talent 21 project 2012 by c hristian nivar per 9 n.
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Talent 21 project 2012 By: C hristian Nivar per 9 PowerPoint Presentation
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Talent 21 project 2012 By: C hristian Nivar per 9

Talent 21 project 2012 By: C hristian Nivar per 9

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Talent 21 project 2012 By: C hristian Nivar per 9

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  1. Talent 21 project 2012By: Christian Nivarper 9 How did humans directly affect their environment?

  2. Introduction • This is my talent 21 project I will tell you about how humans and early humans impact or affect their environment. There were many ways early civilizations had an impact on their world. Some ways were the killed animals, made fires and made lots of clay tables and good reasocese from earth.

  3. After glacier age • It affected and helped the earth • It affected the earth because some polar bears are getting exstnked • Animals were from coold weather were dying • It help earth by more flowers were growing

  4. Early man • it affected earth because they could of accidently stared a forest fire, killing trees • One thing the early man did to affect or impact earth is started fire • They hunted lots of animals causing extinction • They develop more stuff of the earth ressoces like rocks they made it into tools

  5. Early famers • they stared to irritation make dams and dikes (they are made from trees) • They domescatedanimals and plants • The weather stared to get very hot and it stared drought • One of the good things they did is agriculture

  6. Mesopotamia • Mesopotamia also made dams, dikes out of tress • They haunted lot of fish and killed lots of animals. • They use lots of clay tablets and tools • They made new evections and use lots of water to farm

  7. Egypt • They use lots of wood and papyrus they mad wood in to bouts and papyrus out of paper • They us lots of water from the Nile to drink water and water plants and to farm • They made pyramids out of mud • Egyptians did wall paintings and tombs panitings

  8. Greece • They made lots of tools for war • They had lots of fights, war because they wanted more land • They killed lots of animals to honor there gods • They went thought dark age • If you were wondering dark age is when fire stared to happen and animals stared to die

  9. Rome • Rome use wood and trees to make chariots • They made scopures of king and god they use mud rocks and stone • They use lots of iron for swords and tolls to make sheldes • They made lots of arlgture and towers

  10. conclusion • This makes me reliazethat they were smarter than us because we don’t really care if we don’t litter . Another thing this makes me realize is humans change during time. Another thing this makes me realize is humans back then were more careful with the envorment. This makes me reliaze that we have to fix things in the envierment.