are you ready for a computer technology class n.
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Technology Readiness Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Readiness Survey

Technology Readiness Survey

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Technology Readiness Survey

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  1. Are you ready for a computer/technology class? Technology Readiness Survey

  2. Do you like using a computer? • Yes • No

  3. Do you have a computer at home? • Yes • No

  4. If you have a home computer, do you use the Internet? • Yes, I have Internet, but I am not allowed to use it. • Yes, I have Internet, and I am allowed to use it. • No, I do not have Internet at home. • I do not have Internet at home, but I have used it at the library, school, friend’s or family member’s homes.

  5. When you use the computer away from school, what do you mostly use it for? • To communicate with friends and famil (Email, Instant Messaging, FaceBook, etc). • Playing games from a disk or online. • Only for learning (school, research, etc.) • I don’t use a computer away from school.

  6. Have you taken an online class before? • Yes • No

  7. How often do you use the computer? • Once a week • Between two and three times a week • Everyday • Rarely • Never; unless I am at school

  8. How would you rate your typing/keyboarding skill? • I am a fast typist, and I don’t have to look at my keys. • I am a fast typist, but I have to search for the keys when typing. • I type slow, but I don’t look at the keys when typing. • I type slow because I have to hunt for the keys and use the same finger to spell out the words.

  9. Have you ever used a keyboarding program/software? • Yes • No

  10. I know how to turn the computer on properly • Yes • No

  11. I know the difference between logging off and shutting down the computer. • Yes • No

  12. How well do you follow written instructions? • Very well, I like having the instructions in front of me. • I don’t need written instructions. I have great listening skills • I don’t like written instructions. I’d rather be shown what to do.

  13. I have used Microsoft Word program either at home or school. • Yes, at school only. • Yes, at school and home • No, I have never used Microsoft Word.

  14. I have used Microsoft PowerPoint either at home or school. • Yes, at school only. • Yes, at school and home. • No, I have never used PowerPoint.

  15. I am interested in learning how to use current and new technology (equipment and software). • Yes • No

  16. How do you feel about ICT I? • I am very excited to learn new things. • I am excited, because I love using the computer. • I am mostly nervous, because I do not have much experience with using the computer.

  17. This is the end of the Technology Readiness Survey.Welcome to ICT I !