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Mobile Technopreneurship

Mobile Technopreneurship. Faiza N.H 1501180382 06 PBM. What is Technopreneurship ?. Technopreneurship term is a derivative of two words : 'technology ' and ' enterpreneurship '.

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Mobile Technopreneurship

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  1. Mobile Technopreneurship Faiza N.H 1501180382 06 PBM

  2. What is Technopreneurship? Technopreneurshipterm is a derivative of two words : 'technology' and 'enterpreneurship'. The word technology is used to refer to the practical application of knowledge to the industry or as a framework of knowledge that is used to create the tools, to develop expertise and materials in order to solve the existing problems. While Entrepreneurship word comes from the word entrepreneur refers to a person or agency that created the business / business with courage bear the risk and uncertainty to achieve profitability and growth with the opportunity to identify how the existing (Zimmerer & Scarborough, 2008). 

  3. What is Mobile Technopreneurship? Mobile technopreneurship is a type of entrepreneurship that used and utilized mobile technology such as mobile phone, tablet, or any mobile gadget to achieve profitability and growth within the business opportunity.

  4. Types of Mobile Technopreneurship • Mobile games • Mobile software • Mobile application

  5. Advantage of Mobile Technopreneurship • Create new ideas and creativity in mobile technology • High profit • Mass target • Might not require a large capital • Drives innovation

  6. Example of Mobile Technopreneurship

  7. Example of Mobile Technopreneurship

  8. Example of Mobile Technopreneurship

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