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  1. Sherborne Environmental Study WATER USE In our school grounds we have 3 water butts to collect rain water wody eau agua water acqua

  2. Energy use 93% of us use Thames water. By Callum, Ferdy, Sam, Amy, Matthew This is us by the lamppost. It uses energy saving bulbs and switches on a timer. 83% of you leave electrical appliances on sometimes, like a light bulb.

  3. energie énergie energie energi We have to use oil to heat the school as we have no gas supply. OIL TANK The words you see floating around are the words for energy from our Comenius countries. energia energía energy Energy gets wasted by leaving something on, for example lights We should all use less energy to save the world!!!

  4. Litter The amount of bin bags thrown away each week, in Sherborne is: Just remember to throw your litter in the BIN!! Make sure your dog’s foul is collected up!

  5. litter Rifiuti=Italian Kull=Swedish Litiere=French Nest=Dutch Sciolka=Polish Litter=English By Ellie, Megan, Ben Ellen, Evie, Henry, Ellie and Amelia Camada=Spanish

  6. recycling There are 8 recycling bins, water buts and compost bins in the school. We got this information from the surveys you handed in. Recyclage = French Reciclaje = Spanish Riciclaggio = Italian

  7. RECYCLINGPICTURES Atervinning = Swedish Recycling = Dutch Did you know that 78% of you recycle things at home? This is us by the recycling bins and a water butt. Recykling = Polish

  8. TRAFFIC!!! (in Sherborne)  Some children walk to school but too many drive just a short way when they could walk. TRAFFIC FACT: On our investigation we counted 16 cars and four planes in twenty minutes. This is a picture at the front of our school, where all the cars park. BY LUCY,NELLIE,SAMMY,HAL,ELLIE,JAKE GEORGE AND LIBBY

  9. OUR Information PAGE English: traffic Katwijk: verkeer Begles: trafic Czestochowa: ruch Vasteras: trafik Ancona: traffico Las Palmas: traffico 39% of you wanted speed bumps in the village. 78% of you think the traffic is safe in our village.