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“House staves off fiscal cliff” PowerPoint Presentation
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“House staves off fiscal cliff”

“House staves off fiscal cliff”

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“House staves off fiscal cliff”

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  1. “House staves off fiscal cliff”

  2. Washington D.C. -- After exhaustive negotiations that strained the country's patience, the House approved a bill to avert the dreaded fiscal cliff, staving off widespread tax increases and deep spending cuts. In the 257-167 vote late Tuesday, 172 Democrats and 85 Republicans favored the bill; 16 Democrats and 151 Republicans opposed it. Had the House not acted, and the Bush-era tax cuts that were set last decade expired fully, broad tax increases would have kicked in. In addition, $110 billion in automatic cuts to domestic and military spending would have taken place. The combined effect could have dampened economic growth and possibly tipping the U.S. economy back into a recession.

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