paradigm shift in technology ecosystem impact on testing challenges opportunities n.
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Paradigm Shift in Technology Ecosystem Impact on Testing-Challenges & Opportunities PowerPoint Presentation
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Paradigm Shift in Technology Ecosystem Impact on Testing-Challenges & Opportunities

Paradigm Shift in Technology Ecosystem Impact on Testing-Challenges & Opportunities

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Paradigm Shift in Technology Ecosystem Impact on Testing-Challenges & Opportunities

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  1. Paradigm Shift in Technology EcosystemImpact on Testing-Challenges & Opportunities Amitabh Parmar • Cloud Computing As-a-Service Models • Virtualization Confidential Dell Services

  2. Dell Services Helping Customers Succeed Leader in development of advanced support and cloud services GLOBAL COMMAND CENTERS for IT Service & Support Customer Satisfaction (TBR) 7 #1 43,000+ team members Multiple industry leading knowledge- and domain-based services Complete suite of consulting services Tech support centers Active in in IT services for healthcare providers worldwide 60 #1 ~90 countries (Gartner) support: 12.8M clients 1..4M servers & storage systems Manage: 2.5M+ clients 36 data centers SaaS: 10K+ customers 6.2M+ seats Confidential

  3. Broad Portfolio Applications Business Process Consulting Infrastructure Support Business IT Managed Services Cloud / XaaS Config. & Deploy Industry Focus Financial Services Web 2.0 Healthcare Government Education Retail Manufacturing Travel Transportation Logistics On-Site Regionally Centralized Globally Delivered Account management IT and business consulting Systems integration Hosting / VDI / Managed virtual client Business continuity/ disaster recovery Data management Network/Security operations center Applications/Business process services SaaS / IaaS Global Delivery Confidential

  4. Dell Services Testing Practice Overview Application Modernization Custom Applications Business Intelligence Enterprise Applications Industry Applications • Application rationalization • Legacy modernization • Re-engineering • SOA • Web Development • Thick / Thin Client • Legacy systems • SOA • Web 2.0 • Data warehouse • ETL • Data Quality Management • Dashboards • Reporting • Analytics • Enterprise Resource Planning • Product Lifecycle Management • Supply Chain Management • Hospitals • Physician Groups • Insurance • Financial Services • Banking • Logistics Service Coverage Service Maturity • 10+ years of experience in providing independent testing services to clients across industries • 2000+ dedicated testing associates globally • Wide portfolio of services for functional and non functional testing across industry domains Solution Accelerators • Universal Test Automation Framework (UTAF) • Automation scripts for testing generic features of web based applications • Utilities to optimize tool functions Technical Competency • Dedicated Centers of Excellence for Automation and Non Functional Testing • Expertise in major commercial and open source testing and test management tools • Front end and back end testing Confidential

  5. Testing Services Portfolio Test Process Assessment Managed Services (Test Factory Model) Test Automation • Financial Services • Retail Banking • Investment Banking and Capital Markets • Insurance • Healthcare • Provider • Payer • Supply Chain • Commercial Group • Travel, Logistics and Transportation • Telecom, Mobility and Entertainment Load and Performance Testing Strategic Test Consulting SOA Testing Performance Testing and Optimization Domain Specific Services Specialized Services Accessibility Testing Security & Penetration Testing Generic Testing Services Compliance/Regulatory Testing Test Environment Management Mobile Application Testing Product Testing Custom Application Testing Mobile Device Certification Confidential

  6. IT is undergoing a seismic shiftApplication & workload efficiency redefined From To • Custom & Enterprise workloads redefined by hyper scale economics • Highly-scaled, x86, virtualized environments • Enterprise apps migrate to public, private & hybrid clouds • Tiered storage embraces the cloud • Flexible services runs remaining infrastructure • Billions of end-points • Millennials challenging IT • New form factors redefine apps Confidential 6

  7. Pain PointsTraditional Computing Models Lack of alignment between Business & IT capacity planning Infrastructure SILOs across LOBs Fixed vs. Variable Cost Confidential 7

