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Digital Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras

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  1. Digital Cameras Computer Multimedia

  2. Digital Cameras • The major factor in a digital camera is the megapixel rating. • The resolution of a digital image is directly related to the number of megapixels the picture is taken at. • To find a definition of pixel goto

  3. Types of Zooms • There are two types of zooms in a digital camera • Digital zoom • Optical zoom

  4. Optical ZoomThe optical zoom magnification factor is determined by dividing the maximum focal length by the minimum focal length.

  5. Figuring Optical Zoom • Optical zoom = maximum focal length / minimum focal lengthFor instance, the optical zoom of a 28-280mm zoom lens is 280mm/28mm or 10X. This means that the size of a subject projected on the film or sensor surface will be ten times larger at maximum tele (280mm) than at minimum tele (28mm). Optical zoom should not be confused with digital zoom.

  6. Digital Zoom • Digital zoom, on the other hand, has no moving parts. Using the "electronic brain" within the camera instead, the camera takes a look at what it's "looking at", and digitally zooms in, usually two or three times closer. • The problem with digital zoom is that you lose quality when you do this -- your images will tend to be more "pixelated" than the same image taken with an optical zoom camera. This is due to the "interpolation" the camera uses, which is a nice way of saying that it makes a guess about how the picture should look while zoomed in. • Having optical AND digital zoom on a camera isn't bad, but I'd try to avoid cameras with only digital zoom, myself.

  7. Comparing Optical Zoom to Digital Zoom Picture taken with a 1.6X Optical zoom! Picture taken with a 1.6X digital zoom.

  8. Optical Zoom is better than digital zoom.

  9. Other Camera Settings • Shutter Speed • How long the lens is open to allow for light to enter • You want a faster shutter speed for taking action photos • Aperture • The size of the lens opening that allows for light to enter. • You would want a larger aperture for low light situations.

  10. Other Digital Camera Factors • Storage Media and Ways to download pictures to the computer • Different types of card storage • Internal memory • Battery Life • Shutter Speed • Video Capabilities • LCD Capabilities • Price

  11. Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 • Details on

  12. Ways to download images from the digital camera to the computer • USB cable • Windows XP will recognize most digital cameras and assist you with downloading images to the computer • Most cameras will also provide their own software which will allow you to easily download images. • Other storage media • Card storage • Some cameras have both internal storage and card storage

  13. Which setting to choose • It is a give and take • If you need to make the image larger and need a higher quality your going to want the larger image size and Fine P. Quality • Be aware though that you will also get a larger filesize ( this becomes extremely important when inserting images on a webpage )