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Macroeconomics and the Georgia Performance Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Macroeconomics and the Georgia Performance Standards

Macroeconomics and the Georgia Performance Standards

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Macroeconomics and the Georgia Performance Standards

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  1. Macroeconomics and the Georgia Performance Standards Mike Raymer Program Manager Georgia Council on Economic Education w w w . g c e e . o r g

  2. The Mission To help teachers teach those students, K-12, in the public and independent schools of Georgia

  3. Productive Workers Informed Consumers Involved Citizens Prudent Savers Wise Investors Sound lifelong decision makers in a globally interdependent world The Vision Students leaving school prepared for their roles as:

  4. EOCT Pass Rates

  5. Economics Test Data Trend

  6. Domain Performance for the 2008-2009 EOCT Handout

  7. GPS Performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.” ( Handout

  8. Domain Focus SSEMA1 The student will illustrate the means by which economic activity is measured.

  9. Domain Focus SSEMA2 The student will explain the role and functions of the Federal Reserve System.

  10. Domain Focus SSEMA3 The student will explain how the government uses fiscal policy to promote price stability, full employment, and economic growth.

  11. Macro Pacing Option #1: Five weeks of fury Option #2: Three weeks of indicators, two weeks fiscal/monetary Option #3: Three weeks of indicators, one week fiscal, one week monetary

  12. The Macro “Must Haves”

  13. Circular Flow Model

  14. Business Cycle GDP

  15. Expenditure Approach GDP=C+I+G+(X-M)

  16. Aggregate Demand

  17. Aggregate Supply

  18. Types of Unemployment Structural Cyclical Frictional

  19. Questions?

  20. Where to Begin? Liberal Moderate Conservative Georgia Council on Economic Education w w w . g c e e . o r g

  21. Where to Begin? Unemployment The Federal Reserve GDP Government Spending Inflation Taxation Recession Federal Debt Depression Federal Deficit Georgia Council on Economic Education w w w . g c e e . o r g

  22. Gross Domestic Product Gross= total Domestic= produced anywhere in the 50 states, by anyone Product= final goods and services

  23. What does GDP measure? Total amount of final goods and services produced in a country in one year. (Measure of Output)

  24. Are there any cool formulas you can give us relating to this interesting concept? GDP=C+I+G+(X-M)

  25. C= consumption spending (think consumers) 72% I= investment spending (think businesses investing in themselves) 15% G= government spending 17% (X-M)= difference between exports and imports -4%

  26. What is counted in GDP? FINAL goods and services Goods/Services produced here, even if by a foreign co.

  27. What is NOT counted? Things produced outside the country. Illegal stuff Purely financial transactions


  29. Problems associated with GDP Slow to calculate Does not count everything (it’s an estimate) Inflation can distort the figure Real vs. Nominal

  30. Per Capita GDP GDP divided by a country’s population

  31. GDP practice(all about GDP)

  32. Demonstration Lesson #1 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Lesson

  33. AD/AS

  34. Questions?

  35. Inflation “Bag of Mystery”

  36. Teaching Tools for MACROECONOMICS from John Stossel

  37. 15 Video Clips Instructor’s Manual Segment Description Preview Question Discussion and Analysis Questions Extension Activities Multiple-Choice Questions What You Get…

  38. Clip 2- Nominal Values vs. Real Values SSEMA2b

  39. Demonstration Lesson #2 Money and Inflation

  40. Inflation Calculator

  41. Commanding Heights Georgia Council on Economic Education w w w . g c e e . o r g

  42. Questions?

  43. Am I Unemployed?

  44. 1. Structural 2. Cyclical 3. Frictional Unemployment

  45. Structural Unemployment

  46. Cyclical Unemployment

  47. Frictional Unemployment

  48. Demonstration Lesson #3 Unemployment

  49. Questions?