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Best Practices In Lead Generation

Marketing. Best Practices In Lead Generation. Presentation Objectives. Cover basic marketing program Discuss key action items Stimulate thought on overall strategy/attitude Show you the tools/services that are available. Keys to Successful Marketing. Create Awareness for New Customers

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Best Practices In Lead Generation

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  1. Marketing Best Practices In Lead Generation

  2. Presentation Objectives • Cover basic marketing program • Discuss key action items • Stimulate thought on overall strategy/attitude • Show you the tools/services that are available

  3. Keys to Successful Marketing • Create Awareness for New Customers • Leverage Existing Customer Base • Leverage Existing Customers/New Installs • Establish Christmas Decor as the Expert in The Holiday Decorating Business • Reinforce your brand through service, professionalism • Set Yourself Up To Grow Efficiently

  4. Typical Market Profile • Typical Franchise Does 85% Residential Sales • Services Sold Primarily To Upper 2 Deciles • Expanding Segment • Neighborhood Penetration Is Key (Efficiency) • Customer Maximization (Upselling) • Retention (Year-to-Year) • Territory Development

  5. Residential Customer Profile • Discretionary Income • Busy Schedule • Professionals • Lack Physical Ability • Lack Technical Knowledge • Single Parent Families • Homes with Children

  6. Why Do Clients Buy? Almost 85% of all clients choose Christmas Decor because we are CONVENIENT and EASY.

  7. Why Should A Customer Buy From You? • Service Program—All Inclusive • Because you’re the expert (training, etc.)? • You Have The Benefit Of Practice! • Because of the relationship? • Because you live and work in the community? • Because you give them what THEY want? • Because they get value?

  8. Where Marketing & Operations Connect • Your efforts include more than your “advertising” • Consider all opportunities to build brand and promote your business-your company must be a marketing machine • Everything and everyone in your business is part of your marketing solution—missing piece means missed opportunity • Do the small things • Make effort to know/understand your customers • Focus on the best prospects • Don’t just count on new business for growth

  9. The Remarkable Client Experience What is it? How do you create it? What advantages do you have? IT IS DIFFICULT TO GROW IF YOU DON’T RETAIN MORE THAN 70% OF YOUR CLIENTS!

  10. ANSWER THE PHONE! The #1 Thing Existing Franchises Can Do First Call Resolution Answering Service “Stop Them From Shopping”

  11. Continuum Of Interest

  12. New Customer GenerationJOB SITE ACTIVITIES

  13. Market to Qualified Customers In Your Other Business • Incorporate services into Newsletter Announcements • Include 1/3 Page Riders in all Mailings • Contact Special Accounts About Your Service • Special Promotions for Existing Customers • Great Place To Find A “Sample House” • Bundling Services DON’T JUST MAIL A LETTER—ALWAYS FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL

  14. Image Is Where You Can Separate Yourself • Wear Uniforms

  15. Sample Houses • HIGHLY visible • Training • Showcase of Services • Regular customer? • Getting Sample House • Yard Sign & Flyers GREAT TOOL FOR OPENING NEW AREAS!

  16. Keep vehicles in well-lit, highly-visible areas New SignsClean Vehicles and Trailers 9% of your installations should yield a phone call from your marked vehicles

  17. Trailer Wrap

  18. Yard Signs • 2 Color & 1 Color • Minimal cost • Reusable • Set out at beginning • Display at every job • Low profile area • Assign job 7% of your installations should generate a phone call from yard signs!

  19. Test the Lights After Installation • Power up lights first 3 evenings • Signs • Provide service calls at non-crucial times

  20. “Butterfly” Door Hangers • 25 Closest houses to job • Beginning of the job • Same person • Use Bulk Flier or Service Butterfly Pieces

  21. Service Butterfly Put around Neighbors of Your Customer. Good for installation and service visits.

  22. Service Door HangerUpon completion of joband after service visits

  23. Service Industry Standard: 12% Be sensible, don’t listen to the ‘myths’ Referrals are a great, low-cost way to generate business. LET YOUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SELL FOR YOU! Referral Programs

  24. New Customer GenerationNEW CONTACT ACTIVITIES

  25. Door Hangers or Flyers • Half Page is best value • Rule - Identify Top 15-20% (home value) • Color Side Out On Front Door • Mailbox - “cannot impede delivery”- not wise • Repeat Areas AT LEAST three times


  27. Door Hangers or Flyers • Breakdown city map into areas • Mark off complete – start again • Start mid-October • FlyeringSources? • Check up on them • Have a Plan!

  28. Flyer Blitz When business slows, and you have gaps in your crews’ schedule, turn on your “flyer spigot” to generate enough installations to fill empty dates. When you have enough work, stop fliering. Late Season Marketing

  29. Direct Mail—Caution! • Budget considerations - cost per piece • Calculated gamble - 1/3 goes unread • List quality - no list source is 100% accurate • Drop delays - bulk rate versus first class • ***ELECTION YEAR*** • Other considerations - time factors

  30. Getting a List • Corporate assistance • Your mailing house • Driving your neighborhoods (manual approach) • Info USA, Experian, others • Allow plenty of time

  31. Characteristics/ Selections • Sensitivity to Territory • Homeowners • Single Family Dwellings • Personicx • Home Value (Understand Relativity) • Income (Not a Great Indicator) • Combination

  32. Gated Communities An increasing challenge • Radius mailings • Newspaper – independent residential-sponsorship • Service-angle Presentation • Direct mail Association contacts • Decorate gate/guard shack

  33. Other Options • Mailing tubes for difficult areas • Other Tactics

  34. Late Season—Keep Flyers In Stock! • Sometimes it doesn’t work! • Many factors can inhibit results • Be careful with pre-qualifiers • If you diminish your list quality, you diminish your results • You can’t lose what you don’t have • Answer the phone—LIVE!

  35. Recap: New Customer Generation

  36. ½ page flyers distributed to 300-500 homes per day beginning on Oct.15th or…….. • Direct mail campaign • Sample Houses - test lights, yard signs, truck/trailer • Contact Existing Customers (other business)-1/3-pg. Free rider, newsletters • Yard Signs Every Job, Uniforms, Market Vehicles • Ask For Referrals • DON’T FORGET TO BUTTERFLY AROUND NEW INSTALLATIONS & SERVICE VISITS

  37. New Customer GenerationAUXILLARY ACTIVITIES

  38. Other Effective Tactics • Magazine Inserts • Select Publication Ads • Card Decks

  39. Home or Mall Shows • Usually Spring (Commercial) or Fall (Residential) • 10 x 10 Booth • Make Easel Board of Pictures – by aisle • Residential and Commercial Portfolios • Decorate Booth – lit garland, bows, wreaths • Commercial Shows use tree, large eye-catching pieces

  40. Inconsistent Advertising • Radio • Television • Mass Direct Mail • General Distribution Newspaper

  41. Post-Season • Do you call, visit, or just send a letter? • Early Contacts • Multiple • Upsell Opportunities • Cost to Renew Versus Generate New • What’s it worth?

  42. ? Questions

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