single click button to change rendering at runtime Tile Change Views at runtime from List to Tiles or Carousal

  12. Siebel Open UI • Usability and Productivity • CTI, Email Response, Noifications • Calendar –Daily, Weekly, Monthly completely configurable • Siebel Search • Chart and Reports • Product Configurator, MVGs, Textboxes • Smart Script, TBUI • File attachments with drag and drop capabilities • Currency, datetime controls • Customer Dashboard • Accessibility • SiteMap filtering • Business Agility – Runtime Configuration • Change look and feel of applications based on color themes, navigation – tab versus menu navigation • Set theme by user preference • Usability and Productivity • Binocular Find and Search – single navigation paradigm • Siebel Chat • Promotion configuration and catalog for C/OM • Dispatch board for agents • Drag and Drop framework – integrated with shopping cart and calendar appts • Partner Relationship Management • Self-Service applications • Redesigned Siebel Marketing and loyalty • Function space diary for event management • Self-Service Registration • Business Agility – Runtime Configuration • Change Look and feel of applets and views • Ability to create application look and feel by Roles, Responsibilities and User groups Available Now IP-2013

  13. Demo – Highlights of IP-2013

  14. Business Agility - Usability beyond the Interface

  15. What does Usability mean to business Software?

  16. It’s not just about the User Interface Is the user experience consistently good? Does it just apply to the most basic processes? How easy is to configure the software? How easy is it make changes to permissions? How do we approve changes route or key screens? Do we have a well defined governance model?

  17. Business Agility Siebel SRF

  18. Business Configuration ChangesFocus on the Business User • New Business Administrator Solution for creating new views, applets and fields in real-time • Run-time configuration to enable quicker deployment of business process changes

  19. Business Configuration ChangesFocus on the Business User In-place WYSIWYG editor Seamless integration of Approved Changes In-place Publishing and Governance

  20. Demo – Looking ahead to 2014

  21. Attend Upcoming Siebel Sessions

  22. Join The CX Conversation @ OpenWorld #CX #OOW13 @OracleCX

  23. Stay Connected With CX

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