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  1. Wharemauku STREAM and kapiti island

  2. wharemauku • The Wharemauku Stream is a stream on the KapitiCoast of New Zealand's North Island. Its headwaters are in the Maungakotukutuku valley, and it flows through Paraparaumu and Raumati Beach before reaching the Tasman Sea on the northern side of Raumati Marine Garden. From its headwaters to the sea, it passes through Kapiti Golf Course, Kaitawa Park, under the North Island Main Trunk Railway and State Highway 1, Coastlands shopping centre, part of Paraparaumu Airport and WekaPark. Many small nameless streams meet the Wharemauku Stream, and a walking track approximately 3km long follows it from Rimu Road to Weka Park. The Wharemauku Stream is a stream on the Kapiti Coast

  3. Kapiti Island • Kapiti is one of New Zealand’s most valuable nature reserves, and it is the only large island sanctuary for birds between the Hauraki Gulf in the north and New Zealand’s southern outlying islands. • Nature reserves are areas set aside for the protection of native plants and animals, where human influence is kept to a minimum. Every effort is made to minimize the adverse effects of any introduced plants or animals that have managed to establish on the island. Most people never get an opportunity to visit nature reserves because access to them is so difficult. • Kapiti is one of a few relatively accessible island nature reserves. It provides an opportunity for people to observe birds that are either very rare or absent from the mainland, and to see the recovery of vegetation after intensive modification during last century.

  4. Wharemauku stream • The Wharemauku stream is sick please don’t litter because your rubbish might end up in the Wharemauku stream when you clean with chemicals outside do it on the grass so the earth can filter it .Its really gross!!

  5. Wharemauku Stream history • The Wharemauku stream was originally a waterway following through native coastal forests and wetlands into a constantly changing Lagoon/estuary at its outlet. The area adjacent to the beach was originally dune and swamp area from the dune to the foothills. The name Wharemauku used to apply to the entire area now called “Raumati”. “Mauka” refers to two types of…

  6. And more!!! Plants (asplenium) and hymenophyllum spp. As well as cordyline pumilio). Wharemauku was also the name of a large swamp in the area of state highway 1 now passes through Paraparaumu

  7. Wharemauku stream map

  8. CREDITS • Made by Dylan and Blu • Edited by Dylan Thanks 4 watching