  8. Challenges faced by IT Services vendors & Customers Confidential 8

  9. Opportunities in Testing Confidential 9

  10. Characteristics of Cloud Services Provider Consumer On-demand, self service Highly automated provisioning Volume and economies of scale Billing, metering, variable pricing Location independent availability Policy-driven management Security for access and data Rapid access and control Quick time-to-implement Low cap-ex Pay as you go Ubiquitous network access Service level agreement Trust Confidential 10

  11. Cloud Computing models • Target: End users • Collaborative applications • Content applications • Enterprise resource management ERM), customer resource management (CRM), supply chain applications • Operations and manufacturing applications • Engineering applications  Software as a Service  • Target: Developers • App development software • Databases & server middleware • Enterprise portals • Customer-created applications Platform as a Service  Cloud Computing infrastructure as a service • Target: Developers, System Admins • Customer-selected operating systems, virtualization, and file systems • Servers, storage, and networking Source: Clouds and Beyond, Frank Gens, IDC, 2009 Confidential 11

  12. Potential Benefits and Concerns Cloud Cloud Private Public • Control over security, data, availability • Investment protection • Legacy integration • Minimal capital requirements, no upfront risk/commitments • Agility • Efficiencies of vast scale • Capex still required • Agility • Security • Regulatory concerns Confidential 12

  13. However you define the cloud, we believe: Traditional Virtualized Private Cloud Public Cloud Today Self-Service Portal Dynamic Resource Pooling Workload Lifecycle Management Usage Based Billing/Chargeback 3–5 Years from now Orchestration … 1. Building on Virtualization 2. Greenfield Solutions Confidential 13

  14. Dell delivers uncompromised solutions to meet our customer needs globally Open Capable Affordable Capable means solutions that have innovative, even surprising, functionality that meets customer needs Affordable means solutions that customers can acquire and manage within their financial reality and reflect Dell’s pragmatic DNA Open means solutions that are flexible and don’t lock customers in, although may be based on unique Dell technology No Lock-In Expect the Best Sensible Approach 14 14 Dell Confidential

  15. Building Blocks: Virtualization Given the challenges most enterprises face, one of the best paths to the cloud is virtualized infrastructure. Traditional Virtualized Private Cloud Public Cloud Application Company A VM App OS VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM OS App App OS OS Company B VM Company C VM Virtualization Hardware Hardware Dell provides high-performance virtualization platforms, software and services Source: Based on Goldman Sachs Research Confidential 15

  16. Virtualization is Mainstream • Virtualization market will grow to $15B+ by 2010! • More than three-quarters of all companies with 500+ employees today are deploying virtual servers. • Customer satisfaction is high • Survey respondents currently using server virtualization technologies report that they expect 45% of new servers purchased next year will be virtualized. • More than 50% of all virtual servers are running production level applications, including the most business critical workloads • Source: IDC Confidential 16

  17. Using Virtualization in Testing • Enable More Testing With Existing Resources • Multiple applications and operating systems can be supported within a single physical system • Computing resources can be pooled and allocated based on business needs • Instant Test Sandboxes • Virtual machines are completely isolated from the host machine and other virtual machines so if a virtual machine crashes, all others are unaffected • Data does not leak across virtual machines and applications can only communicate over configured network connections • Centralized Configuration Management • Standardized virtualized hardware is presented to the application to ensure compatibility Confidential 17

  18. Virtual Lab Automation • Self-service provisioning • Enables multiple test organizations to share pool of test resource capacity • Monitoring, allocation and adjustment of capacity as needed • Detailed reporting on lab usage and tracking • Collaboration and workflow • Browser access from work, home, offshore locations • Multiple deployment instances of the same test configuration without conflict • Resource scheduling and capacity planning • Snapshot environments to rapidly collaborate and resolve defects • Integration with Test Automation tools • Request specific configurations from within test scripts • Enables fully automated test cycles • Allows standardized deployment of testing tools Confidential 18

  19. Embrace New Technologies.Build Competencies.Succeed.Thank You. Dell Services