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  1. Close Y our Eyes

  2. Now, imagine the mission field

  3. True, these are mission fields in need of your prayers and support. But, there is another part of the world we want you to consider.

  4. Have you ever thought about

  5. Have you ever thought about Western Europe?

  6. The trouble is, most people only think of Western Europe as a place to go on vacation. A place of beautiful cities, romantic castles and a land rich in culture and history.

  7. This is true. But….. Western Europe is also a place with nearly ½ billion people, most of whom have no relationship with our Lord.

  8. Did you know? Only 6% of the French population say they are practicing Christians. There are more practicing Muslims in France than practicing Catholics and Protestants combined!

  9. But God is at work! Missionaries report that they are seeing God’s hand moving among many of the people of France; indigenous, refugees and immigrants alike. Pray that what they see is the beginning of a Church Planting Movement.

  10. Did you know? Spain is the least evangelized of all Spanish speaking countries in the world. Most towns in Spain have no evangelical witness at all.

  11. But God is at work! The beginnings of a CPM are being seen among Spain’s Roma (Gypsy) population. Since the death of dictator, Franco, in 1975 evangelicals have been making small but steady advances.

  12. Did you know? The most liberal estimate says that only about 3% of Germans attend church and only about 2% call themselves believers. There are more registered fortune tellers in Germany than registered pastors.

  13. But God is at work! Young people in Germany are expressing an increased enthusiasm for spiritual things. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, evangelicals have made slow, but steady progress in this former atheistic part of the country.

  14. Did you know? In Austria, Holland and Belgium less than 1% of the people claim to be born again believers. Most countries in Western Europe are considered Catholic by culture, not commitment. There is almost no evangelical witness in Malta, “To be Maltese is to be Catholic” Islam is quickly becoming known as the second religion of Europe.

  15. But God is at work! Refugees from all over the world are flooding into Western Europe where many are hearing, for the first time, the good news of Jesus. Young people across Western Europe are openly searching for God. Post-modern thought among Europeans is causing many to question past beliefs, many are finding the answers in Christ.

  16. So, what can we do? PRAY Pray for the peoples of Western Europe. Pray that the governments in Western Europe will be open to allowing religious freedom for evangelicals. Pray for those serving in Western Europe sharing the Good News of Christ.

  17. So, what can we do? Give Support the Cooperative Program by giving to your local church. Support the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions.

  18. So, what can we do? G0 Become a stateside partner with someone already serving in Western Europe.

  19. So, what can we do? G0 Become a stateside partner with someone already serving in Western Europe. Join those on the field in Western Europe by: Going on a short-term mission. Consider investing a few years of your life in missions. Invest the rest of your life serving God in Western Europe.

  20. Learn more on our web site at

  21. Learn more on our web site at

  22. Then he said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field. Matthew 9:37,38

  23. By-the-way. Part of Western Europe lies within the 10/40 Window