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Renegade. By: Davin Dunleap. Goals. Parts A-F SWOT Target Audience Pricing. Part A. Audience: the target audience for this game is gamers who enjoy exploration, character-building based games

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  1. Renegade By: Davin Dunleap

  2. Goals • Parts A-F • SWOT • Target Audience • Pricing

  3. Part A • Audience: the target audience for this game is gamers who enjoy exploration, character-building based games • Challenges: the challenges are to solve the temple puzzles, and defeat the kings general at the end. • Incentives: at the end of each temple is a new ability gained, with other character upgrades as well. • Difficulty Management: after the defeat of each general the enemies in the separate areas get harder to kill and change tactics when fighting you.

  4. Part B • Mechanics: each enemy has a set number of "hearts" and each attack you land on them reduces their "hearts" by a set amount until they run out. Such as a sword strike might deal one heart of damage to a enemy with three hearts of health, it would take two more sword strikes to kill the enemy. • Levels: each section of land in the game is one level with enemies that mirror the final bosses strategy letting you practice fighting them throughout the entire level, with environment that mirrors how to navigate the temple at the end.

  5. Part C • The contents of this slide were destroyed in a critical system failure • Terribly sorry about that no concept art is available.

  6. Part E • You are attempting to defeat the king of the land when he begins to drain the life force of the land to bring his dead wife back to life. you begin with the kings minions attempting to take an orb of power from a temple, you as one of the temple guards fight them off and as a reward on of the priests grants you the power of the orb, in this case the magic of earth. Giving you the power to make temporary walls of stone and to break up the ground under your enemies feet causing them to slow down. You are then tasked with protecting the other orbs which the king is trying to obtain. Using the power of earth you can get to one of the other orbs and using the power you gain after navigating the other temples and defeating the kings generals one after another you can finally defeat the king and restore peace to the kingdom. Although the fight won't be in any way easy the king will have all the powers you have and can summon minions to aid him in battle and bring them back as zombies to slow you down as he attacks you, The generals will have behaved similarly but only with one magic, but they can also summon minions but can't bring them back as zombies. The minions won't have any magic but attack in waves both with the generals and the king and in the field.

  7. Part F • The concept art for this was stored with the concept art for Part C and as such was destroyed alongside it.

  8. SWOT • Strengths: This type of game can incur nostalgia as it is similar to older and very successful games • Weaknesses: the type of gameplay could turn off some gamers as they are used to other first person type games • Opportunities: This could help bring back and older and somewhat forgotten style of gaming to the general community • Threats: It could be lost in the hundreds of madden copies and call of duty clones

  9. Target Market • The target market for this game is anyone who enjoys games that are designed to challenge how look at problems in the game

  10. Pricing • The price of this game would be around $25-$30 depending on how much it costs to make

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