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  1. GSS

  2. Chapter 1. Our story starts with four guys: Madison, Selena, Joey and Justin. They are from different states

  3. Chapter 1. They met in New York in the school, and their teacher talked about the legend of the “Golden Nugget”

  4. Chapter 1. They started an incredible adventure in the Holland Tunnel

  5. Chapter 1 The Statue of Liberty came towards them And they found themselves in…

  6. Chapter 2 …Coober Pedy!!!!!! They found an old man that talked with them about an aboriginal story

  7. Chapter 2. There was an Opal Serpent that was protecting a big tunnel and the reptil’s scames were made of opal!

  8. Chapter 2 Selena, Madison, Joey and Justin found a Dingo

  9. Chapter 2. Joey exclaimed “ Look it’s a joey” because he found a baby kangaroo.

  10. Chapter 2. Finally they fought with the serpent and they caught an opal, and they appeared in…

  11. Chapter 3 … the Danube Delta in Romania.

  12. Chapter 3. They found an old fisherman that told them a legend

  13. Chapter 3. The legend was about a Silver Huck, a strange giant fish

  14. Chapter 3. After that they went to a light house and they found the monster wichs wanted the opal. Then they found themselves in…

  15. Chapter 4 …Halkidiki in Greece. Justin knew Greek so he spoke with a man.

  16. Chapter 4 After that they found a Centaur and he took them to a town called Kalindia.

  17. Chapter 4 When they were walking they found a tomb in a very big room.

  18. Chapter 4 In the room there were some words written on the floor, and suddenly they found themselves in…

  19. Chapter 5 …Austria! They found a man with a Gamsbart ( the traditional hat)

  20. Chapter 5 They ate traditional food and then they went into a cave. After that Justin fell into a hole.

  21. Chapter 5 Then the man called the rescue team, and the basilisc appeared.

  22. Chapter 5 They fought it with some snowballs, but Madison hold a mirror in front of the monster and it exploded.

  23. Chapter 5 The rescue men finally rescued Justin. And they found themselves in…

  24. Chapter 6 …Russia. Justin saw a sign in a cave talking about a mammoth.

  25. Chapter 6 The four children were in the Mammoth Park in Siberia and they found a mammoth.

  26. Chapter 6 The mammoth didn’t know anything about the golden nugget but it took them to a bear’s den.

  27. Chapter 6 During the journey the fought with some squirrels and Madison caught a fir cone.

  28. Chapter 6 The children fell onto the bear’s back and it became angry. Madison threw it the fir cone.

  29. Chapter 6 Then the bear made a hole and they appeared in…

  30. Chapter 7 …Tatra National Park in Poland. They found an eagle and a man who talked about the eagle.

  31. Chapter 7 They ate oscypek, and they split, the girls went to Cracow.

  32. Chapter 7 In Cracow the girls danced in a folk festival, and they were welcome with a wreath of flowers.

  33. Chapter 7 At the same moment the boys were in a beach in the Baltic sea. And Justin made a speech about sharks.

  34. Chapter 7 Then the children met again in a castle in Cracow. They saw a shine light like the golden nugget but it was only the eagle. And they appeared in…

  35. Chapter 8 …the middle of a street. Then the floor started shaking and two police men put them in safety. It was a bull run.

  36. Chapter 8 Suddenly a woman appeared explaining the situation to the police men.

  37. Chapter 8 Then the woman told the children that she was the evil scientist´s daughter. And she had a clue.

  38. Chapter 8 The children must go to Asturias to find a bottle of cider which is hidden in Covadonga.

  39. Chapter 8 In Covadonga they found a trasgu that knew were the bottle was, but the four must make him laugh.

  40. Chapter 8 They found the bottle and then they went into an stargate and they appeared in…

  41. Chapter 9 …the National Museum for History in Berlin! Suddenly a brachiosaurus started to talk to them. It said that they must go to the Berlin zoo.

  42. Chapter 9 The dinosaur took a bone from his toe. Then the children caught the bus to the zoo. They crossed the Brandenburger Gate, the Reichstag and the Siegessaule.

  43. Chapter 9 They ate a snack (currywurst) before going to the zoo.

  44. Chapter 9 In the zoo Justin threw the bone to a moray eel for getting the box.

  45. Chapter 9 Then they went to the Alexanderplatz, and the elevator took them to…

  46. Chapter 10 …Turkey, in a cave in which a snake called Sahmaran was hidden the snake attacked them and the appeared in…

  47. Chapter 10 …Pamukkale Travertines, then the snake appeared again but now it had three heads!

  48. Chapter 10 Suddenly they were flying in the sky. They saw the Galata Tower, the Tokapi palace, the Hagia Sophia…

  49. Chapter 10 They landed in the Tokapi palace in the garden which has a lot of red tulips.

  50. Chapter 11 And they appeared in a playground in which there was a spaceship Then they were off, and the police men took them to Old Bailey.