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Jazz. Katie Hammond, Cornerstone 2012. Preview. Jazz in America John Birks Dizzy’s Plan. Jazz in America.

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  1. Jazz Katie Hammond, Cornerstone 2012

  2. Preview Jazz in America John Birks Dizzy’s Plan

  3. Jazz in America “They (most Americans) believed, as John Sousa said, that ‘People hear jazz through their feet, not their brains.’ To them, jazz is music for kids and dope addicts. Music to get high to. Music to take a fling to. Music to rub bodies to. Not ‘serious’ music. Not concert-hall materials. Not music to listen to. Not music to study.” (Carletta, Jazz in America)

  4. John Birks • AKA “Dizzy Gillespie” • Rural North Carolina • Trumpet, Trombone, Cornet • “fertile melodic and rhythmic imagination, his technical facility and his tireless dedication to bop.” (Oxford Music Library)

  5. John Birks • Luciano’s Influence • Bossa Nova Groove • Samba Beat • Afro-Cuban Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD5wYIgFr3Y • “There were some who couldn’t blow at all but would take six or seven choruses to prove it. So on afternoons before a session monk and I began to work out some complex variations on chord and the like, and used them at night to scare away the no-talent guys. After a while we got more and more interested in what we were doing as music, and as we began to explore more and more, so our music evolved.” (Birks – Quoted by Horricks)

  6. Dizzy’s Plan • New Jazz Sound • Jazz Introduction in Schools • “From their very first appreciation class, let the children be made aware that no class distinction should exist between jazz and the classic. Let them be told that jazz is, in effect, free speech in music, that it’s America’s music.” (Gillespie)

  7. Review Jazz in America John Birks Dizzy’s Plan

  8. Jazz Katie Hammond, Cornerstone 2012

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