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Youth Ideas - Easter Charades PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Ideas - Easter Charades

Youth Ideas - Easter Charades

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Youth Ideas - Easter Charades

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  1. Youth Ideas - Easter Charades Play a game of charades using key Easter events.

  2. ActivityChoose several events from the Easter story to be acted out by participants. Using these scenes, play a game of charades.

  3. VariationHave participants re-enact the scenes in friezes–or stop-action scenes. Have the participants set up the scenes in the order that they happened. Take pictures of each pose.

  4. • List of events and scripture references • Jesus and the twelve disciples come into Jerusalem from Bethany, to partake of the Passover meal. (Mark 14.12-16) • Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:43-52) • Jesus’ brought before Annas (John 18:12-14) • Jesus before the Jewish Leaders (Mark 14:53-65)

  5. • Jesus before Sanhedrin (Mark 15:1a) • Jesus before Pilate (Mark 15: 1b-5) • Jesus before Herod (Luke 23:6-12) • Pilate releases a prisoner (Mark 15:6-15) • Jesus survived painful beating, whipping, and mocking (Mark 15:16-20) • Pilate handed Jesus over to be crucified (Mark 15:6-15)

  6. • Jesus was mocked by the soldiers as they dressed Him in a purple robe and a crown of thorns (John 19:1-3) • Jesus was crucified on Golgatha, which means the Place of the Skull (Mark 15:22) • The sky turned dark for three hours (Mark 15:33) • Jesus cried, “Father! Into your hands I commit my spirit!” and He died (Luke 23:46) • Pilate’s sealing and guarding the tomb (Mt.27:62-66) • Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, Joanna and other women start for the tomb (Mt.28:1, Lk.23:55-24:1)

  7. • The earthquake, the stone rolled away by the angel, the open tomb, and the terror of the Roman guards (Mt.28:2-4) • The report of the guards to the chief priests (Mt.28:5-6) • The chief priests’ bribe to the Roman guards (Mt.28:12-13) • The Roman guards spread the lie that Christ’s body was stolen (Mt.28:15) • The women see the open tomb, and the message of the angels (Mt.28:2-7, Lk.24:2-8, M.16:3-8, Jn.20:1-2) • The recovery of the grave clothes by Peter and John (Jn.20:3-8)

  8. • Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene (Jn.20:11-18, Mk.16:9) • Jesus Appears to women returning from the tomb (Mt.28:8-10) • Jesus Appears toPeter later in the day (Lk.24:34, 1Cor.15:5) • Jesus Appears to the Two Emmaus disciples (Lk.24:13-33) • Jesus Appears to the 10 Apostles in Jerusalem, on Easter Sunday, with Thomas absent (Lk.24:36-43, Jn.20:19-24) • Jesus Appears to the 11 Apostles in Jerusalem, one week later, with Thomas present (Jn.20:26-29)

  9. • Jesus Appears to seven Apostles, by the Lake of Tiberias, in Galilee (Jn.21:1-23) • Jesus Appears to 500 brothers and sisters on a Galilean mountain (1Cor.15:6) • Jesus Appears to Jesus Appears to James (1Cor.15:7) • Jesus Appears to the Eleven in Galilee (Mt.28:16-20, Mk.16:14-20, Lk.24:33-53, Act.1:3-12) • The Ascension (Act.1:3-12)

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