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Practical Writing

Practical Writing

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Practical Writing

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  1. Practical Writing

  2. Resume • A resume is a summary of your personal background and your qualification for a job or enrolling at a school. • Speaker: yourself • Audience: your potential employer or supervisor

  3. What are items included in a resume? • Name • Address • Telephone Number • Date of Birth • Martial Status • Citizenship • Education • Work Experience • Languages • Interests • References

  4. Sample • Personal Data • Name: John Brown • Date of Birth: October 10, 1965 • Martial Status: Married, one child • Health: Excellent • Address: 386 Washington St., Somerville, MA 02143 • Telephone: 617-628-0977 • Hobbies: Photograph, swimming

  5. Work Experience Oct. 1998 to presentOhio Star, Columbus, OH Write advertising copy and solicited ads June – Aug. 1987The Mirror, Columbus. OH June – Aug. 1986 Full-time proof reader (substituted for head proofreader, 1987) June – Aug. 1985Grim’s Variety Store, Somerville, MA Part-time, 20 hours per week. Sale clerk (with stocking and pricing duties). Also made deliveries and called in supply orders

  6. Education Sept. 1985 – June1998Illinois State University Received B.A. in English, June 1998 Sept. 1984 – June. 1985Springfield Community College Sept. 1980 – June 1984Holyoke High School Scholastic honors: Nicholas Evans Scholarship in English literature, ’87-’88 Illinois State Scholarship, 1984 – 1988 Technical Training: Attended a two-week seminar on “Advertising in Today’s Marketplace,” sponsored by College of Business and Murray Country Association of Commerce and Industry.

  7. Reference Dr. John LindsayMr. David Reed Prof. of English Advertising Manager Illinois State University 682 Summer St., Normal, IL 61762 Akron, OH 44311 Phone (309) 436-9936 Phone (211)433-0520

  8. Application Letter • In an application letter, you should usually include the following: • Job or position wanted, or purpose of writing (brief, in opening paragraph) • qualifications (brief education and experience) • achievements • skills • interests and outside class activities that give a general picture about yourself • anything that might help the reader decide if you are the kind of person they want

  9. Sample 27 Hawkins Road Clarksboro, New Jersey 08020 May 13, 1998 Mr. George C. Arline Personal Manager, Indesco Associates 301 Sharptown Road Dear Mr. Arline: I would like to be considered as a candidate for the assistant computer programmer position advertised in the Philadelphia Inquirer on April 8, 1998.

  10. I am currently finishing my degree in Computer Technology at Glassboro State College. I have taken every computer course offered at the college and have a solid background in the following computer languages: FORTRAN, BASIC, RPG and COBOL. In addition to my computer background, I have supplemented my education with business and mathematics courses.

  11. My knowledge of computers and the business field goes beyond my formal classroom education. For the past two years I have worked part-time at Radio Shack, where I have gained experience in sales and inventory control. Also, on my own initiative, I designed a demonstration program for Radio Shack’s TRS-80 microcomputer and developed promotional fliers about the program.

  12. In short, I believe I have the up-to-date computer background and professional drive needed to contribute to your organization. I have enclosed a copy of my resume to give you further details about my experience. Some time next week, I’ll plan to give you a call to see whether I can come in for an interview at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you then. Sincerely yours, Robert Smith

  13. Asking for Application Forms for Admission • The initial letter asking for application forms for admission should include the following 5 items: • 1. your education background, such as your specialty or related field of studies; • 2. the desired date of entrance or academic year (semester) • 3. the right application forms that are needed; • 4. your TOEFL and GRE scores, if any • 5. your address in detail.

  14. Practice • 尊敬的先生: 六月十日《北京日报》上贵公司征求高级生产设计员一职,本人极感兴趣,因所列条件与本人工作经验相符合。 如随函所寄的履历表所示,在生产制造方面,本人有四年的工作经验。最近三年由我监督的员工有三十人之多。本人英文说写能力毫无问题,因本人一直和外国人用英语交谈。数学是我在大学的辅修课程。 虽然对现职感到满意,本人希望进入晋升机会较大的公司。至于薪水,请您们作决定。目前本人月薪五千元,奖金另计。 本人乐于有面谈机会,如需推荐人,随时可寄上。

  15. Manager • P.O. Box 58378 • Beijing • Dear Sir: Your advertisement for a Senior Production Planner in the June 10 Beijing Daily interested me because your requirements closely parallel my working experience. As the enclosed resume indicates, I have had four years’ experience in production control. For the past three years I have supervised a work force of 30 people. My ability to write and speak English is out of question for I have always been dealing with foreigners in English. Mathematics was my minor at the university. Wile I’m quite happy in my present work. I hope to enter an office where there is more opportunity for advancement. As regards salary, I would leave that to you. My present salary is 5,000 yuan per month plus bonus. I should be glad to have a personal interview and can furnish references if desired. Yours truly,

  16. Sample • 尊敬的先生/女士: 我愿攻读贵校化工专业博士学位,拟于2003年秋季入学。请在您方便的时候尽早将有关申请表寄给我。 如有可能,我还希望得到一份助教工作,以便维持就读期间的生活,增长自己的阅历。 我已获得清华大学化工专业学士学位和环保专业硕士学位,目前在该校任教。 我已考过托福,成绩为612分,并准备今年10月考GRE。 请将贵校入学申请表及助学金申请表寄给我。谢谢。 王国伟

