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Opinion Paragraph Unit 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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Opinion Paragraph Unit 5

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Opinion Paragraph Unit 5
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Opinion Paragraph Unit 5

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  1. Opinion ParagraphUnit 5

  2. Your are going to learn: • 1- Using reasons to support an opinion. • 2- Using there is/there are to introduce facts. • 3- Using because of and because to give reasons.

  3. Opinion Paragraph • The writer presents an opinion and ties to persuade readers that the opinion is a good one. The writer tries to make readers agree with him or her.

  4. Opinion Paragraph • 1- Topic Sentence • 2- Supporting Sentences • 3- Concluding Sentence

  5. Topic S- Your opinion ( agree or disagree) Point 2 Point 1 Support 3 Support 1 Support 2 Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Concluding S

  6. 1-Topic Sentence The topic sentence introduces the topic and states the writer’s opinion about the topic.

  7. 2- Supporting Sentences • 1- Give reasons that support the writer/s opinion. • 2- Writers often use facts, explanations, and personal experiences to support their opinion.

  8. Concluding Sentence • 1- restates the writer’s opinion in different words. • 2- Comments on the opinion in some way. • 3- Sometimes summarizes the main reasons for the writer’s opinion.

  9. Using Reasons to Support Opinion • Writers should give their reasons to convince readers. These supporting reasons are often in the form of facts, explanations, or experiences.

  10. Facts • A fact is a piece of information that people generally agree is true. In an opinion paragraph, a writer might use scientific, historical, or other types of facts.

  11. Explanations • An explanation cannot be proven (like a fact can) but it still helps the reader understand why writer hold a certain opinion.

  12. Experiences • An experience is something that happened to you or someone else. Writers often use experiences to show how they were influenced to think a certain way.

  13. Opinion: You have to be tough to live in Chicago. Fact: Winters in Chicago are very cold. Explanation: It is not easy with those cold, windy days. Experience: My cousin once got frostbite while waiting at a bus stop.

  14. Using There is/there are • To introduce facts. • There are harvest festivals every autumn. • There is a picturesque village in the mountains near Mexico City. • There are no mosquitoes at the altitude.

  15. In a statement, a noun or a noun phrase follows there is/there are. Use there are with plural nouns. Use there is with all other nouns. There are tall pine trees lining the streets of Dubai. (plural noun) There is a large lake near our village. (singular noun) There is water beyond the mountains. (noncount noun)

  16. Use no after there is/there are to express a negative fact. There is no snow. There are no theaters in my hometown.

  17. Using Because Of and Because • To give a reason. • Because of is followed by a noun phrase. • People spend a lot of time outdoors because of mild climate. • Because is followed by a complete sentence with its own subject and verb. • Tourists are attracted to the coast becausethe fishing is fantastic.

  18. Because of and because can also appear before the statement. When the come before, use a comma. Because of mild climate, people spend a lot of time outdoors. Becausethe fishing is fantastic, tourists are attracted to the coast.

  19. Opinion Paragraph Checklist • 1- Does the topic sentence state your opinion about the topic? • 2- Did you include facts, explanations, and personal experiences to support your opinion? • 3- Does the paragraph have a concluding sentence that restates your opinion? • 4- Did you use there is/there are to introduce fact? • 5- Did you use because of and because correctly when giving reasons? • 6- Did you capitalize the first letter of each sentence and put end punctuation at the end?