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  1. A OLYMPIC GAMES IN SOCHI 2014 Prepared: ArakelyanVarditer Student of 9th GradeSchool № 22 Teacher: Chuprina Aleksey Georgievich

  2. The Olympic oath "On behalf of all the competitors I promise that We will take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules by which they are carried out, in true sporting spirit, in the glory of sport and the honor of their teams."

  3. May 14, 2011 Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" overcome symbolic milestone - 1,000 days before the opening ceremony Olympic Games in Sochi. On this day all over Russia on the basis of 26 volunteer centers "Sochi 2014" will be held stocks and celebrations, called Marathon "1000 good deeds."

  4. Kinds of sportat the Olympic Games in Sochi • Biathlon • Bobsleigh, skeleton • Speed skating, figure skating, short track • Curling • Alpine skiing, ski race, ski jumping, snowboarding, freestyle • Luge

  5. Olympic mascots Stylized skier “Shyuss” – a toy designed for winter Olympic Games 1968 in Grenoble (France). The icons and figures with its image was so popular that “Shyuss” became the unofficial mascot of the Games.

  6. At the 1972 Summer Games in Munich (Germany) mascot was the German badger-dog “Valdi”.

  7. The Winter Olympic Games 1976 in Innsbruck (Austria). The organizers of these events have proclaimed "the Games of Simplicity." The chosen mascot - a snowman.

  8. The Winter Olympic Games 1980 in Lake Placid (USA). Roni raccoon mascot was chosen as the faces of the coloring America's traditional animal like goggles and winter cap.

  9. Winter Olympics Games 1984 in Sarajevo (Yugoslavia) Talisman wolf cub Vuchko was choosen from other Candidates voted by readers of three popular Yugoslav newspapers.

  10. The Winter Olympic Games 1988 in Calgary (Canada) Polar bears Heidi and Howdy - the first pair mascot (according to legend - the brother and sister, and their names are derived from the word hi

  11. The Winter Olympic Games 1992 in Albertville (France) Mascot of the Games was the mountain elf Magique, appears in the form of stars, painted in the national colors of France.

  12. The Winter Olympic Games 1994 in Lillehammer (Norway) At the Games in Lillehammer, the first time people have become talismans: a boy and a girl Haakon and Kristin - the brother and sister of Norwegian folklore.

  13. The Winter Olympic Games 1998 In Nagano (Japan) Snowlets- owl Sukki, Nocki, Lekki, Zucchi, which symbolize the "wisdom" and the four seasons.

  14. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver (Canada) At the 2010 Winter Games was a group of mascots: Kuachi and Miga - for the Olympic Games, Sumifor the Paralympic Games. Also created an "unofficial" mascot, called "friend" - Mukmuk.

  15. Final mascots SOCHI 2014

  16. Sochi 2014 Mascots Mountain rescuer - climber leopard lives in the canopy of a huge tree, which is growing at a very high cliff in the snowy mountains of the Caucasus. He is always willing to help and has saved the nearby village from avalanches.

  17. Beyond the Arctic Circle in an ice igloo lives white teddy bear. In his house all made ​​of ice and snow: snow shower, a bed, a computer, and even exercise machines. White teddy bear from early childhood brought explorers. They taught him to ski, skating.

  18. Bunny - the most active resident of the winter forest. Her friends are always surprised - and how she has time!?

  19. Future Sport Complexes in SOCHI 2014

  20. BYE-BYE!