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Motor Control Using a Solar Panel

Hamza Kadir Mansour Alazmi Nenad Zezelj. ECET521: Solar Energy Systems Spring Semester, 2012 Purdue University Calumet. Motor Control Using a Solar Panel. Introduction.

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Motor Control Using a Solar Panel

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  1. HamzaKadir MansourAlazmi NenadZezelj ECET521: Solar Energy Systems Spring Semester, 2012 Purdue University Calumet Motor Control Using a Solar Panel

  2. Introduction This is project for designing a power circuit for a solar powered motor. We studied the characteristics of the solar panel to be used and used the V-I characteristics graph to achieve an optimum design. This kind-of a circuit, with some modifications, can be applied to any application where a regulated solar electricity is required.

  3. Our course ECET521 played a very important role in introducing us to use of renewable energy for power, cooling and heating systems. We were most interested in use of solar cells. We chose this project to study the characteristics of solar panels hands-on. Reason behind choice

  4. Connecting a solar panel directly to a motor will make it run. However, there will be jitter and a rather unsmooth performance. So a circuit which regulates the power flow to the motor from the solar cell will allow a smoother run of the motor. This circuit may be built with capacitors for the smoothness and a smith trigger or similar functionality for the detection of minimum availability of sunlight. Basic Functionality

  5. THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM SOLAR - item#68692 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger Solar Panel Plugs into 12 volt cigarette lighter Blinking LED charge indicator Panel mounts easily to windshield or dash - includes suction feet for mounting Includes cigarette lighter adapter and battery terminal clamps

  6. Solar Panel output characteristic

  7. The Schematic It is the basic concept of a voltage triggered solar engine. The 555 is actually configured to function like a Schmitt inverter, and used as a voltage detector. The trigger voltage is about 2.6 V.

  8. The circuit The speed of the DC servo motor was measured at roughly 50 rpm at 12 pm on a full sunny day. However our trials to run it using strong lamps in the lab did not show satisfactory results.

  9. A Darlington Pair can increase the level of current to the load by many factors. • We can substitute replacing the 2N3904 with a 2N2222 to provide higher current for driving the motor. Unavailable at the shop. • Super capacitor: Illinois CAPACITOR 407DCN2R7K SUPERCAPACITOR Alum Elect 400F 10V • Choice of better panel: Ramsond 100 Watt Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging Improvement scopes

  10. Sunlight / Rain Producing indoor light power source Small panel Circuit component sizing difficulties

  11. We believe we have a better understanding of uses of solar panels, having undergone this project. This will help us for our future projects to come. conclusion


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