  17. Dear sir / Madame: I wish to pursue a doctoral degree in Chemistry Engineering at your university. My desired date of entrance is fall, 2003. Please send me necessary application forms at your early convenience. If possible, I also wish to obtain a graduate assistantship so that I can support myself and obtain more experience while pursuing graduating study. I obtained my B.E. (Chemical Engineering) and M.E (Environmental Protection) from Tsinghua University. At present, I work as a teacher at the same university. I have taken TOEFL and received a score of 612. I am going to take GRE general test this coming October. Would you please send me the application forms for admission and financial support? Thank you very much. Sincerely yours, Wang Guowei

  18. Letters of Recommendation • 1. 第一段写推荐什么人做什么事,并说明推荐人与被推荐人的关系。 • 2. 第二段着重介绍申请人的资格和优点,也就是推荐的理由和依据。 • 3. 最后向对方表示感谢,希望你的推荐能被接纳。

  19. 尊敬的先生: • 我愉快地向您郑重推荐李小莉同学到贵校化学系攻读硕士学位。 • 李小莉同学1995年考入我系,她的入校成绩在当年180名新生中名列第一。入学以后,她更是从各方面显示出自己的才干,深受全校广大师生的好评。 • 李小莉同学给我印象最深的是她那旺盛的精力、不倦的求知欲和优异的学习成绩。她每学期的平均成绩总在全年级前五名。在有些方面,她甚至把全年级所有同学远远拉在身后。比如有一次期末考试,除了必答题之外,我另出了一些难度颇大的选作题。不出所料,全班数十人中,只有李小莉一人做完了全部试题,并且提前交卷,得了全年级最高分——96分。

  20. 通过我对李小莉同学的了解,我发现她具有以下一些优点:通过我对李小莉同学的了解,我发现她具有以下一些优点: • 一、可贵的独立思考能力。在学习上她总是喜欢用自己的见解去检验一些学习上的难题,并设法独立解决它们。同时,她也乐意接受他人的正确见解。 • 二、较强的组织能力。作为一班之长,她能熟练地组织并带领全班同学参加校内外各种活动。她本人曾在1998年荣获了四川大学优秀社会实践成果奖。 • 三、可喜的研究潜力。李小莉同学的研究潜力表现在她独到的见解和勤奋的治学态度上。在学习上她喜欢刨根问底,不得其解,决不罢休。她还发表了两篇颇有见地的学术论文。

  21. 简而言之,李小莉同学各方面表现均出类拔萃,是大家公认的前途无量的优秀人才。她曾两度被授予四川大学的优秀学生,连续三次获得四川大学优等生奖学金;多次受到有关部门的表彰奖励。简而言之,李小莉同学各方面表现均出类拔萃,是大家公认的前途无量的优秀人才。她曾两度被授予四川大学的优秀学生,连续三次获得四川大学优等生奖学金;多次受到有关部门的表彰奖励。 • 综上所述,我毫无保留地向您推荐李小莉同学,希望贵校能为她提供在化学系攻读硕士学位的机会。 • 以上内容如有不清楚之处,请随时与我联系。 • 四川大学化学系教授 王国志 • 1999年元月于四川成都

  22. Department of Chemistry • Sichuan University • Chengdu, P. R. China • January, 1999 • Dear Sir: It is my pleasure to recommend to you Miss Li Xiaoli as a postgraduate to study at Chemistry Department of your university. • Miss Li’s entrance exam scores ranked the first among the 180 freshmen when enrolled in our chemistry department in 1995. At university she soon displayed her abilities from various aspects and won favorable comments from her teachers and fellow students.

  23. What Miss Li impresses me most is her energetic drive, untiring inquisition and excellent test scores which always kept within the top 5% of her grade. In some aspects she has even surpassed all her peers by far. For example, in a semester examination, I set a couple of difficult questions as optional topics. Just as I had expected, out of dozens of students, Miss Li alone finished all of the questions and handed in the paper ahead of required time she got 96 – the highest score of her grade.

  24. Through my personal contact with Miss Li, I have found in her some laudable characteristics: • 1. Independent thinking. She always likes to put forward her own ideas to examine some difficult academic problems and then solve them independently. At the meantime, she is ready to accept other’s opinions critically. • 2. Manifold abilities as a good organizer. As monitor of the class, she is skillful at organizing her classmates into all kinds of activities, both inside and outside school. She herself was awarded in 1998 with Outstanding Social Practice Scholarship of Sichuan University. • 3. Remarkable research potential. This is shown in her original ideas and meticulous scholarship. She likes to probe in to things and she never feels satisfied until she finds the right answer. She has published two academic papers, both with sound judgment and original ideas.

  25. In brief, Miss Li distinguishes herself as an all-round developed student, a promising girl university recognized by her teachers and fellow students. She has been twice awarded Outstanding-Student Scholarship of Sichuan University; for three times awarded Outstanding Student of Sichuan University; she has been commended and awarded by some other governmental sectors concerned for several times. • Therefore, I recommend Miss Li Xiaoli to your university without reservation. I would appreciate it if you could take her application into favorable consideration. • If there is something unclear, please feel free to contact with me. • Sincerely yours, • Wang Zhiguo • Profession of Chemistry Department