the stock market n.
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The Stock Market PowerPoint Presentation
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The Stock Market

The Stock Market

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The Stock Market

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  1. The Stock Market

  2. What is a stock? • A stock represent a share in the ownership of a company. If you own a company's stock, then you are a owner, or shareholder, of the company. A stock represents a claim on the company's assets and profits. A stock is also known as equity.

  3. Ownership of stock is represented by a stock certificate • So, now that you have stock and ownership of a company, what can you do? • Another way you may benefit is if the company pays dividends. Dividends represent a percent of the company's profit, paid to the shareholders.

  4. Buying stock can be risky, since while the price of the stock may go up, it may also go down. • If the company goes bankrupt, then you could potentially lose all the money you invested in the stock. However, that is what investing is all about. • Taking risks, in the hope of making money on your investment, with no guarantee that you will make money.

  5.  Part 1 •      First, you must look around your world.  Where do you shop?  What do you purchase?  Do you go to the same stores or restaurants each week?  Make a list of companies you think make a difference to you. You should only invest in company's you use or understand their product. •     After you have chosen the business, look up the ticker symbol.   A good place to start your research on your chosen business would be Yahoo! Finance