wee read my service learning experience n.
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WEE Read! My service learning experience PowerPoint Presentation
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WEE Read! My service learning experience

WEE Read! My service learning experience

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WEE Read! My service learning experience

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  1. WEE Read!My service learning experience Estefania Gomez April 26, 2010 Carla Amaro/Beep 4384

  2. First 10 Min. • The parent and child share time exploring the different books categorized by age group! • The 1st 10 min. gives parents the chance to not miss out on the lesson. • The children are interested in the variety of textures and sounds the books have!

  3. Reading/singing time: 20-25 min. • We move into reading books in English and Spanish! • We start out with our interactive songs. The children love to dance and play instruments! • The books are related to our lesson theme of that day.

  4. Crafts and more! About 20 min. On March 23rd , my lesson craft was mixing colors with play dough. • With the help of the other girls the children were able to experiment, some for their first time, with play dough!

  5. Play time and snack 20 min. • While the parents are doing crafts the toddlers are busy playing with educational toys. • As UTA volunteers we got to interact with the little ones • The toys are specifically for their age group and are very engaging. We clean up and the little ones help along!

  6. Yoko Matsumato is the great interactive and energetic Wee Read director. • With her guidance we were able to do our own lessons for the month of March. • She is an awesome educator! Yoko The WEE Read Director Yoko Matsumato

  7. UTA Volunteers • Nohelia was great introducing “Lola” to the children. • We all helped each other out with the lessons and planning. • Maricela Castro, Rosemary Monzon and Liliana were great volunteers and team mates.

  8. My favorite thing about WEE Read I loved this program because I was able to bring my son. His favorite part was playing with the toys! • Jose was able to interact with other children his age. • All the children benefited from the social interactions and learning.

  9. Milestones and progress • As the weeks went on we created relationships with the children. • We could see their growth in 10 weeks. • We all played an important role for this program. • There was an increase in# of parents and children!

  10. Wee Read to be Continued…. • I will keep attending the Wee Read in the future with Jose. • This is a great parent involvement program for early literacy. • I have told lots of parents with toddlers about this program! • You should come too!