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Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights
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Bill of Rights

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  1. Bill of Rights

  2. Why does President Obama think the Constitution is so cool? If President Obama could meet one person of our founding fathers, which one would it be and why?

  3. 1st Amendment

  4. 2nd Amendment

  5. 3rd Amendment

  6. 4th Amendment

  7. 5th Amendment

  8. 6th Amendment

  9. 7th Amendment

  10. 8th Amendment

  11. 9th Amendment

  12. 10th Amendment

  13. Bill of Rights Brochure Given a specific amendment from the bill of rights, you will be making a brochure telling us about the Amendment. The brochure should have the Following:

  14. By John Smith Period 1 6/16/2013 Cover Clearly state your amendment. You can draw something, or find a picture to use as an example. Include your name, period, and date. Have at least one picture.

  15. The first Amendment guarantees our rights to say what we want, where we want, and how we want. It allows us to pray and protest when we feel it is necessary. 1st Panel The first panel should have the amendment itself, with your own interpretation to its meaning. Please use one or more visual representations.

  16. Freedom • Of • Speech Freedom Of Religion • Freedom • to • Assemble 2nd Panel The 2nd panel should be visual representations of your amendment. It could be drawings, or photos you find in a magazine or from the internet. Please use three or more pictures.

  17. Without it, we would not be allowed to voice our opinion! Panel #3 Non-Examples: This panel should be used to describe our country if this amendment did not exist. Again use visual examples along with explanations of the picture you use.

  18. I believe that the 1st Amendment was important to the founding fathers because… Panel #4 Tell me why you think the founding fathers felt that your amendment was important and needed to be included into the Bill of Rights.

  19. Rubric for Brochure • You will be graded on the following: - Creativity - Visual representations - Written skills • Worth 30 points a. 30 – 28 pts: Student has successfully completed the assignment with all the required components. b. 27 – 25 pts: Student mostly completed the assignment, but is missing a few key components. c. 24 – 22 pts: Students has some of the necessary components but is missing many details needed for a completed project d. 22 – below: Students has none of the necessary components for a successful project.

  20. Exit Question • Which Amendment protects us from cruel or unusual punishments? • Which Amendment protects our right to freedom of religion?