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YOU LEAD: They will Follow PowerPoint Presentation
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YOU LEAD: They will Follow

YOU LEAD: They will Follow

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YOU LEAD: They will Follow

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  1. YOU LEAD:They will Follow Keys to a Successful Master Gardener Program

  2. Problem: Our Meetings are too Long • Solution: Follow Roberts Rules of Order If followed it will keep the discussion short and make your meeting more productive.

  3. Have an Agenda • Use a Committee or Board make up the Agenda prior to meeting date • Write up the agenda prior to the meeting • Stay on track (any items not on the agenda can be tabled to future meetings) • Allow time for programs and speakers • Keep meetings to no longer than 2 hours

  4. Typical Agenda Master Gardener Agenda Meeting Call To Order: Adoption Of January 2010 Minutes: Announcements: Welcome to New 2009 Class Representative Officer and Committee Reports: Vice President: Charlene Griffin Secretary: Donna Smolinski Treasurer: Carol Mathews Certification Officer: Gretchen Rominger Newsletter: Jerry Smolinski M.G. Coordinator: Tom Stebbins Hospitality: Lisa Clark Web Committee: Sally Wencel,Mike Smith Projects: Stephanie Payne State Advocate: Mike Payne Unfinished Business: Financial Review Status Of Directory New Business: County Fair Theme:--General Discussion U.T. Demonstration Garden Application--Donna Smolinski Xmas Party Location--Jerry Smolinski

  5. How do we attract new Master Gardeners to Our Program If you set your program up properly, you will not have any trouble attracting new master gardeners to your program.

  6. Always have a Sign-up Table at Public Events

  7. Use TV and Newspaper for Events • By advertising your gardening events you will get the public’s interest in the M.G. Program

  8. Host Educational Programs • By hosting small gardening classes; you will be able to attract a percentage to your next Master Gardener Class

  9. We get a good class of Interns but we lose most of them in the 1st year! • Have volunteer programs set-up for them to start working on as soon as they have their 1st classes. • Have at least one or two mentors at each class to welcome and make the new interns feel comfortable. • Invite the new interns to your monthly meetings so they can understand the program

  10. Having set projects allows for interns to get involved with the group

  11. Group projects makes everyone feel like part of the group

  12. We Cannot get members to Report their Hours • Hold a class during a meeting and teach the members how to enter their hours on-line • Have a Certification Officer to help enter members hours

  13. Hold a on-line teaching session

  14. We Have a Problem with One Person Trying to Run the Everything • Have By-Laws—they will Govern the organization and the actions it takes • Form a Board to Act as the Head of the Organization • The Board can consist of President, Vice- President and the Treasurer • All projects and events should be approved before being carried out. This is so it will be covered under the U.T. umbrella.